How to Improve PTE Reading Section Score 2022? Let’s check out all the PTE reading tips in this article. You will also be able to fetch the exam pattern and the updates regarding this test. So, stay tuned!

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PTE Reading Section Exam Pattern

Let’s check out the reading section pattern and details so that you can perform well in the test and can fetch good scores. Have a look at the table and get the information.

Question Type Task No. of questions Length Scoring Skills assessed
Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks You will be given a paragraph with spaces to fill. Alongside you will have a drop-down button and options to choose from. Pick the correct answers to complete the entire paragraph. 5-6 Text up to 300 words Partial credit scoring Reading and Writing
Reading and Writing

Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers

There is more than one response. Choose all the answers that you think are correct. 1-2 Text up to 300 words Partial Credit Scoring Reading


Reorder paragraphs On the left-hand side, you will have multiple text boxes. Drag and drop them to the right side in the appropriate order. 2 – 3 Text up to 150 words Partial Credit Scoring Reading
Reading: Fill in the blanks The passage that appears on the screen will have several gaps. Pick the right words from the given options to fill in the gaps. You will have more options than gaps. 4 – 5 Text up to 80 words Partial Credit Scoring Reading
Multiple choice, single answer There are many options given, but there’s only one correct answer. 1-2 Text up to 300 words No score for wrong or no response Reading

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PTE Reading Tips

The reading tips for the PTE exam include reading the questions twice and properly highlighting the keywords. You must not hurry in reading the questions in the test, rather read patiently and think before writing. You must take practice tests before the test so that you can understand the pattern and get familiar with the structure and types of questions.

The other reading tips include a good hold on the language and you must have a dictionary while preparing. If you are not good at the language, you will not be able to fetch good scores in this section.

Also, learn the elimination technique because, in the case of the multiple-choice questions, you must know what to eliminate. You should speed up your reading and should read the questions fastly. Learn different good words from the dictionary while preparing because a good choice of words always attracts the readers. If you follow these tips and strategies, you will be able to fetch good scores in the reading section of the PTE exam.

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