Pursuing a masters degree in Canada is no less than a dream come true. Not only is Canada student-friendly, but also offers a variety of productive degrees and courses. There are however more than 40 good universities from where someone can pursue their master’s degree, making a choice as to which one should someone apply in and which course suits them best is a hectic job. Canada universities for MS are among the best choices as well. Therefore, we have compiled here a list that can be kept in handy to facilitate your career path!

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Top Universities in Canada for Masters

The best universities in Canada also serve as one of the most known and sought-after universities in the world. Different universities in Canada are known for their expertise in different fortes. Depending on where someone is applying, they would need a varied list of eligibility and requirements at their ready disposal to be able to decide quickly.

You can find universities in Canada for masters and browse primarily through their programs to find the ones that are able to suit your endeavours the best. You can obtain absolutely all the information about the various study options for top universities in Canada.

Best Universities in Canada for MS

These academic institutions, as briefed below, offer extraordinary opportunities for higher studies, i.e., master courses in Canada. Canada is widely known to offer a varied range of over 96 public universities with over 15k programs. The table below shows which universities you should opt for in Canada for masters.

University Name Rankings(as of 2021) Annual Fee (in CAD)
University of Toronto 18 37,897
University of British Columbia 34 8,592
McGill University 42 18,110
McMaster University 72 17,093
Universite de Montreal 85 24,558
University of Alberta 136 9,465
University of Ottawa 141 25,718
University of Waterloo 201-250 14,084
Western University 201-250 117,500
University of Calgary 201-250 14,538

Some of the academic successes are as mentioned below.

  • University of Toronto

As gestured by “The Times Higher Education Best Universities in Canada 2020 Rankings”, the University of Toronto positioned 18th all around the world and as the best institution to choose masters from.

The campus of the institute is seen to be one of the most diverse in Canada and has lured students from all around the planet, including a bunch of 160 nations, which makes the University of Toronto an appealing decision for worldwide students.

Perhaps the best medical school in Canada. Widely known for the discovery of insulin, by Fredrick Banting, the University of Toronto has also other records to its forte. The vast number of undergrad and postgrad programs offered by this institute attracts a variety of students from all across the world. Widely known scholars include, but is not limited to Michael Ondaatje and Margaret Atwood. Other scholars (especially 10) were also known to graduate from here, including Banting.

  • McGill University

Montreal’s McGill University is put third in Canada and 42nd all around, according to Times Higher Education. The institute is known to be the solitary Canadian school addressed in the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum.

It likewise is acclaimed for being an incredible medicinal school. McGill arranged Canada’s first personnel of medicine, which attracts worldwide students to the notable campus. This is among the best colleges in Canada for post-graduation also.

Offering in excess of 300-degree subjects for a surpassing measure of 31,000 students, from 150 countries, McGill is one of three universities in Quebec at which you can learn subjects in English. In reality, practically a large portion of the student body is from abroad.

Popular Masters Programs in Canada

The Canadian style of teaching is totally different and out of the box. They not only offer traditional classroom lectures, tutorials but also site visiting, group discussions, group work, and projects.

The credit scores in the master’s programs in Canada also depend on dissertations and essays. With so many options, students tend to choose the most affordable ones in Canada also keeping in mind their availability in the institute, ranking, and the quality of their placements too. The table below demonstrates which all programs one can choose for their masters and the corresponding available universities and their estimated tuition fees.

Masters Program Available Universities Estimated tuition (in CAD)
MBA The University of Toronto, Queen’s, York 45,000 – 125,000
MS in Software Engineering McMaster, Concordia, University of Regina, University of Calgary 22,000 – 82,000
Masters in Nursing University of Toronto, McMaster, McGill, University of British Columbia 15,000 – 70,000
Masters in Computer Science The University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, McGill, UAlberta 70,000 – 90,000
Finance The University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill, Queen’s, University de Montreal 30,000 – 80,000

Why should One Study MS in Canada?

Ranked Universities

The QS World University Rankings(2020) states that there are almost six Canadian universities that represent Canada among the top 200 universities in the world. In that manner, it becomes quite easy to understand why studying MS in Canada might not make you repent.


Among other English-speaking countries, Canadian universities tend to be the most affordable. An approximate average degree in Canada costs anywhere between 30,000 CAD to 55,000 CAD. Whereas pursuing the same degree in the USA can cost anywhere between 35,000 to 82,000 CAD.

Job Opportunities

As reported by the Labour Force Survey, about 1.8 million new jobs were created for graduates, and that too in Canada only. Students pursuing their masters in Canada somehow find some job or the other

Canadian Visa

A country that is most welcoming to immigrants, a Canadian student visa is the easiest to get and students who want can avail of a permanent residency by applying for a work permit after their post-graduation.

Part-time Jobs for Students

Canada offers an excellent option of 20 hours for international students to gain work experience and also be able to cover up their living expenses.

R&D Experts

Canadian universities have a long history of high R&D budgets (over 40%) in areas like clinical medicine, information & communication technologies, agriculture, fisheries & forestry, earth and environmental sciences, and economics & business.


As compared to the USA, almost 70% of Canadian funds go into providing scholarships and fellowships to students.

Chances for Specialization

Canada offers multiple options for pursuing MS, for example, medicine, IT, engineering and technology, finance, management, business administration, architecture, nursing, design, etc.

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What is Distance Education?

As the situation right now has held individuals severely, the occurrence of Distance Education came into action. Basically, in view of the current pandemic situation, there are many reasons why the students cannot and also should not attend college or institute physically. For catering this issue, the universities have decided to provide online and distance education to the students. The students can now get their degree or diploma from the comfort of their home. This in turn helps lower the tuition fee and helps cope with the pandemic situation.

This method was introduced traditionally as it usually involved correspondence courses. In that way, the students basically corresponded with the school via mail, which now has alternated to interacting with an online mode.

What is IELTS?

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is a standardized test for English language skills. This method of global examination is utilized to validate the skills of English among international students looking for admission in universities where English is the primary mode of communication.

IELTS for Canada

For specific purposes, all things considered, Canadian colleges have a base IELTS band prerequisite for affirming a person’s abilities as far as their catch in English. Regardless of whether somebody is going for lone rangers or for aces, the IELTS is an obligatory assessment which one should take to demonstrate their English talking and getting capacity.

For aces, an individual is needed to have a base IELTS band of 6.5, and a minimum band of 5.5 is needed for undergraduate admission and to get a student visa or a permanent residency.


I hope you’ve got all your doubts cleared. If not you can contact us for further information at IELTS Ninja. You can get a demo class free and learn what IELTS is, strategies you must use to crack the exam. The website also has a good band predictor to help you guess which band you are going to score and apply to universities accordingly.

So how are you planning to study in Canada? Do let us know by commenting in the below box.

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