If you’re studying for the IELTS exam, read the paragraph in this article and try to answer the questions below to improve your score in this part. Check out the IELTS reading answers based on owl secrets reading responses.

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Owl Secrets About a Species Reading Answers

Owl Secrets Reading Answers includes a passage as well as a few questions about it. Aspirants must answer the questions after thoroughly checking for the answers in the passage. The test assesses aspirants’ reading skills as well as helps them score their fluency and grip in the English language.

Answering IELTS questions requires skimming and scanning the passage. Owl Secrets Reading Answers is a collection of questions and answers about owls. There are two sorts of questions in the IELTS reading passage:

#Complete the summary

#Complete each sentence

Aspirants might increase their band scores by practising more IELTS reading. They can download a variety of IELTS Reading Practice Papers to familiarise themselves with the test before taking it.

IELTS Reading Answer

IELTS Exam: Question 1

Fill in the blanks with the words and phrases from A to M from the list below.

In boxes 27-34 on your answer sheet, write the right letter, A-M.

NB: The words listed below can be used more than once.

How can owls rotate their heads by _______________ 270 degrees? The many small bones that make up the neck and spine enable them to achieve_______________ movement. A research team has discovered that in_______________, their vascular network has adapted to make the rotation possible. Owls’ carotid arteries are_______________ the spine, at the centre of rotation. This means the arteries endure _______________ the strain when the head is turned. In addition, the vessels _______________ their heads can expand, creating reservoirs of blood to supply to the brain when the head is turned. And the cavities in the neck vertebrae, through which the vessels pass, are extremely _______________ giving the vessels space to move around when twisted. All this is necessary because their eyes can’t move: owls can only look _______________ ahead.


Choose the list of words and phrases:

  1. A) flexible
  2. B) as much as
  3. C) at the base of
  4. D) in front of
  5. E) intense
  6. F) limited
  7. G) far less
  8. H) multiple
  9. I) in excess of
  10. J) to the side of
  11. K) various ways
  12. L) large
  13. M) straight

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IELTS Exam: Question 2

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate endings for each of the sentences listed below, from A to H.

Fill in boxes on your response sheet with the proper letter, A-H.

  1. A) capture any surplus blood produced during the turning process
  2. B) Their big heads cause harm to the lining of their blood vessels.
  3. C) a size reduction
  4. D) Lightens them up.
  5. E) Natural blood flow is imitated.
  6. F) When blood vessels get blocked, provide a fresh source of nutrition.
  7. G) To escape being discovered by predators or to locate prey.



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Hopefully, the above article helped you look for the answers you were searching for.

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