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IELTS has different skills and among them speaking is one such skill which we have been using the most because we talk and communicate most of our life. And the speaking task has 3 parts in the task which need to be completed for a good band score.

And today we are going to explain you sample IELTS Speaking questions for part 2 and part 3 patterns which you can take as an example. In this way when you understand the topics and questions that come in both parts, it would be easier to communicate and practice at the same time.

IELTS Speaking Questions And Answers for Part 2

The part 2 of the speaking skill has questions but this needs to have a bigger explanation and continuity to it. It means that the question being asked in this part should be answered or spoken to a larger extent of 200 – 350 words at least. There might be few questions in this part but all of them would be based on the same topic.

Part 2 Sample IELTS Speaking Questions :

So we have mentioned 3 different sample questions that may be asked during the exam. And for all the questions we can see that the topic is the same, “Beauty” but with different variations as well.

  • Discuss the meaning of beauty for you?
  • What is the difference between inner and outer beauty?
  • Whom do you consider the most beautiful person in your life? And why?

These answers are of band 8.

Model Answer:

In my opinion, beauty is a blend of good qualities and splendid appearance which leaves an unforgettable impression on other people. A person who is looking physically attractive has outer beauty but a person who feels beautiful is attractive and wonderful from his soul.  Your skin, body, hair, smile contributes to your outer beauty while your soul, thoughts, character and moreover your relationships with others define your inner beauty. I think my mother is the most beautiful person in my life because she has always justified her different roles as a wife, mother, and women. She has always balanced her priorities very well. I believe that understanding the true definition of life and living it to the fullest with strong self esteem and creating your own identity in this world makes you feel beautiful.

IELTS Speaking Part 3:

The Part 3 of the speaking skill test might seem to be hard but it all comes down yo your level of vocabulary and understanding if the question at the end. So, first of all we need to understand what question is given and how big of an answer do I have to present.

You can use a paper and pen before the exam, to write down the main points or something to make it easier while speaking about the question.

Part 3 Sample IELTS speaking Questions With Answers

So we have listed the sample questions for the part 3 along with their answers which can help you understand the way of answering these kind of questions.

Question 1: How much time and money do you spend on physical appearance?
Answer: Actually physical look matters a lot in this modern world. So one has to and should take care of his appearance. Even I go to beauty salons on monthly basis and spend required time so that I can leave a remarkable impression on the society.
Question 2: Do you think outer beauty affects one’s success?
Answer: Outer beauty leaves first impression on other people. So if you are looking nice and appealing then opportunities will find your way. But physical looks will only give you that first step of the ladder. To support, beauty pageants can be taken as example where girls are initially selected on the basis of their physical appearance but in the later stage,there are many other parameters on which the final judgement is taken like confidence, communication ability etc.
Question 3: Are there any disadvantages to being beautiful?
Answer: I think beautiful people are always in the limelight. For example, when  Aishwarya Rai gained post-pregnancy weight, a lot of people criticized  and judged her. This became a national news. I believe beautiful people have unnecessary pressure of always staying beautiful.

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