Germany is known for its rich culture and robust economy and political structure. It is known for its world-famous infrastructure and technologically advanced generation. With beautiful landscapes and some of the most historic and interesting cities, Germany has a welcoming culture for Indians. Not just this, Germany is also known for its top-ranked universities and world-class education.

Many believe getting into these top-class universities without IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is not possible. Though the reality is, you can study in Germany without IELTS. Read the following article to know!

The most important question which the aspirants ask:

How to Study in Germany without IELTS?

If you face difficulties in appearing for IELTS then worry not, there are other ways as well to get into some of the top colleges and universities in Germany. The following are a few ways how you can study in Germany without IELTS.

Ways to Study in Germany without IELTS

  • If you hold a Bachelor’s degree, where English is the instructional language, you don’t need an English proficiency test certificate like IELTS.
  • If your previous program was based on English language instruction, then collect MOI (Medium of Instruction Certificate) from the academic institution from where you pursue your education program in English.
  • If English is your country’s native language, you are eligible to study in Germany without IELTS.
  • Suppose the primary discipline of your Bachelor’s degree completed was English, like for instance, BA in English Literature. In that case, you are eligible to appear for any program in German universities without any English proficiency tests.
  • Some universities in Germany also support a simple audio-video interview instead of asking for an English proficiency test proof.
  • Opt for a German language program but this requires a C1 to B1 level course certification in the German language.

The best practice to study in Germany without IELTS is finding the most appropriate institution that doesn’t ask for any proof of English proficiency like IELTS.

Germany Study Visa without IELTS

Applying for a German study visa does ask for proof for IELTS qualification. But if you can attach an MOI certification belonging to the English language instruction background of the university you were studying in, with a confirmation email, your study visa is possible without IELTS.

This confirmation email should explicitly state your request for training certification and the German institution’s approval for carrying out research. Send your MOI along with the confirmation letter from the German institution and all the other necessary documents to the visa authorities. But first, you need to qualify for a German student visa.

Procedure to Qualify for German Study Visa

Ascertain the nearest German consulate or embassy.

Go through the examination criteria and process.

Appoint for a visa.

Keep all your visa necessary documentation handy.

Prepare for your appointment with your passport.

When applying for a student visa for Germany, it is important to maintain a significant source of assets or funds if not gifted with an official scholarship. The German authorities check for the student’s fund availability and resource allocation ability before granting them the student visa.

Important Documents to Study in Germany without IELTS

While sending the documents to the respective authorities for study visa clearance without IELTS, keep the following documents updated and handy –

  • MOI (Medium of Instruction Certificate) in the English language, granted by your previous academic institution.
  • Confirmation letter by the German institution that certifies that the medium of instruction is verified and exempted from IELTS and TOEFL scores.
  • C1 to B1 level German language certification, if the option selected is for the German medium of instruction.
  • Application Proof of a Germany study visa.

Education Programs that do not Require IELTS

English and German are the two major types of education programs that do not require IELTS mandatorily in German universities. The German universities divide courses based on the medium of instruction. Therefore the courses falling in the medium of English and German languages do not ask for IELTS.

As German is a different language, there is no need to appear for the English proficiency tests. But for the English medium of instruction, the applicant should follow the above-mentioned points to find out “How to study in Germany without IELTS?” to appear without any English proficiency exam.

Best German Universities without IELTS

IELTS can sometimes become a limitation for candidates who do not belong from a native English speaking country and are aiming to study abroad. Though some colleges and universities in Germany also accept applicants without IELTS. Below are some of the best German colleges without IELTS requirements –

Kaiserslautern University

Siegen University

Berlin Free University

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Kiel University

Kassel University

Giessen University

Koblenz and Landau University

Flensburg University of Applied Sciences

Braunschweig University of Technology

Benefits of Studying in Germany

Education Plan that is Globally Recognized

German universities are power-packed with quality and exceptional educational programs considered worldwide. The modern facilities, tools, infrastructure, and technological base makes its curriculum more advanced and flexible. The education curriculums are streamlined as per global professional standards that are recognised worldwide.

Wide Platter of Courses

German universities offer diversified educational platforms, programs and curriculums for international students in the verticals of Applied science, Law, Mathematics, Medicine, Psychology, Architecture, Business, Computer Science, etc. Close to 150 universities in Germany offer educational courses entirely in the English language.

Highly-Ranked Universities

German universities are known to be some of the best worldwide. The standardised universities offer a broad exposure of industrial experience, training and education to the international students who can excel excessively in the practical generations. The universities are always up and active in offering opportunities to the students to help them grow within a safe, friendly and healthy environment.

Lower Tuition Fee  

Germany works on the vision of developing a skilled economy with a skilled workforce. They believe their young generation to be well-trained to uplift their infrastructure and culture as a whole. Thus, being the reason why German universities help students to get the highest quality education at the lowest of costs possible.

Aspirants looking to study for masters in Germany without IELTS can make the most of low tuition fees for higher studies. Academic programs for Masters in Germany are absolutely at no comparison when compared against Masters in other countries.

Final Words

Germany is indeed the most opted country by Indians when it comes to pursuing higher education abroad. With a rich and welcoming culture, Germany has always been one of the top priorities for aspirants in India. As there are many channels to get into universities in Germany, some aspirants might fail to fulfil their English proficiency exam requirements in IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Here is where questions arise on whether “Can I study in Germany without IELTS?

As answered in the above discussion, yes you can study in Germany without IELTS, following certain documents and Visa requirements.

But passing the IELTS exam can ensure there is no hindrance in your plan. IELTS Ninja provides guidance to aspirants from multiple trainers who support your study plan as per the customized preparation you need. We hope this blog answered your queries. Keep yourself posted with our regular blogs and newsletters for more information regarding IELTS and other related content.

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