Several academic institutions around the world accept the PTE test. Students and aspirants who wish to study abroad or migrate for work must take the PTE Academic test to prove their English language ability. This three-hour computer-based test is designed to evaluate a student’s ability to understand daily English spoken in a native English-speaking country.

Today, everything is available online, and so is the PTE tutorial. If you are planning to take this exam, read this article till the end! You will get to know how beneficial PTE tutorials are for your preparation.

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How is the PTE Tutorial Helpful for Preparation?

The following are the ways that PTE Tutorials provides you with a complete ecosystem for PTE preparation:

#. You’ll learn in-depth strategies and tips for each of the 20 tasks in the PTE Exam.

#. You will find highly informative and useful practice materials.

#. PTE Exam practice questions include unlimited samples.

#. You will learn how to handle exam-type questions through mock tests.

#. A PTE tutorial expert can assist you in identifying your weak areas and working with you for improvement.

#. In addition to Online Coaching and Mobile Apps, you can learn from informative blogs and YouTube videos.

#. You can also get the scored and unscored tests or correction services based on PTE standards for advanced preparation. The correction service provides you with detailed assessment reports and suggestions for improvement.

#. A list of all previous year’s questions and the most repeated questions are available in Exam Memories Materials prepared by experts.

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What Will You Learn in Each Section of PTE Tutorials?

PTE Tutorials Reading

In this section of the PTE Exam, you will find passages and questions based on your reading skills. You will have to read the instructions carefully before answering each question. You’ll have 32-41 minutes to answer this section. There will be a timer on the screen for you to keep track.

Section Overview

#. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers: There are multiple correct responses among many given. After reading the passage, select the correct answers. The text is up to 300 words with 2-3 items.

#. Reorganise paragraphs: You’ll find many sentences or paragraphs randomly on the left. The number of items is 2-3 with text up to 150 words.

#. Fill in the blanks: There will be several gaps in the passage displayed on the screen. You will find different words below the passage. Fill in the gaps by dragging and dropping the words you think are correct. The number of items is 4-5, with text up to 80 words.

#. Reading and writing fill in the blanks: Select the correct word you think should be the answer to the sentence with the gap by choosing from a dropdown box. The number of items is 5-6, with text up to 300 words.

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PTE Tutorials Speaking

The speaking tutorials will brush your ability to listen, speak, and write.

Five categories of questions are used to gauge your speaking proficiency, from repeating the sentence given to answering questions to summarising passages you listen to. You will be asked to introduce yourself, but this part of the test will not be scored.

Attention: Be sure to record your response before the progress bar reaches its end. If you remain silent for more than three seconds, you will lose points.

Section Overview

#. Read aloud: There will be text on the screen that needs to be read out loud. The number of items is 6-7 with text up to 60 words.

#. Repeat sentence: Listen to the sentence being played and repeat it verbatim. The number of items is 10-12 with time up to 90 seconds.

#. Describe image: An image is displayed for description. The number of items is 6-7.

#. Retell the lecture: All the information in the lecture needs to be memorised. Next, you will need to summarise it. The number of items is 3-4 with time up to 90 seconds.

Answer the short question: Answer the question in a few words. The number of items is 10-12 with time up to 3-4 seconds.

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PTE Tutorials Listening

The listening tutorials are essential for honing your listening skills. A separate section will include questions that integrate speaking and listening. During listening, you should pay attention to the audio or video clips that automatically begin; the audio clips are played only once. Moving the right side of the bar increases the volume.

Section Overview

#. Summarise Spoken text: After listening to an audio clip, write a summary of 50-70 words.

#. Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers: As you listen to the audio clip, you will be offered several options on your screen. The options for the recording should be selected according to what you think is true.

#. Fill in the blanks: Transcripts on the screen should match up with the audio clips played. Fill in the blanks the transcription has while listening to the audio.

#. Highlight the correct summary: Choose the statement that sums up exactly what was said in the recording after listening to it.

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#. Multiple-choice, choose single answer: Answer one multiple-choice question regarding the tone or content of the recording after listening.

#. Choose the missing word: You will hear a recording containing a missing word. The missing part should be selected from the options.

#. Highlight incorrect words: You must choose the word from the written transcript that differs from the speech in the audio clip. To highlight a word, left-click on it.

#. Write from dictation: Pay attention to the sentence spoken. In the box, you must write it verbatim.

PTE Tutorials Writing

Writing tutorials are devoted to polishing your language and grammar skills.

Writing is the second section of the Speaking module. The Writing test will be displayed once you finish the Speaking module; there’s no separate slot or time limit. Writing tests assess your ability to use grammar, structure sentences, and stay within the topic. This essay will be assessed based on its quality.

Section Overview

#. Summarise written text: You will only have to write one sentence in summary. Only one period is allowed, though you can use commas and semicolons.

#. Write an essay: The ‘word count’ will be at the bottom of the text box. Keep your essay between 200-300 words. When writing about any topic, remain neutral. It is best not to repeat the words, ideas or sentences.

Ace Your PTE Preparation with IELTS Ninja

The above details show that the journey through PTE can be challenging. To earn the desired results, you will need expert guidance or tutorials. Using our unique teaching method, IELTS Ninja will assist you in your PTE preparation. Take extensive PTE tutorials for all the sections to get one step closer to your desired PTE band score.


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