The IELTS speaking topics are a significant part of the IELTS exam. To do well in this part of the test, one must have a range of skills developed over time that make him/ her able to cope with this effectively. These skills also include being prepared for things that demand to be done impromptu.

There can be various cue card topics coming from sectors like education, politics, economy, culture etc. One has to be prepared to talk about any given topic.

Here in this article, you will get to know the sample answer to describe an interesting tradition in Punjab. Though there are many festivals and traditions followed in Punjab, here in this article you will get to know a sample answer for two such traditions of Punjab. So, Let’s check those out.

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Now let’s see how to form your IELTS speaking answer when asked to describe an interesting tradition in your country or your state.

Describe an Interesting Tradition in Punjab

You should say:

– What is it?

– Who takes part in it?

– What activities are there?

– And explain how you feel about it?

IELTS Speaking Topic Sample Answer 1

Introduction/ What it is

In Punjabi culture and customs, the family plays a vital role. There are mostly joint families in Punjab and all the members participate in each of the occasions of the family. There are many ceremonies such as birth, death, marriage etc. In Punjab, sending gifts is a tradition that is followed for a long time. Today, I will be talking about it.

Who Takes Part in It? What Activities are There?

Every family member takes part in all the events that take place. At the time when a girl gets married, her maternal uncle has to give her red ivory bangles which are known as ‘Chora’. According to the customs, that uncle has to put those bangles on the bride’s forearm. The grandparents also send gifts to the bride. Those gifts include clothes, jewellery etc.

How do You Feel about It?

This tradition of Punjab is very old and people believe that exchanging gifts strengthens the relationship between the family and friends in the society. I respect this tradition and also feel that this helps in patching those relationships also which we might have hurt unknowingly.

Wrap it up

The gifting tradition is well practised and is a part of the culture of Punjab, be it the first hair cutting or a baby shower ceremony, relatives always give something in cash or materialistic gifts. There is no harm in this tradition as long as it makes people happy.

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Describe an Interesting Tradition in Punjab

You should say:

-What is it?

– Who takes part in it?

– What activities are there?

– And explain how you feel about it?

IELTS Speaking Topic Sample Answer 2

Introduction/ What it is

Punjabi culture is rich in festivals. People of Punjab celebrate various seasonal, religious and cultural festivals. There are many festivals like Baisakhi, Diwali, Dussera, Guru Nanak Jayant, Lohri. Today I am going to talk about Lohri. Punjab’s major revenue comes from agriculture and to celebrate the harvest, Lohri is celebrated there.

Who Takes Part in It?

Usually, every year in the mid-January, to mark the end of the winter season and to welcome the summer days, this festival is celebrated. This festival is majorly celebrated by farmers but is not only limited to them. This festival brings an opportunity for the native people of Punjab who live in other parts of the country to come together and celebrate it with their family and friends.

What Activities are There?

As per the tradition of Punjab, to celebrate this festival a huge bonfire is made. Sesame seeds, jaggery and nuts are thrown into that bonfire. People perform bhangra and gidda with dhol and nagadas beating, around the bonfire. People wear silk made traditional clothes. Women and kids sing folk songs. Families distribute sweets and gifts to the kids.

Explain How do You Feel about this Culture of Punjab

This is a fun festival where all the people of Punjab come together and celebrate. It also brings many tourists to the place that eventually boosts up local business. I feel that this Punjabi culture brings people together and offers them an opportunity to celebrate.

Wrap it Up

Punjab as a state has a lot to offer and the people of this state always keeps on celebrating different cultural festivals. These festivals strengthen the family bonds and the whole state gets decked up beautifully. It is not just a custom but also a tradition that the people perform wholeheartedly.


Hopefully, this article will help you understand the answering format for describing questions in cue card topics. Take the given IELTS speaking topic and start practising these answers while standing in front of a mirror. Do this on a regular basis because the more you practice, the better you become. Best of luck.

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