If you understand the complete structure, the speaking section in the IELTS examination is the easiest. However, in this section, ensure that you understand and practice how you frame the answer to this section to achieve successful results. You only have 15 minutes to complete this part of the IELTS exam. It is taken face to face by the examiner to assess how good you are at speaking English. There are 3 parts in the speaking section where first is the introduction, the second is the cue card 2021 topic that will be given to you and you will have to describe it in 2-3 minutes, then last is the follow-up questions which are related to the topic.

You don’t have much time in the speaking section hence, you have to work smartly to impress the examiner and fetch high marks. You can start your preparation with the IELTS speaking cue cards topic:- Describe How you spend leisure time with family. In this article, you will get the  cue cards with answers

 Introduction of the Cue Card Topic – Describe How You Spend Leisure Time with Family

To start with the cue card topic you should begin with how it is important to spend time with the family. Give your opinion on how much time an individual should spend with the family.

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Sample Answer 1: Introduction 

Family is a beautiful part of one’s life, one cannot move forward in a career or in any phase without the support of family. As kids, we don’t acknowledge the time spent with the family but as we grow up we understand the importance of the time we spend with the family. I am really grateful that at the right time I acknowledged the fact that it is equally important to give time to my family. Since the time I have realized the importance of family I take time from my busy schedule and try to spend time with my family as much as I can. I also make sure that I make others realize the importance of family and all my siblings get together.

 Sample Answer 2:- Introduction

I have a big joint family, and having such a big family is a blessing. Many people believe that I am telling lies, but talking deeply about it with them, makes them understand the true story. I have my uncle, aunt, grandfather, and grandmother living with me, my siblings, and my parents. I have never felt alone when I am at home because I have one or the other family member to talk to. This is one of the main reasons why I believe that living in a joint family is a blessing. To keep up our great bond, we organize games weekly. We respect each other’s personal life, hence we organize it on Sunday so that every member is available and is free to play.

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Main Body of the Cue Card Topic Describe How You Spend Leisure Time with Family

In the main paragraph, you should start with how you spend leisure time with the family. Describe the activities that you do to spend time with your family

 Sample Answer 1: Main Body

I prefer spending a major part of my time with my family. I also have work to do but I always keep my family as a priority. Nobody likes to hang out with each other but as I have convincing power so I compel them to play games together and spend some quality time. I prefer playing ludo because this game is a legacy kind of in my family. When my parents got married they used to play this and they used to have a lot of fun. After having us and when we grew up they started playing ludo with us. That childhood time was best and to relive that time I prefer playing this game. This game is a way of reuniting the whole family. In this busy world, they are mostly busy with their own work. But it is important to come together and have a little fun

 Sample Answer 2:- Main Body 

Each Sunday we try to find new games to play, sometimes we go for drum charades, sometimes we play ludo, sometimes we sing songs and watch an interesting movie together. Those are beautiful moments and we all wait for Sunday to arrive. On different Sundays, different people are held responsible for thinking of a game and implementing it. This way one of the lazy people in our house, who is my uncle, becomes active and plans a great game. Every Sunday is a happy hour at my home. Along with playing games we all indulge in making food. We make sure that we try to make new types of food every Sunday. My aunt and my other look for a different recipe to make and enjoy while playing the game.

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Closing Body 

In the closing paragraph, you can go with explaining how you plan to continue to spend leisure time with your family in the future. This way you are ready with a complete answer.

 Sample Answer 1- Closing of Topic Describe How You Spend Leisure Time with Family

There was a time when I was engrossed in my own work, there was very little interaction with my family. But since the time I have started playing such games with the family, I have noticed a positive change around me and within myself. This positive change is good to experience. Experiencing such a change I suggest all my peers spend quality time with their family to strengthen the bond. Whomever I meet and whenever I meet I ask them this question “How is your relationship with your family” and those you have not so good bond, I make them understand why and how they can better the relationship. I am not sure if I have made a difference in their life but I am sure that sowing a seed of such thought was important to bring about the change.

Sample Answer 2- Closing of Topic Describe How You Spend Leisure Time with Family

Through these games, I have realized that these are not just mere games, but this is our way to stay bonded with each other. Spending such a beautiful time on Sunday makes us value each relationship more. And I guess this tradition is the reason why we all support each other a lot. It is really important to have support from our family, hence our way to get it through a bond with each other so much that others happiness is what that matters.

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Preparing for the IELTS speaking part 2 cue cards in IELTS calls for practicing the cue card topics. In this article, you will get to speaking cue cards 2021 with answers.  that is Describe How you spend leisure time with family. You will get the information about how to structure the answer to give a good impression to the examiner.

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