A cue card topic for the IELTS exam in the speaking part can be as random as you can expect. It will put varied situations or happenings to describe in front of you, and you have to give an exhaustive speech in a short period of time. For this blog, we shall look at the pointers and sample answers for the cue card topic, ‘Describe A Time When You Were Surprised To Meet A Friend’.

The short period of time mentioned above is 1 to 2 minutes. The examiner asks the candidate to stop if the speaking time exceeds more than that. To deliver a planned pitch, it is wise to jot down pointers in the 1 minute given prior to speaking for preparation. These pointers can be referred to while speaking so that there is no interruption and stammer.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Answer- Describe a Time When You Were Surprised to Meet a Friend

Meeting a friend by surprise can be a pleasant personal experience, and there are some basic points which can be covered. For such a cue card, you can include the following pointers in your prep notes:

  • Who did you meet?
  • Where was it?
  • When did it happen?
  • Why were you surprised?

The speech can be started with an introduction about how meeting friends feels like after a long time, or how being surprised by someone feels like. It will make the conversation ahead more indulging and interesting. If it is an incident that has actually happened to you, then surely the description is going to be vivid.

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Describe a Time When You Were Surprised to Meet a Friend-  Cue Card Sample Answer Introduction

Everyone loves a good pleasant surprise by someone or something. Life is full of such surprises. But one of the best feelings is when an old friend decides to surprise you after long.

Who Did You Meet? Where was It?

  • Last year in October, my friend Rishabh surprised me by visiting my place. We both studied in the same school and were the best of friends.
  • After school was over, Rishabh moved to Canada for his graduation and we had to part ways.
  • In October, Rishabh came to India to visit his family, and he decided to take me by surprise.
  • He had already talked to my mother about his arrival and had been telling me that he would come next month.
  • He finally visited my place one evening and rang the doorbell. I went to open the door and I was blown away to see him at the door.

When did it Happen?

  • It was evening time and I was about to leave home for football practice and I had my bag in my hand. When I saw him my bag just dropped and I threw my arms around him.
  • I led him inside and he told me all about the plan he had made with my mom.
  • My mom had already prepared butter chicken for both of us, which we loved and used to have a lot back in school.
  • We talked for a long time and then I took him along with me to play football for a while.

Why were You Surprised?

  • I was over the moon to see him at the door for the first time. I had not expected in my wildest dreams that he would pay me a visit like this.
  • I knew that he was supposed to come in November, but he planned it all to surprise me.
  • It was one of the best surprises I have ever got and I hope I can give him a surprise visit like this very soon.

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Follow Up Questions for IELTS Exam

The next part of the IELTS exam i.e. speaking part 3, includes questions based on the cue card topics from part 2. The questions are, however, more abstract and general.

Following will be a few sample follow up questions which can be asked in IELTS exam speaking part 3, relating to the cue card topic, ‘Describe A Time When You Were Surprised To Meet a Friend’:

Why do Friends Generally Meet?

Friends meet each other because they like to be in each other’s company. Whatever they do, they enjoy doing it together. It can be meeting daily just to share how the day has been, to take any advice, or to seek any help. Friends can also meet if they have to go for outings like holidays, movies, and sporting events.

How are Unexpected Events Beneficial for Society?

Many unexpected events can be beneficial for society, like a scientific phenomenon being discovered, which can ease the human effort. Another unexpected event could be a discovery of a new place, or object which has a significant value from the past, and it has been long lost. It can serve as a monumental object which people can see and cherish the past. It could also be finding out about a new animal or plant species, which gives a positive hope for the environment.

What kind of Meetings have to be well Planned in Advance?

Many meetings have to be planned well in advance so that they occur in a systematic manner. For example, a company board meeting will be planned well in advance, where everyone will be informed about the meeting time, the prospects to be discussed, and what role each member will lay. Other planned meetings include an appointment with a doctor or a dentist. In general, a meeting with even a friend may have to be planned, if he/she is having a busy schedule.


Now that you know about how to introduce cue card topics and then carry on with them, other focus points should be an efficient use of lexical resources and taking care of the pronunciation. The best way to do this is a regular practice of sample IELTS exam speaking exercises. This will help not just in having control over the language, but will also be helpful in managing time in the real exam.

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