The IELTS is a structured exam that gives a way of residing, working or studying abroad in many prestigious universities and makes your visa process easy, because this band score can help you get a visa abroad for your dreams to take a flight and reach your desired destination. IELTS Ninja helps and guides you with the right preparation for speaking exams and other categories too.

This article talks about the IELTS speaking exam which is one of the toughest among the four stages of the IELTS which are listening, writing, reading and speaking and so many aspirants face difficulty here due to vocabulary, stuttering, no adequate preparation, have no idea what to speak on the topic which is given and often lack confidence which ultimately leads to the decreasing of your band score.

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Describe a Leisure Activity Near or on the Sea that You Want to Do – Sample Cue Card Answer

You should say:

What it is?

What you should prepare?

Why you have to prepare?

And explain how you feel about?

What it Is?

I would love to speak about one of my favourite pastimes on the coast, swimming. You know, I reside in Hai Phong, a seaside town with bright coasts and the closest waterfront is just fifteen minutes from my bungalow. So, in the summer, my colleagues and I frequently go there and swim in the calm water to prevent the heated climate.

What You should Prepare?

Specifically, swimming is a moderately simple game. I learned how to swim when I was about 6 years old and it took me barely a week to get used to a number of swimming strokes, like backstroke and butterfly and breaststroke. Before joining the water, I often warm-up and stretch my joints and muscles to prevent any sufferings, again put on my swimsuit and leap right in the pool, the sensation of the cold waters gently touching my skin.

Why do You Have to Prepare?

I truly appreciate swimming on the coast because of a few intentions. Firstly, unlike different water games such as windsurfing or diving, which compel expensive appliances, swimming prices are nothing. Secondly, swimming is exceptionally helpful to our fitness. It gives an all-over body exercise, as almost all of our joints and muscles are utilized during swimming. It also creates stamina, muscle stability and cardiovascular health. Lastly, going swimming is a nice standard of sport as it enables me to calm down, alleviate anxiety and have an incredible time with my colleagues.

How do You Feel about It?

Summer is arriving so I’ll certainly make an agenda to tour the coast shortly. I intend to go to Nha Trang waterfront as it’s deemed as one of the most gorgeous waterfronts on the planet.

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Describe a Leisure Activity Near or on the Sea that You Want to Do: IELTS Speaking Cue Card 

What it Is?

Since my innocence, I have been very interested in going to a seaside region for holidays with my close and loved ones, unfortunately, I never received this chance until last year when we toured the Maldives for a fortnight. It was the period when summer vacation was going on in India and we all agreed to take a vacation from our common habits and spend some amazing and quality time jointly on a seaside region to stimulate ourselves. I am from a household that adores swimming and water bodies a ton which is why we agreed to tour the Maldives which is an isle and an outstanding location to spend vacations near the seaside region.

What You should Prepare?

When we toured there, we enjoyed a myriad of aspects such as boating, swimming, fishing in the ocean between the fishes, stingrays, octopus and even occasionally with dolphins. It was an incredibly enjoyable occasion. I understand that nature has conferred as umpteen dividends to which aquatic existence is not a peculiarity which is why I was admiring to encounter snorkelling as well but unfortunately scheduled to the scarcity of availability of time and some reasons we were not able to do so but following time whenever I will tour the Maldives I will certainly like to attempt performing this workout as I understand that the marine existence is the great wonderful invention in this planet performed by Almighty and I like to encounter this aspect in their own environment which is normal and unchanged.

Why do You Have to Prepare?

I like to appreciate the resplendent and vibrant coloured fishes and marine life striding here and there in the water and I even like to watch the distinct marine creatures like seahorses, sharks and other marine creatures, how they reside and what they eat and feed on. The crystal clear water and playing with those tiny cute wonderful fishes will be almost like a paradise on the planet and I just like to encounter that and it’ll subsist like a cherry on the fritter when my colleagues will support me in this workout, we will barely play with oceanic animals but moreover attempt to apprehend those times in our cameras and phones so that we can renew those periods in the fortune whenever we will think nostalgic about it.


Snorkelling is my innocence fantasy as previously I have recognized this aspect on television while switching the channels I saw there that the man stayed in the interior of the ocean and the water was crystal clear and like a mirror and he was in between the small fishes and marine creatures which was glancing stimulating and that aspect elicited me towards this movement and that day I prepared my sense that one day I will certainly do this workout. Unfortunately during those holidays, I didn’t have a moment to do so.

How do You Feel about It?

Further, I assume that people who reside near the ocean beach are permitted sufficient to evaluate this aspect on an everyday purpose because I think that this is the largest sacred incident on this planet where one can not merely feel rejoiced but moreover we can encounter the calmness of this astonishing feeling.

All in all, presently it has been my longing in being that after amassing much further name and prestige I will likewise tour this location and this time the interval will be made twice as much and I will examine every courageous workout feasible over here.

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IELTS Speaking Exam Follow-up Questions

These are some of the follow-up questions that might be asked in the exam in round 3 of the IELTS speaking exam.

#Why do so many people like going to places with water such as lakes, rivers or the ocean?

#As a place to spend some leisure time, do you think the seaside is more suitable for children or old people?

#What activities would you do if you were spending some leisure time at a beach?

#Do you think the government should invest money in developing facilities for water sports?

#Do you think children and old people do the same types of things when they go to a beach?

#Why do some people like water sports?

#Do you think the government should invest money in developing facilities for water sports?

#Do you think that human activity is posing a threat to the oceans of the world?

#How important is water in people’s everyday lives?

#What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of travelling on the ocean?

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IELTS speaking cue card questions are relatively intriguing to speak on. Numerous aspirants find the speaking category comparatively simple because they get a fascinating theme to talk about, but some get a topic which they have never spoken off. They can talk on such themes for hours, but due to time restrictions aspirants have to interpret the theme in just 4-5 minutes as there is the duration for beginning and follow-up problems as well.

In these limited minutes, you should insinuate the examiner with your speaking abilities which comprise a structured explanation, good terminology, a wide spectrum of grammatical configuration, and fluency.

To learn all these aspects precisely you need to exercise cue card themes and topics. For any assistance, you are free to reach out to IELTS Ninja for expert mentorship and suggestion. And for a free demo class with a professional educator, click here.

If you have any doubts or want to ask about the courses we are open 24/7 and also you can post a comment down below in the comments section regarding your queries and suggestions.

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