The graph below shows the estimated work force participation rate of urban and rural women in India from 1986-87 to 2016-17.

This sample answer is of band 7 or 7.5.

Sample Answer:

This bar graph measures the work participation of rural and urban women in India. It is estimated in percentage over a period from 1986-87 to 2016-17.
Evidently, the contribution of  rural women towards the work participation rate in India is constantly more than the urban women. In 1986-87 and 2006-07, the ratios are more than double. It shows the presence of rural women in workforce indefinitely dominates the urban women. This can be equivalently seen in 1996-97 where the participation of urban women was approximately 14% against 31% of rural women. However, in 2016-17 the urban women participation has increased to 21%. That is not much less than 26%, addition made by rural women towards the labour pool.
Over all, the presence of rural women in the workforce in India is consistently greater till 2006-07. But in 2016-17, the participation rate of the urban women has increased in contrast to the rate of the rural women which has diminished with an unanticipated standard.

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