The graduation record exam is an assessment for checking the overall abilities of all the candidates to successfully be part of a program and pursue it wholeheartedly. It is an exam that consists of arithmetic, geometry, reasoning, vocabulary, algebra, and logic-based questions.

You have to be a pro in enrolling the best parts of yours to come out as a unique and unbelievable candidate. Are you searching for GRE sample questions? Or

How many reading comprehension questions are on the GRE? Well, we understand that people get stuck on these questions to get used to all the questions asked in the exam beforehand to score as high as they desire. You need to read this whole article to get all the necessary answers for your excellence in the exam.

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GRE Question Paper

The GRE question paper consists of different unique parts and its sections. Every candidate needs to focus on every part to get good scores. The reading comprehension questions are almost ten in this examination. The examiners take difficult and different jargon, phrases, and sentences in the passages to test your capabilities.

Question Paper Pattern

This exam requires your convenience in answering the questions of the passages. There are at least 5 passage questions in each section with 1-5 questions each. You must be perfect enough to read the passage fastly and answer all the questions precisely. The passages given are in 1-5 paragraphs. These passages could be taken from any academic or non-academic background. Every candidate must hold the proficiency to quickly acknowledge all the answers within the given time frame.

The test takers put the passages from several known books, magazines, biographies, works of literature, scholarly journals, and textbooks. It can comprise different genres and topics. You must be intelligent in tough sentences, difficult vocabulary, and phrases. These topics may include social science, natural science, humanities, arts, politics, history, or maybe the regular normal life topics.

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GRE Sample Question Paper

If you are preparing for the GRE and worried about the reading comprehension questions, your destination is here. Don’t get panicked and stressed. All the candidates have to work hard to flourish. Everyone needs to give proper time and concentration over all the areas. There are a large number of participants taking part in this exam to achieve their goals in life. This article contains all the relevant information for you. The reading comprehension part gets a bit tricky and tough due to the difficult vocabulary. Practicing it regularly will enhance your capabilities to solve all these questions. Here is the format of the reading comprehension. There are 3 types of questions you’ll have to answer on the reading comprehension:

Multiple-choice Questions

In this question, you can choose only 1 answer. The question carries an average, multiple-choice question along with 5 choices for you to select. Out of the choices given, you must select one option of choice. You must keep working on knowing the precise facts to answer adequately. All the candidates must read all the choices carefully before selecting any given option.

Multiple-choice Questions

This question comes with 3 choices in the answers out of which you can select one, two or all three depending on the answer. If you are thinking that all three answers are correct, you can pick all of them. If you think one answer is not suitable and the other two are relevant, you can choose two and only one can also be picked. You must remember that no partial credit is awarded to anyone. Also, keep in mind that these answer choices need to be evaluated separately. So, first, know the question precisely and then answer it.


There is one more question that is relatable to your learning. This question is a sub-question type that is quite unique and different to the GRE exam. All the candidates will have to click on a sentence in the passage that answers the question. This would be done perfectly so that you get definite scores in these questions.

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Reading Comprehension Questions

When you prepare for any particular exam your definite motive is to succeed in it to make your future bright. This competency of your mind makes you stressed and anxious about all the things related to that examination. The key to getting any exam cracked is a strong practice and believing in yourself with the calmness of mind. You must go through the GRE sample questions so that you get comfortable with the sort of questions asked in the exam.

If you are tired of finding ways to do excellent in the exam, here is the ultimate answer for you. Instead of going here and there you just need to focus on solving the sample papers to avoid mistakes in the exam and make yourself almost perfect. If you are a true aspirant start now with the practices because it is always now or never. If you will be late somebody else will surely take the advantage of this opportunity. Here is one sample for you.

Sample Reading Comprehension Question

Questions 1 to 3 are based on this passage.

Reviving the practice of using elements of popular music in classical composition, an approach that had been in hibernation in the United States during the 1960s, composer Philip Glass (born 1937) embraced the ethos of popular music in his compositions. Glass based two symphonies on music by rock musicians David Bowie and Brian Eno, but the symphonies’ sound is distinctively his. Popular elements do not appear out of place in Glass’s classical music, which from its early days has shared certain harmonies and rhythms with rock music. Yet this use of popular elements has not made Glass a composer of popular music. His music is not a version of popular music packaged to attract classical listeners; it is high art for listeners steeped in rock rather than the classics.

Select Only One Answer Choice

#1.The passage addresses which of the following issues related to Glass’s use of popular elements in his classical compositions?

#a. How it is regarded by listeners who prefer rock to the classics.

#b. How it has affected the commercial success of Glass’s music.

#c. Whether it has contributed to a revival of interest among other composers in using popular elements in their compositions.

#d. Whether it has had a detrimental effect on Glass’s reputation as a composer of classical music.

#e. Whether it has caused certain of Glass’s works to be derivative in quality.

Consider Each of the Three Choices Separately and Select all that Apply

#2. The passage suggests that Glass’s work displays which of the following qualities?

#a. A return to the use of popular music in classical compositions.

#b. An attempt to elevate rock music to an artistic status more closely approximating that of classical music.

#c. A long-standing tendency to incorporate elements from two disparate musical styles.

#3. Select the sentence that distinguishes two ways of integrating rock and classical music.


The passage describes in general terms how Philip Glass uses popular music in his classical compositions and explores how Glass can do this without being imitative. Note that there are no opposing views discussed; the author is simply presenting his or her views.

Question 1

One of the important points that the passage makes is that when Glass uses popular elements in his music, the result is very much his creation (it is “distinctively his”). In other words, the music is far from being derivative. Thus one issue that the passage addresses is the one referred to in answer choice E — it answers it in the negative. The passage does not discuss the impact of Glass’s use of popular elements on listeners, on the commercial success of his music, on other composers, or Glass’s reputation, so none of Choices A through D is correct.

The correct answer is Choice E.

Question 2

To answer this question, it is important to assess each answer choice independently. Since the passage says that Glass revived the use of popular music in classical compositions, answer choice A is correct. On the other hand, the passage also denies that Glass composes popular music or packages it in a way to elevate its status, so answer choice B is incorrect. Finally, since Glass’s style has always mixed elements of rock with classical elements, answer Choice C is correct.

Thus the correct answer is Choice A and Choice C.

Question 3

Almost every sentence in the passage refers to incorporating rock music in classical compositions, but only the last sentence distinguishes two ways of doing so. It distinguishes between writing rock music in a way that will make it attractive to classical listeners and writing classical music that will be attractive to listeners familiar with rock.

Thus the correct answer is the last sentence of the passage.

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All the parts of the GRE are equally significant to conquer it. Every participant must work on time management to be top-notch in this exam. You must grasp maximum knowledge along with being incredible in solving the questions in a particular time frame. You must go through all the sample papers and practise the questions to get an idea of the questions and to get perfect in solving them. This exam is a bit challenging because of the reasoning part that it has and vocabulary. Practising will make you quick and almost perfect in solving the question paper.

If you are searching for the solution to any question related to the GRE quant questions, you can find everything by just clicking on your mobile phone and visiting the IELTS Ninja website. You will get each hurdle solved in a few moments with the ultimate professionals there. All the experts of different areas will help you in increasing your hold on that part of the exam and you will learn the tactics of scoring the highest.

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