Permanent Residency in a country allows immigrants or foreign individuals to live in the country for a longer period of time. A person holding a PR may get benefits equal to that of the citizen of the host country as they are now allowed to live, work and earn in that country.

The PR system for each country requires different eligibility and documentation. But does Singapore have a PR system like Canada? Through this article, we will get to the answer to this question with a points comparison between the two systems. You will get to know the PR systems of the two countries and their respective eligibility.

What is the PR Table of Canada?

Canada Immigration is a point-based system, which is called the PR Table for Canada. To get a Canada PR, one is required to apply through the Express Entry Program that keeps your application in process among other applications in the express entry pool. There is a CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System that allows different points for different fields in the application. These fields include factors like:

  • Adaptability: Maximum points- 10 points ( this includes your adaptability in terms of having a relationship in Canada)
  • Level of education: Maximum points- 25 points
  • Language proficiency: maximum points- 28 points
  • Work experience: maximum points- 15 points

To get your application in the Express Entry program, you are required to have 67 points as eligibility. Out of a total of 100 points, you are required to get 77 points on the basis of your age, educational qualifications, work experience and adaptability. With 67 points, your application is received in the Express Entry pool, where your application may get selected in a particular period of time.

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What is the PR Table for Singapore?

Unlike countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, there is no point-based PR system for Singapore. Your PR application for Singapore is judged on the basis of your skills, educational qualifications and personal and professional background. The following points generally decide the effectiveness of your PR application for Singapore.

Some Points to Judge Effectiveness of PR Application for Singapore

  • If you belong to an industry that requires personnel along with a specialized skills-set to function
  • If your profession or skills matches that of the local workforce of Singapore and does not challenge it, instead
  • If you are under the age of 50 years
  • If your obtained qualifications are from reputable institutions
  • if you have a family with a PR or citizenship in Singapore
  • if you are a social worker and wants to contribute to the country’s social improvement in the local community
  • if you have worked in Singapore for at least 12 months before applying for Singapore permanent residency

Benefits of Applying for Singapore PR

As a PR in Singapore, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Ease of Travel: The blue card you receive with your PR status allows you to enter and leave the country without any additional requirement of having a separate Singapore visa.
  • Family: The PR status can also be shared with your spouse and unmarried children of 21 years or less.
  • Long Stay: You can also make long-stay visas for your parents.
  • Work Benefits: With a PR visa, you are exempted from having a work-permit. You are now free to apply and change jobs without any work-permit. However, if you hold a work-related visa and want to change a job then you must cancel your old-Singapore visa and then reapply for a new one according to your new job. There can be delays and sometimes rejections also, therefore one should be prepared for this risk.
  • Welfare: Being a permanent resident in Singapore you are now able to enjoy the welfare of the Singapore residency. You can now benefit from the financial and tax provided by Singapore’s Central Provident Fund (CPF) scheme. Under the CPF scheme, you contribute a monthly minimum amount to your pension fund, which is then used for purposes related to health care, home-ownership, and family protection.
  • Loans: You are now able to apply for loans in the country.
  • Property: Singapore PR holders are also able to buy second-hand units of government HDB flats, which are meant for the citizens of the country only.
  • Eligibility for Citizenship: After being a permanent resident for a number of years, you become eligible to apply for Singapore citizenship also. With citizenship, you become equal to the local citizens of Singapore.

Every year 22000 PRs get accepted by the ICA, and among these, around 1400 PRs are of Indians. Hence, Singapore PR for Indian citizens holds a contribution of 6% to the total PR holders in the country.

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How to Get Singapore PR?

In order to get a Singapore PR visa, one is required to fall into any of the following categories:

  1. Entrepreneur Investor
  2. Employment pass or S pass-holder
  3. Artist
  4. Spouse or children of the Singapore citizen/Singapore PR

If you belong to any of the categories, you become eligible for a PR visa in Singapore. However, there can be additional requirements with these categories, for example, if you are an employee in Singapore, then you are asked for a particular period of working years in the country.

Singapore PR Eligibility

To know how to get Singapore PR visa one should remember that the country offers its PR visa to the people who prove their intentions of contributing to the country’s wealth or social condition. Currently, there are three types of eligibility for the Permanent resident visa in Singapore. Let’s see here the three categories of permanent visa:

Foreign Professionals, Technicians and Skilled Workers

  • This category offers PR visas to individuals who have been working in Singapore for a particular period of time. Your PR application gets better with your number of years spent working in Singapore country.
  • The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) assesses you as a working professional in your PR application for Singapore. It assesses your contribution to the economy of the country through the number of working years mentioned in your PR application. Hence, if you hold an Employment pass or the S pass, you are required to build a convincing employment profile to apply for a PR visa in Singapore.
  • You must submit your last 6-months of salary slips as proof of your employment in Singapore and then you may be asked to work for a particular period to get a PR visa. Your six-months of working in Singapore becomes the first eligibility to apply for a PR visa through this category,

Investors Scheme (Global Investor Programme)

  • Foreign investors benefit from this category. They become eligible for a PR visa in Singapore if they are able to invest the minimum value of $2.5 million SGD into a new Singaporean business startup or to an existing business.
  • The investors must have a good entrepreneurial background and a prepared plan for investment.

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Foreign Artist

  • This is a special scheme made to welfare the cultural building of Singapore. This category involves foreign artists or professionals in the field of arts, music, dance, literature and other artistic professions.
  • Singapore will always appreciate the artist for growing their efforts towards being the arts hub-spot of South-East Asia. If you are an artist and want to move to Singapore then, this category will benefit you the most, however, you need to be internationally recognised.

Singapore PR Process

The Singapore PR process is reviewed and processed by the ICA ( Immigration and Checkpoints Authority Singapore). It usually takes a time of four to six months to process depending on the applications and document requirement; the time may vary with each application.

The PR application process includes the following steps;

Step 1: Data Verification

Step 2: Document Verification

Step 3: Processing

Step 4: Outcome finalization

Step 5: Notification of outcome

National Service Liability in Singapore

While applying to the Singapore PR, one must note that there is an official condition made by the ICA that says that all the male citizens and male PRs in the country are required to register for the National Services (NS). Once they finish their full-time NS, then they are asked to go for 40-days of Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) per year for the duration of their ORNS training cycle till the age

  •  65 years (for officers)
  • 40 years (for other ranks)

Applicants who are exempted from joining the NS are having the condition of sending their sons under PR status to get into the National Services. Applicants who fail to meet these conditions face severe action from the authorities in Singapore. They may get problems in their future applications of work, study and citizenship in Singapore.


If we see the PR systems of the two countries within the frame of Canada PR vs Singapore PR, we get to know that both the countries have their own systems that cannot be compared. While Canada has a point-based system, Singapore just has conditions and eligibility for its PR requirements. To know about the IELTS requirement for either of the countries, visit IELTS Ninja. Also, get to know about the IELTS Ninja courses that will help you excel in all the four papers of IELTS, that is reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

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