Chandigarh, one of the most beautiful cities in India, also has some of the best IELTS coaching centres for quality training. The centres provide world-class IELTS training to candidates who wish to move abroad to English-speaking countries for higher education, work, or migration. Read along to explore some of the best IELTS coaching centres in Chandigarh.

This blog will cover the programs and courses offered by the institutes and centres, their average fee structures, and their location. Choosing a coaching centre for IELTS totally depends on the distinction of the candidate, his/her suitability, and requirements. Also, find out how IELTS Ninja provides one of the best courses and programs to achieve excellent band scores in the IELTS exam.

IELTS Coaching Centres in Chandigarh

Following below are some of the best IELTS coaching centres in Chandigarh. Each one offers its own curated and specialized courses, and cannot be ranked in any order. It is totally based on the test taker’s distinction to choose the centre as per the comfort and requirement.

  • British Council IELTS

Location: Bridge Market, Sector-17C, Chandigarh

This centre was established in Chandigarh in 2003, and also operates in other cities like New Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata. It was established under the patronage of the British Council Education Society for providing international educational and cultural exposure to students. It is one of the trusted centres in Chandigarh for training for IELTS.

Other than that, the British Council offers various other English language programs and Study Visa solutions for candidates who wish to study, work or immigrate abroad. The courses also include corporate training, group discussions, and personal interviews. The facilities feature vast libraries, audio labs, expert guidance, flexible timings, and online mock tests.

  • Dolphin Head Hunters

Location: SCO 85-86, Piccadilly Road, Sector 34A, Chandigarh

Established in 2009, this coaching centre provides training programs like Public Speaking, leadership, Voice and Accent Training, customer service, business communication, and the like. They also have a range of Cambridge certified trainers and mentors. The courses provided in this centre are flexible and suitable for developing various soft skills.

These skills are beneficial for not only students seeking education from abroad, but also for those who wish to work professionally or permanently immigrate to English-speaking countries.

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  • Global Strides

Location: SCO 63-64, Sector 17C, Chandigarh

Global Strides is a professional IELTS coaching centre known for its student-oriented teaching programs. The students are provided with excellent study material and guidance to develop additional knowledge and skills for a strong personality. The teachers and guides are very well experienced and skilled in their niche and provide complete assistance.

Some of the features include flexible batch timings, interactive classroom sessions, blended teaching programs, and quality test series. They also focus on personalized student monitoring and problem-solving for efficient results. 

  • Blue Sapphire

Location: SCO 58-59, Sector 34A, Chandigarh

Blue Sapphire offers a free test to assess the current language proficiency of a person and then they curate customized learning plans on that basis. This centre also hosts experienced and high-quality teachers to train students for good band scores in the shortest time span possible. It also provides services like interview training, air travel, residence, and immigration assistance.

Blue Sapphire offers a complete package for students as well as professionals who wish to study or work abroad. The strict and cohesive teaching pattern in this coaching centre follows a holistic approach to produce quality results.

  • Grey Matters

Location: SCO 63-64, Sector 17C, Chandigarh

Established back in 1995, Grey Matters is one of the trusted IELTS coaching centres in Chandigarh known for its premier quality services. It provides 2-day trial classes for students to get familiar with the pattern and choose their course. The centre combines comprehensive classroom education with counselling sessions on studying abroad.

Grey Matters provides features like flexible timings and batches, live video lectures, and a range of test series. It is well known for producing quality results and assisting numerous students in fulfilling their dream of studying abroad. 

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  • Touchstone Educationals

Location: SCO 88-89, Sector 17C, Chandigarh

Touchstone Educationals is a high-quality IELTS coaching centre in Chandigarh which is also partnered with the Cambridge University Press. With almost 20 years of experience, this centre has been consistently providing students with the good resources and guidance for studying abroad.

Other than IELTS, the centre offers courses like PTE, TOEFL, Spoken English, Interview preparation, business communication, and general English. Touchstone also has a student-friendly app for assistance in IELTS and other language-related topics. There are several batches with flexible timings, and their duration is different on the basis of speed of teaching, which is a great option for varied learners.

 IELTS Ninja for IELTS Preparation

With the changing trends in the learning and teaching systems, online IELTS courses have gained rapid popularity in recent times. IELTS Ninja provides one of the best preparation courses for ensuring the band score of your dreams. This is possible due to the culmination of numerous features and facilities that offer top-notch guidance to students.

Private online mentors ensure specialized individual attention and high-quality online video lectures make learning flexible and on the go. There are customized plans created for each student to focus on each and every aspect. Also, the comprehensive mock test series provides essential feedback for the best IELTS exam preparation.


This blog covered some of the best IELTS coaching centres in Chandigarh. As mentioned before, the students can choose an institute at their convenience and the course they wish to pursue. Since the teaching pattern is unique in its own way for each institute, the students have multiple options to choose from the best coaching centres in Chandigarh. For more valuable information on the IELTS exam, visit the IELTS Ninja now.

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