What is the GRE Test? The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardised test that is required for admission to many graduate institutions in the United States and Canada, as well as a handful in other countries.

Who takes the GRE? Should You Take It?

The Graduate Record Exam is taken by students who plan on going abroad for their higher education. This exam is conducted by the educational testing service.

GRE Full Information

In this post, we will learn full information about the Graduate Record Exam and why this exam is important for those travelling abroad for higher education. We will also analyse in detail the pattern of questions asked and other important facts related to this test.

The Graduate Record Exam is administered by ETS. The full form of this test is the Graduate Record Exam. This exam tests you on three key skills, namely Verbal reasoning skills, Quantitative reasoning, Analytical writing skills. The overall tenure of this exam is 3 hours 45 minutes.

This exam is mostly taken by students who are keen on pursuing higher education abroad. The key factor to decide if you should attempt this exam is to check if your prospective University accepts a Graduate Record Exam score. The exam fee is 205$.

What is the Purpose of the GRE Exam?

Are you applying for a Master’s or PhD programme in the USA or Canada? The purpose of this exam is to apply for higher education in universities abroad. This test is accepted in countries like Canada, the USA, France and Germany. More than 180 countries conduct this test every year for prospective candidates. Since ETS releases the dates a year in advance, this gives the students ample time for preparation. One also has the liberty to make multiple attempts at this test. However, the important catch lies in the fact that one can only attempt this examination 5 times within 12 months!

The date of the examination could be selected over phone, email or online. Another important factor is that the GRE test scores have validity for 5 years. Unlike the TOEFL exam, which offers a score validity of two years, GRE comes with long term validity.

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What is a Good GRE Score?

Why is a good GRE score so important? The scores are generally important while making admission decisions. Since this is a standardised test, its only objective is to measure the student’s abilities and make it possible to compare students from different backgrounds. A good score, therefore, compensates for other failings in academic performance or research-based projects.

Supposedly you have a good score as well as have great academic scores, this will validate your achievements further. This exam tests you on basic skills like writing, quantitative and reasoning skills. So a candidate is being tested on basic skills which highlight one’s abilities and therefore make it easier to compare people across different backgrounds. Getting a good score, therefore, sets one apart from the rest.

What is the Pattern of the GRE Exam?

This exam consists of three important sections, namely:

#Verbal Reasoning

#Quantitative Reasoning

#Analytical Writing

Verbal Reasoning

In this part, each section has 20 questions timed 30 minutes each. So the total time allotted is one hour. The score ranges from 130-170. The Verbal Reasoning portion consists of questions from sentence equivalence, text completion, and reading comprehension.

Quantitative Reasoning

In this part, two subsections consist of 20 questions. The time allotted for this portion is 1 hour and 10 minutes. The score ranges from 130-170.

Analytical Writing

The analytical writing score is on a range of 0 to 6 with increments of 1/2 a point, therefore they offer you two writing projects to assess this score. The average score is about 3.5. Anything above 4 is considered an excellent score.

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GRE Preparation Online vs Offline

We’ve compiled a full information list of the advantages of online Graduate Record Exam classes versus classroom instruction to help you make an informed decision.

#Are you a student with a full-time job or a working professional with a hefty workload? How far should you have to go to get to the classroom? Preparing online allows you to save time that would otherwise be spent travelling. You may learn at any time and from any location.

# One instructor could not possibly meet everyone’s demands. Sure, if they dedicated three days to each issue, they might be able to verify that everyone is on the same page. However, you would be stifled. This, in our opinion, is one of the most significant disadvantages of classroom-based coaching. It is not adjusted or personalised to your particular strengths and limitations.

How to Apply for this Exam?

What is the GRE test? What is the purpose of the GRE? How to apply for this exam? We’ve compiled a  full information list.

#The first step is to register on the official ETS website.

#Choose the closest or finest centre with care. Make a note of the test date and time. Remember that you will need to spend 4 hours at the testing centre, so select wisely.

#Before you pay the application fee, you must fill out all of the necessary data shown with red asterisks on the form. During the application procedure, you may even purchase official test preparation materials.

#The exam price varies depending on where you take it, but you should budget between USD$200 and USD$240. This charge must be paid using approved payment methods.

Consistency is the Key to Success

Consistency is essential when it comes to exam preparation or any type of examination for that matter. Essentially, a minimum of two hours each day is necessary to stay on top of test preparation. Some students may need 4 weeks/ 1 month to achieve their required score target, while others may need 8 to 12 weeks, i.e. 60 to 90 days of dedicated preparation with a minimum of 2 hours each day.

If you have a lot of time on your hands, test-takers may easily devote 4 – 5 hours each day. The amount of time you want to devote to your preparation will be heavily influenced by your knowledge of the various sections of the exam as well as your time availability. If you are a working professional or a student still in college, you may spread out your exam preparation time even more.

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GRE Vs TOEFL? Which One is the Best for You?

The GRE and TOEFL/IELTS are tests accepted by schools all around the world to assess candidates’ intellectual ability. While the Graduate Record Examination is a comprehensive academic skill exam that assesses verbal and quantitative abilities, the TOEFL/IELTS assesses students’ command of the English language, including spoken, written, and listening/reading comprehension abilities.

Unlike the IELTS/TOEFL, the GRE is a longer all-encompassing test that incorporates mathematical abilities. The difficulty level and overall prep time necessary are both longer and more demanding.

What are the Benefits of Studying Abroad?

Studying abroad is a global phenomenon, with students crossing over to different countries in search of the best education. But what are the underlying factors that one takes into consideration whilst deciding where to study and what to?

#Studying abroad is not an easy decision and comes with a unique set of challenges. Going overseas for studies is all fun and experience.

#One of the best advantages that a student gets from studying abroad is to be a part of a new culture. This is an enriching experience for many.

#Receiving quality education is one of the foremost reasons why many students prefer studying abroad.

#Another benefit of going abroad is learning a new language. Learning a new language could be challenging as well as fun.

#Today employers increasingly value global education as well as experience. Therefore your foreign education will give you an edge over other candidates.


The GRE is a prerequisite for studying abroad, and it is most commonly used in the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Asian nations. Some German universities. In Europe and Australia, the test score is taken into account when accepting a student.

So what is the ideal GRE Score? What is the purpose of the GRE? Well, the answer to these questions is that a good test score ensures that you get admitted into your dream University. This could also help you to bag the desired scholarship. A 320+ score on the test, and a decent  8 CGPA along with projects or work experience could ensure that you get admitted to the top Universities. For those who aspire to get into an Ivy League University, the test score that could be expected is somewhere around 165-169 in verbal and quant.

If you want to study abroad, then start working with determination. You should start your preparations early. We have experienced mentors who would be happy to assist you with overseas education queries. Follow our articles to know more about our programmes.

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