This is rightly said that a dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work. If you are looking up to achieving milestones in your life or attain good scores and bands in the IELTS exam, you have to work in its direction to get it. There is no shortcut to success, you always have to take the long and tough way. Everyone is not perfect in everything from birth. You acquire skills through perseverance and having dreams.

If you are preparing for the IELTS exam, you must have been stressing over vocabulary and reading/ writing capabilities. Speaking test is a part where you lack in the examination because of less concentration and emphasis. You must work with determination in this area. Even if you are good at writing does not make you absolute at speaking. You must practice the question papers and note down the creative ideas you get about any question. Here we have shared the answers on the topic; describe a good decision that you recently made. Read the article to know its perfect answers.

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Required Points to Speak While Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic 

The speaking topics in the IELTS speaking test varies from personal or different certain questions. You have to prepare yourself with good grammar, phrases, quotations, and perfect answers to impress the examiner. It is not about having an opinion but it is about the representation of your thoughts and calibre in front of the examiners. There are certain tips and formats in which you must answer the questions to cover all the relevant points along with a good impact of diction. The tips and protocols include the given points.

#1. What was it?

#2. When did you make it?

#3. What was the result?

#4. Explain how you felt about it?

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Describe a Good Decision that You Recently Made: Check Out IELTS Cue Card With Answers Part One

Introduction of the IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic 

A good decision that I recently made is becoming frugal. I was a person who used to spend a lot of unnecessary money on the things that I liked. I recently realized, at the time of lockdown, that life is unpredictable and short. You cannot do a particular thing on a loop without knowing its drawbacks. Saving money not only helps you in financial problems but also helps you to get the things that you need. It shows you the importance of money in life. We must appreciate what we have and spend it carefully.

When did You make It?

I made this decision at the time of the COVID pandemic. The miserable phase brought insecurities of lives and destruction to humankind. Many people were dying suffering from it and several other hazardous diseases. At that time I realized the real worth of money and the advantages of saving it. We were all locked up in our homes and wishing for our safety and survival but some people had nothing to eat and live. My parents helped those poor and needy people with food and clothing. This made me think over the uncertainties life gives us. We must think before doing anything. Now, I save money and help the needy which gives me utmost satisfaction and pleasure.

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What was the Result?

The result of my decision is quite destined towards positivity. This is a gesture of wisdom. When you save your money you can use it later for any right reason or maybe to yourself in need. Those who had money helped those who were lagging. Man is a social animal and this act showed me practical ways of living. You cannot predict the situations and money helps you tremendously in coming out of many essential issues. My parents are happy with my act of learning and I am proud to have grown up in this way for my future endeavours.

Explain how You Felt about It?

I am grateful that having seen the adverse situations my mind has changed and developed in the sense of saving money. During the pandemic, money was the exchange value of lives. This made me think deeply about the correct usage of it. I now understand that spending money on unnecessary items does not make any real sense but frugality does. Now, I save money and will use it only when I need it, not for the things I only want. There is a difference between needs and wants and I have come across knowing it. I believe that my decision is correct for my future and my parents.

Describe a Good Decision that You Recently Made: Check Out IELTS Cue Card With Answers Part Two

Introduction of the IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic 

The good decision that I recently made was to concentrate on health and hygiene. Health is not only the physical state of being but also it is the phase of being disease-free and active. You cannot serve from an empty bowl. Similarly, you cannot make others happy and healthy when you are not. Being healthy is magnificent for everyone to live peacefully.

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When did You make It?

One of my close friends has been asking me to take health measures and checkup for a long time. I was not taking it seriously and was just ignoring him by giving several excuses for work and other things. Little did I realize that I am going to suffer for it later. I had a high fever and a cold. It was the start of the detrimental pandemic phase. I completely recovered from it in 6 months overcoming many health challenges. This gave me the thought of being healthy and testing if anything is happening.

What was the Result?

The outcome of my decision is very significant. Now, I take care of myself and my family. I don’t avoid any symptoms and happenings. This is showing great effects because if anything happens it is curable within a certain time frame. I make sure that everyone is eating nutritious food and taking proper water along with myself. I have realized that if we are healthy, we are safe. Being healthy is essential for sustainable living.

Explain how You Felt about It?

I am truly happy and grateful to have learned a major lesson in my life. Health is wealth is an old proverb that is suitable for everyone. When you are healthy, you turn out to be a more happy, calm, composed, positive, and concentrated person in life which helps you exponentially in leading a great life. I will keep myself aware of my health status and my family’s healthy living.

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There is a great number of participants appearing for the examination. You must be perfectly prepared to succeed in it exceptionally. This will happen when you focus on every aspect of the examination. The speaking test requires your time and proficiency in your ideas and representation of them. You must record yourself or speak the answers before the mirror or to your friends and relatives. This will give you practical knowledge and understanding of the presence of mind and speaking skills of a person along with bringing self-confidence.

If you are having any questions and obstacles related to the IELTS exam and cue cards you can visit the website, IELTS Ninja. You will surely get amazing content related to it with professionals to guide you in every significant field and genre. If you want to study in your favourite countries you must be the one to strive to reach it with hard work.

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