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This article has sample answers for the topic: shopping habits depend more on your age group than anything else. You can grab the sequence of writing and the content to be included in the article. You must answer the question before starting writing for this section.

Build the concept in your mind and gather points and words to be included. To what extent do you agree or disagree? These types of agree-disagree questions are also covered in this article. So let’s begin with the potential information.

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IELTS Preparation

The preparation time is the most crucial and challenging for the aspirants. This is the time when you are required to get fluent in every aspect of the English language including speaking, writing, listening, and reading. You should take out time for each section and solve the sample questions to understand the pattern of solving the paper.

You can also choose to give this examination through a computer-delivered test where you are required to solve the questions on the computer. You can book the nearest test centre to avoid the hustle. Prepare for the test with time management as it is the most important thing that can make you rank in the higher position. You should be proficient at the language because it will bring greater opportunities to you in terms of career building.

This exam is a magical door for students who want to get higher education from renowned universities across the globe and want to shine bright. You need to emphasize the English language along with upgrading your knowledge to get high bands in the test. You should focus on writing a thorough answer.

Also, be consistent with your thoughts while completing the essay. You must have an inclination towards agreement or disagreement. Don’t swing in between as it will affect the scores. This section is conducted differently for academic and general tests. You should be aware of the differences along with the paper pattern.

Have a look below for the topic: shopping habits depend more on your age group than anything else along with the agree disagree questions.

Shopping Habits Depend More on Your Age Group Than Anything Else Model Answer

Part A

The shopping habits are growing in people with the magnificent choices and numerous availability. I strongly believe that the consumption pattern of people is affected by various factors. These factors can be external or internal. Many people believe that age is more influential than other elements for shopping habits.

From my perspective, I am against this statement for several reasons. I will elaborate on the reasons in the paragraphs. Although the youngsters and teenagers are often seen doing shopping more than the elders, I believe that the shopping habits depend on one’s status rather than age. The needs and choices of the people come from their financial status which is the cause of shopping.

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Part B

The socioeconomic factor plays a vital role in the shopping behaviour which is directly connected to purchasing several items. Poor people tend to shop less than rich people. This trait is because of the necessities and affordability. The poor people can’t buy more things as their financial status doesn’t give them permission.

Additionally, few people borrow money to do shopping but this habit is not carried for long as there is a limit to the amount of credit a person can get. The finance of the product and the commodity that you can have decides your shopping habit. Having a luxurious item is everyone’s wish but only those who can afford it step forward to shop for it. Many people go out and shop for affordable things too but the purchasing depends on financial status.

Part C

One most prominent factor to be included while talking about the shopping habit is that it largely depends upon the personality of a human being. Everyone has different interests and needs. Few choose to buy new gadgets, dresses, and items coming in the market while others have a notion of repairing or recycling the older ones rather than instantly purchasing the new materials. This is the cause of different mindsets and personalities.

Part D

One more aspect of being a shopping addict or having a shopping habit is the approach to things. Many people satisfy their needs and demands by purchasing new shoes and dresses along with the appliances and gadgets while others don’t have many approaches towards these things, rather they choose some other spheres to spend their money on. This is the shadow of one’s personality to show the propensity of consumption and habit of purchasing materials.

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Therefore, age is not the most decisive factor for the shopping habit of people even after the fact that people change their shopping habits according to their age. In my opinion, personal traits and socioeconomic status are the key points for building this habit. As a result, I totally disagree with the given assertion.

To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

Part A

A plethora of individuals think that there is a direct correlation between people’s age and their shopping preferences. In my perspective, this statement and mindset are wrong. I disagree with this thinking since people of all ages might want to buy food and look stylish. Everyone has different needs and desires. Shopping habits are decided by one’s personality and financial status, rather than age.

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Part B

The reason for my disagreement is that all human beings irrespective of their ages eat food and need their basic requirements. Whether an individual is fourteen or forty, he/she will require food and fundamentals to stay alive but shopping habits are inculcated in those who have enough money to satisfy their desires. To support my answer, one example is that people of different ages buy the same products in the market such as milk, vegetables, and bread. This is due to their needs, not age.

Part C

Moreover, everyone has different viewpoints and regular activities. Everyone doesn’t want to look trendy. Many girls and women have no choice but to wear fashionable clothes and look a certain way because of their careers. Some buy things to be confident in society as a human is a social animal and we have to live according to the satisfaction of the society. Some items are designed according to the age of the people. But the shopping habit doesn’t depend upon age prominently, rather it has other elements.


Therefore, I am completely against this statement that the shopping habits of people vary in accordance with their age. The reason for disagreement is that all individuals tend to buy food to survive along with the other basic necessities. Many people tend to buy clothes during their whole life to look modern and appropriate. The shopping habit comes from the necessities that are a building foundation of the economy.

Strategy for Writing Task

The strategy for the writing task is to be simple and creative. You must not include difficult phrases and sentences, rather keep the essay simple yet efficiently readable and attractive. The body should include all the information about the topic and in the opinion articles, be honest and clear. You must discuss whether you like or dislike it. Don’t confuse the reader by putting both the points. Write the answer according to the favour or against.

The key paragraphs must include content-building materials. Summarize the topic at the end in the conclusion section. Your grammar should be correct along with effective diction. Don’t use big words to impress the examiners, rather choose the appropriate phrases and sentences to describe your perspective.

If the pattern and language are effective, the examiner will give you high scores. So focus on proving your point generously through good words and paragraphs. You must prepare for the writing section beforehand to score better.

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We hope that you have grabbed all the essential points required for the writing task. The sample answers given in this article must have proved helpful for your IELTS preparation.

This exam is extremely important to make your career as you get enrolled into the best universities and courses through this examination. Every examination has a list of winners and failures. Everyone puts in their efforts to be on the top and reach out to their destination but only a few put their determination and passion with wisdom and in the right direction.

Therefore, to know the correct direction, get in touch with highly qualified professionals through video lectures, and learn the best ways to succeed in the esteemed IELTS exam. You will have to put in the devotion and the route will be given to you by our experts. So don’t wait and visit the IELTS Ninja website to touch the highest clouds.

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