This testimonial is about our student Mervin who scored a perfect desired band 8 in his IELTS Exam. We are proud to have Mervin as a  part of our teacher- student learning experience. IELTS Ninja has been of great assistance to Mervin in his IELTS Preparation.
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IELTS Exam: IELTS General
Student’s Name: 
IELTS Ninja’s Trainer: Anupreet
Target Band: 7.5
Overall Band: 8.0
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When Mervin joined IELTS NINJA for his IELTS Preparation he had just 10 days in hand . Hence, his trainer chalked out a strategy in practicing all his tasks for him.

‘My trainer Anupreet, who is a passionate and resourceful person, immediately empathized my time crunch. She worked with me day in and day out. She figured out a strategy, provided tonnes of examples. Also, probable ways to present a speaking or writing topic. She never hesitated to have the class during odd hours as early as  8AM or as late as 11-12 PM . Also, she conducted the sessions while in car or even when she was sick.’ Mervin told us.
Mervin was planning to move to Canada through his IELTS Preparation. Anupreet’s  tireless efforts helped him in pushing him to achieve this score.
We also asked Anupreet over her sessions with Mervin.
‘The day I took a demo session for Mervin and convinced him to join us , I got an idea that he is a diligent  knowledgeable and an ambitious student. So,I knew he just needs to polish his skills to get his desired score .
But when he got transferred to me , I realized that he is  a smart and intelligent person. I also realized, he in fact is an open-hearted and welcoming person . He adjusted according to my tight schedule, dedicated  all his attention and efforts towards my suggestions. Also, assignments which made him come out with flying colors !’
We are glad we could help you out Mervin.
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