Reading is an unavoidable part of our lives. Be it reading texts on our smartphones or reading the subtitles for a particular movie or a billboard that we may pass on our way to work, reading cannot be shunned. The IELTS Reading test includes reading gists, main ideas, specific details and understanding the author’s point of view. In order to do well in this section, you need to enroll for IELTS Reading courses that will teach you the nitty gritties which are needed.

If we develop the skills that are needed in order to read effectively, we will have mastered an art. With proper reading skills, we can become effective communicators and absorbers of information. Our ability to communicate with our inner selves or our intrapersonal communication skills improve greatly. This helps us in understanding ourselves better and leading more meaningful lives on the whole.

In this blog, we will cover five ways through which we can enhance our reading abilities so that we can perform exceptionally in our IELTS Reading tests. 

Set Aside Time For Reading Everyday

Marking a slot for reading really helps. Be it early morning, during the late afternoon hour or before bedtime, setting aside at least 20-30 minutes of time for reading will help build a habit. The genres don’t have to be specific here as you can choose either a Sports magazine or the Opinion section of the newspaper or a novel that’s gathering dust on your shelf. It is up to you to pick something that is of interest to you so that you can get into the daily habit of browsing through words and sentences.
If you run out of options, you can just read something about an event that you may be interested in, say, a fashion parade that may take place or a review on some movie/ series that you have recently binge watched. You can also sign up for an IELTS Reading course that will guide you on how to develop reading skills that are effective.

Take Down Notes While Reading

Taking down notes while reading a certain passage or paragraph is another effective way of sharpening one’s reading skills. Make a list of 4-5 new words that you come across on a daily basis. Look up their meanings and then try using them in your everyday conversations with people.
You can also highlight phrases or idioms that strike you as amusing and then use them later on. In this way, maintain a journal and go through it once a week to recapitulate everything that you’ve picked up in seven days.

Read Along With An Audiobook

Audiobooks are a boon when it comes to improving the speed of reading and honing fluency. Try reading simultaneously while the audiobook is playing and understand the intonation. The speed at which you need to read and speak will also become clearer with the audiobook playing in the background.
The pronunciations will be understood better and the pace at which one finishes a page and moves on to the next will also be understood by you.  They also help in retaining information that you’ve been listening to or reading about.

Avoid Subvocalizing While Reading

That voice which you hear inside your head while you’re reading is the subvocalization. Doing so prolongs the time that you would usually require to read something.  It actually slows you down quite a bit.
Although trying not to subvocalize may seem like a lost cause initially, you will master it with time and practice. This technique will benefit you greatly once you’ve mastered it as it is one of the trickiest tips to adhere to.


Concentration may sound cliche but is the most important factor when it comes to reading.  A well focussed mind is able to absorb 90 percent of the information that it comes across in comparison to a mind that is easily distracted.
Reading demands that you concentrate wholly on the text that’s in front of you. You can achieve this by dint of regular practice as well as by mindfulness. Being aware of what you’re doing helps you snap out of distractions and trains of thoughts.


Hope these pointers will help you in improving your reading prowess in time and become an even effective communicator. Reading skills can be improved if one remains determined to hone them over time. The more you expose yourself to it, the better you will become as running away from something only worsens a problem. To get started with your IELTS preparation and work on the Reading section, you can get in touch with IELTS Ninja.

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