A statement of purpose is an essay that describes your motivation for applying to a specific course or university, and it is a statement that is required by universities around the world. It is required to defend your desire to study abroad.

To better understand how to write a statement of purpose, first read about the necessity of the SOP, and then look at some SOP writing tips and tactics.

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Is a Statement of Purpose Necessary for Studying Abroad?

Your application’s decision-maker is the Statement of Purpose (SOP). It gives the admissions committee in determining your personality and information on the topic of expertise, life, beliefs, career objectives, and vision. In short, a well-written paper or document gives colleges a picture of your overall behaviour.

It’s your chance to tell the committee why you’re the best candidate for the job and why they should pick you over the others. When you have a weak educational profile, an excellent document can help you overlook by outlining your future goals and desires. A well-written paper of purpose also demonstrates how well you can speak with yourself through writing.

Importance of SOP

A Statement of Purpose (SOP), also known as a study objective or a letter of intent, is a document prepared for the admissions committee that discusses your professional achievements, career path, interests, ambitions, and motivation for pursuing a specific degree.

This is normally submitted as an essay, however certain colleges may want to retain it as question-based. It is the most important section of your application because it determines whether or not you will be admitted to your selected college.


#The Statement of Purpose is written in paragraph structure and adheres to the standard norms of essay writing. While the use of bullets is acceptable, they should be avoided or kept to a minimal minimum.

#A basic statement of purpose is two pages long, uses a limit of 12-point type, and is double spaced with regular margins unless otherwise stated. As a result, a normal statement would be between 800 and 1000 words long, depending on the style.

#No use of colourful text or graphics should be made anywhere. Plain black should be used for the text (not even grey).

Why is a Good SOP Important?

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SOP for Studying Abroad

Make a plan for your paper and work according to it. A smart method to start your introduction is to share an anecdote that piqued your curiosity about your subject. Make a list of your relevant expertise and awards, as well as your inspiration for enrolling in the program and attending the college.

Concentrate on communicating what you’ve learned and learned during your education and work experience. When creating your SOP, avoid using technical words and write in an active voice. If there is an academic problem, approach it with optimism. Make sure your paper has a defined beginning and end. Always remember to write your paper in reverse chronological sequence.


#Stick to the basics and an overview. Don’t try to pack your entire family history.

#Don’t give out any personal financial information. If you’re seeking scholarships, you’ll need to submit separate paperwork.

#Professional intricacies. Talk about learning opportunities rather than any other source which is not related.

#Do not go over the word limit.

#Be direct and avoid flattering words.

#Excessive use of technical jargon should be avoided.

#Dishonesty in your document may result in rejection.

#Use plain paper instead than fancy fonts or coloured materials.

#Do not state that this was not your first choice of institution.

#When it comes to humour, be careful; it can backfire!

Last Page Tips

This is the most crucial section of your Statement of Purpose since it is here that you explain why you want to do what you want to do. You’re nearing the finish of your essay. So far, you’ve discussed what you want to do, how you came to that conclusion, and why you’re taking this path.

Now, write down how you intend to attain your objectives. Write it if you want to go into research. If you intend to work for a certain organization, make a note of it. This further demonstrates how thoroughly you have considered your life.

You might make it more fascinating by telling a story about an occurrence that led you to your decision or a pivotal moment in your life. The better your essay, the more expressive and impassioned you are in this paragraph.


It’s vital to double-check your work. Re-analyzing will assist in the correction of the rhythm, grammar, sentence construction problems, long sentences, and many grammar faults. Get a second view from someone you trust, such as a professor, a senior, or an IELTS Ninja counsellor. Before submitting, make sure you reread well and double-check your work.

Our IELTS Ninja counsellors can help you write a strong SOP that will help you gain admission to the college of your choice. For more information, contact your IELTS Ninja counsellor now.

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