Are you planning to make your way to the top? Or want to establish yourself as a leading & effective business entrepreneur? Then, pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration is all you need to do. 

Persevering for a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Europe or any other foreign country is still a dream for many scholars in India. With around 50 countries comprising the continent of Europe, it has established its reputation for some of the best yet the most prestigious universities in the world. 

With so many top universities in the world, why should one choose Europe for their degree abroad? 

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Reasons to Study MBA in Europe

There are many immeasurable reasons for one to fancy Europe over any other continent for pursuing a Master’s of Business Administration degree & these are:

  1. Europe is known for offering its students a world-class education system.
  2. European universities help them open new doors to some amazing opportunities.
  3. There are some attractive scholarship offers being provided by European Government.
  4. Scholars get a chance to learn from the top leading experts of the world.
  5. It helps them make valuable contacts that will help them get a good chance to prepare for a career in the global market.

But, if looked closely, what are some of the real-life privileges of studying for a postgraduate degree at a European business school? Don’t worry, we’ll help you out through this.

Is an MBA in Europe Worth It?

MBA is a two-year program that helps students in expanding their global networks – along with teaching them a lot of other things related to business & such opportunities.

But how is it worth doing it in Europe?

Let’s find out.

  •  Graduation in One Year? 

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. If you have decided to pursue a full-time post-graduation degree from Europe, you can complete it in one year; that otherwise would take you two long years to complete. 

  • Variety of Options to Choose From!

Europe provides its students with a large number of post-graduation courses as compared to the other American business schools.

Scholars are free to choose the kind of content they want to study & the specializations that they need to excel in.

  • Affordable Prices

Master’s of Business Administration at an affordable price? Yes, it is true. 

Although the tuition fees for MBA degrees are likely to increase slightly every year they are still affordable, if contrasted to the other American business schools of the world. 

Tuition fees at European business schools range from 9,800 to 35,600 EUR, which is the maximum price you’re required to pay for it. 

Now that we have learned some good reasons to pursue a Master’s of Administration degree, don’t you think it’s important to learn about some of the best MBA colleges & the programs being offered by them? 

So, let’s plunge in to grasp more about them.

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Best MBA Colleges & Good MBA Programs in Europe

For the year 2021, some of the best colleges that offer the best programs are:


INSEAD is ranked among the top 10 universities that provide their students with the second-highest-ranked program in the world.

It is a 10-month program that provides the students with the opportunity to complete 14 core courses & a choice from over 75 elective options; later providing them with an average salary of US$105,900.

  • HEC Paris 

HEC Paris is one such university that has continued to maintain its rank among the top 10 universities of the world. 

HEC graduates are likely to enjoy a staggering 152 percent salary increase post-MBA that empowers their students to earn an amount as high as US$128,206. 

The 15-month program offered by them helps the students in developing as well as improving their leadership potential; adapting them to be the next leading directors of the world. 

  • London Business School

London Business School is another of the top 10 business schools in the world that help provide its students with the best post-graduation program.

They present their pupils with some impressive employment stats; allowing 92% of the MBA graduates to earn salaries as high as US$106,837.

  • IE Business School

The IE Business School offers an 11-month International MBA memoranda to its learners from across the world; which leads this program to earn the top spot among the top 10 European nations. 

It features two distinct elements – Career Fitness and Behavioral Fitness. These two elements help one to get the job of their dreams along with enhancing their leadership skills; thus preparing them to be the next leaders of the ever-rising world. 

Now that we have learned about the various colleges for Master’s of Business Administration and the best programs being offered by them; don’t you think it’s time to know more about this program?

Then what’re you waiting for? Let’s find out.

One important question that might have risen in everyone’s mind by now is:

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Is IELTS Necessary for Doing an MBA in Europe?

Indeed, it is very important if you have decided to pursue your degree from Europe & join some of the best business schools in the world. 

All you’re required to do is to test your English-language skills, both writing as well as speaking, and if you’re good enough to get a score somewhere around six; you can easily get that dream college you’ve always wanted!

Now, you might be thinking what are the other requirements that one needs to fulfil for their entry in Europe?

Don’t worry, because, like always, we’re here to help you out through this.

The most possible doubts that come into a student’s mind are:

Is GMAT required for an MBA in Europe?

Generally, among some of the main admission requirements for an MBA in a European business school is the GMAT admission test scores of an individual. 

The GMAT score of an individual pretenses as a measure of their intelligence and the kind of talent these individuals possess to get into the top business schools. 

Lastly, one thing that bothers many students while they are planning to pursue their Master’s of Business Administration degree in Europe is:

Can an Engineer Apply for a Sports Management MBA in Europe?

Yes, any person can apply for a sports management MBA whether he/she is an engineer, IISM, or a Mumbai Allows student. The procedure for admissions to this has an entrance exam that decides whether or not the student is eligible for the management studies. 

Sports Management is one field that has a lot of potential and awards its students with several opportunities.

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Planning in the right direction is crucial to get your foot into that university you have always dreamt of! It is important for all those aspirants who want to either get a job or their desired colleges; and to rank well in the upcoming IELTS or GMAT exams.

Through this article, you might have learned everything about the different colleges that are best for MBA along with knowing much about some of the best courses offered by these universities. Reading this article helps one to structure their preparation well in terms of the college they desire and the various criteria that need to be fulfilled to get into these universities.

Hope you find this article informative enough. For more such other blogs, visit our website and if you have any doubts regarding the same, feel free to use the comment section below to let us know about it. 

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