Most of you who are looking to move overseas for a foreign degree remain confused among the language proficiency tests that are conducted.
Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) assesses a non native speaker’s ability to communicate in English. It is usually required at the University level and is carried out either via a paper based test or an internet based test.

TOEFL consists of the Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking sections.

The Reading section evaluates your ability to analyze texts that are related to science or other academic subjects.

The Writing section tests how well you are able to articulate yourself through written words. Aspects such as grammar, vocabulary, phrases and sentence construction are also checked here.

The Speaking Section requires you to speak into a microphone during the test. It looks at how expressive you are when it comes to voicing your thoughts and opinions in the language.

The Listening section makes you hear a lecture or to some professor at a university. You will be presented with 4-6 lectures and your ability to understand the emotions as well as the intent of the speaker is examined.


Test of English as a Foreign Language has many advantages. It helps you get noticed by the concerned admissions authorities as this test evaluates the academic English skills of students in the manner in which they’re used in classrooms.

It is a true measure of your language proficiency and will make you stand out from other applicants.

It is also a convenient test to take.


  • People looking to attend an exchange program in an English speaking country
  • People who haven’t been instructed in English since the past 5 years
  • Those looking to obtain visas of English speaking countries
  • Those who will be working for roles that will require them to interact in English
  • Anyone who wishes to assess their fluency in the language


TOEFL is calculated out of 120 points. All four sections consist of 30 scores and the overall score determines your eligibility. 

Your scores will come to you at least 6 days after you’ve completed your test. You can check how you’ve fared for each of the sections once your results appear online.

You also receive a performance feedback report along with your score. This will help you understand just how well you’ve scored as compared to others.

The registration fee for TOEFL costs about $180.

Yes, TOEFL may be a relatively convenient test to take but it needs ample preparation in order to be aced. Once you familiarize yourself with the format and the pattern of the papers, you will feel more guided in your preparations. 

TOEFL happens to be one of the most reliable language proficiency tests that is unbiased and very technical in nature.

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