The University of Waterloo is a public research institution that was founded in 1957. Waterloo was one of the first institutions in the world to provide undergraduate students with access to cutting-edge computers in the early 1960s.

Are you planning to study abroad? Interested in University of Waterloo programs? Waterloo has around 100 undergraduate degrees and 190 graduate programmes. Furthermore, the University has six faculties and twelve faculty-based schools to oversee its academic programmes. The University, located in the heart of Canada’s technological cluster, provides an excellent platform for graduates to enhance their work-based learning.

University of Waterloo Courses

Waterloo’s main campus is located in Ontario and has around 1000 acres of land. It also has three Canadian satellite campuses and four associated university schools, namely Conrad Grebel University College, Renison University College, St. Jerome’s University, and St. Paul’s University College. Some of the popular programs are:

M.ASc Chemical Engineering, M.Eng Civil Engineering, Bachelor in Statistics, B.Sc Materials and Nanosciences, B.ASc Electrical Engineering, B.ASc Software Engineering, Master of Taxation, Master of Architecture, Master of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

University Ranking

This is the world’s first institution to have received 5+ stars in research, teaching, employability, and facilities. Its Computer Science, Math, and Engineering courses are among the top 50 in the world, and its co-op programmes are among the best in the country and exceptional in every way. The ranking is as follows:

#QS World University Ranking: 166

#QS Graduate Employability Ranking: 25

#QS Ranking in Canada: 2

#Maclean’s 2021 University Rankings

#Ranked 2 for most innovative university in Canada.

#Ranked 2 for being the best overall university in Canada

#Secured the 4th position among all the Canadian Universities for quality

#Was placed at 1st position for career preparation

#World University Rankings 2021: 201–250

#The Impact Ranking 2021:16

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Do You Need to Take the IELTS Exam?

Simply said, IELTS is an English language exam that assesses your ability to read, write, listen to, and speak English. It is used for education, immigration, and employment. It is accepted by over 10,000 institutions in dozens of countries across the world.

Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking are the four parts. Both exams include identical Listening and Speaking parts. IELTS grades are acceptable in this University. At the University of Waterloo. The IELTS requirement is a minimum score of 6.5 overall, 6.5 writing, 6.5 speaking, 6.0 reading, and 6.0 listening.

What is the TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL is one of the most widely accepted English proficiency examinations at American and Canadian colleges and institutions across the world. TOEFL assesses overseas students’ knowledge and comprehension of English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university settings.

Students who desire to study abroad can pick from a variety of TOEFL Test Dates accessible throughout the year, as well as test centres situated in key cities. They can also give tests remotely at home with the TOEFL Home Edition test. ETS will accept Aadhaar Cards from Indian students registering for TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Home Edition, and TOEFL Essentials Tests beginning in August 2021 if they cannot supply passport data.

What is the Difference between IELTS and TOEFL Exams?

The IELTS speaking test is given in front of an examiner. There is no one present during the TOEFL exam. Your replies are recorded and then evaluated. The IELTS exam includes English speakers with various accents. TOEFL speakers exclusively have American accents.

The listening components of tests vary quite a bit. The TOEFL listening test lasts 40-60 minutes. The IELTS exam is significantly less time-consuming than the TOEFL exam: 2 hours and 40 minutes vs 4 hours to complete.

The IELTS exam is evaluated using a band system. The bands range from 1 to 9, with the total score being an average of your scores in each of the four parts. Your total score will be rounded to the closest half-band. TOEFL uses a single score of 120 points.

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How to Prepare for the IELTS Exam?

IELTS preparation includes knowing the test structure, how it is graded and then devising a strategy to obtain the required result. To do so, you will need to enhance your English, practise exam abilities, and enrol in a preparatory course before registering for the test.

Before you begin your preparation, please check:

Recognize the test format

Understand how the test is graded.

Immerse yourself in English.

Create a plan of action.

Participate in a preparatory course.

Experiment with example questions.

Improve your IELTS score.

Examine your progress

University of Waterloo Highlights

#The main campus of the university is 404 hectares in the city of Waterloo, Ontario.

#The institute also has its own ‘Earth Sciences Museum’ and the world’s biggest Quantum Research Centre, the ‘Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre.’

#The institution has approximately 200 academic, philanthropic, social, political, athletic, and cultural student organisations, as well as over 100 volunteer activities.

#The main campus of the university is 404 hectares in the city of Waterloo, Ontario.

#The institute also has its own ‘Earth Sciences Museum’ and the world’s biggest Quantum Research Centre, the ‘Mike & Ophelia Lazaridis Quantum-Nano Centre.’

#The institution has approximately 200 academic, philanthropic, social, political, athletic, and cultural student organisations, as well as over 100 volunteer activities.

Fees and Finance

Waterloo alumni have achieved distinction in a variety of disciplines and have received several honours, including the Nobel Prize. Robert Mundell had received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1999 for his contributions to monetary dynamics and optimal currency regions. Donna Strickland, a Waterloo faculty member, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2018 for her contributions to laser physics.

Studying abroad is an experience many students want to have. This gives you a great opportunity to pursue quality education as well as gain international exposure. Tuition for various programmes varies according to their level and duration. For overseas candidates wishing to enrol in a programme at the institution, the projected range is 40,900 to 61,300 CAD each academic year.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Canada is routinely ranked as one of the greatest countries in the world, and it is presently ranked first in terms of quality of life.

If you study in Canada, you will obtain an internationally recognised education from some of the world’s best educators and scholars. International students are welcome to pursue their studies in Canada.

Canada is recognised for having some of the lowest tuition prices for universities among English-speaking countries.

It is currently one of the most popular destinations for Indian students seeking higher education. High-quality education combined with internship possibilities, as well as flexible government laws regarding post-study jobs and immigration, offers an ideal environment for Indian students.

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How to Apply for PR from India?

The best way to immigrate to Canada is by applying for permanent residency. Let’s find out about the simplified process.

#You must get 67 points out of a possible 100.

#Your occupation should be on Canada’s demand list.

#You should get high marks on the IELTS exam.

#You must keep money in your account.

#You must provide documentation for your employment, education, language competence, and so forth.

Documents Required

#Transcripts of Education

#Letters of Employment Experience Qualifying WES Report

#IELTS Score Report

#A Valid Passport

#Medicals and a Certificate of Police Clearance

#Identity Documentation

The price for the Permanent Residency is 73,980 Indian rupees per application, while the charge for the Education Assessment Credential is 15,500 Indian rupees per applicant.

Many Indian students prefer to study abroad these days due to the high quality of education. Apart from this, the international exposure and ability to face challenges make you a desirable candidate to most employers. An overseas degree gives you an edge over other candidates. Furthermore, you get a chance to learn about a new culture and also immerse yourself in it!

What is the Post Study Scope in Canada?

Now that we have discussed the University of Waterloo programs, let us also discuss what the post-study scope is:

#Applicants must be residents of the province where they seek work and hold a valid work permit.

#They must be students, either full-time or part-time.

#Their desired employment must be an integral component of their education programme in Canada.

#Co-op or internship work cannot exceed 50% of the overall programme of study.

International students, as well as Canadian students, have several options in Canada. Students benefit greatly from government websites dedicated to summer employment and internships since they give a wealth of information.

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We hope that this article has answered all your queries regarding the University of Waterloo courses, IELTS requirement and ranking. Since you have been thinking of pursuing higher education abroad, we would advise you to submit applications soon. Start your applications soon so that you have ample time to apply for the scholarships. Another important aspect is to secure your finances.

Canada is a preferred destination these days due to its welcoming attitude towards the best and the brightest students and immigrants. If you are planning to study abroad, you also need to prepare for the IELTS examination early. IELTS Ninja is the perfect platform to begin your journey. So waste no more of your precious time and head straight to IELTS Ninja.

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