The IELTS exam is a dream of many candidates as they want to go to the best universities in the world to make their future sparkling and magnificent.

The way to enter higher education is the IELTS exam. If you want to score maximum marks in this examination, you have to work hard during the preparation period. All the sections need to be taken into consideration.

The IELTS reading test is tough because you are given a definite time to read the complete passage and answer the given questions with prudence and wiseness.

This article is for your betterment as it will give you the ideas of answer writing along with the practice to read the passage within the given time. Here is a passage on the megafires of California. Let’s start learning.

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IELTS Preparation

The candidate’s level of the IELTS preparation is checked either by the self-assessments or by joining the test series, and mock tests. The candidates think that this exam can be cracked easily without putting in much effort. But, determination and hard work are required if you want to achieve something worthy in life. You can’t take your dreams lightly. The competition makes this exam tough and rigid in terms of the questions.

The preparation must be done adequately by managing the time for each section. This is said that learning is indispensable. You must reach out to perfection in the English language areas like reading, writing, speaking, or listening to get updated for sustenance in the English-speaking nation.

The Megafires of California Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 1

Drought, housing expansion, and oversupply of tinder make for bigger, hotter fires in the western United States

Wildfires are becoming an increasing menace in the western United States, with Southern California being the hardest-hit area. There’s a reason fire squads battling more frequent blazes in Southern California are having such difficulty containing the flames, despite better preparedness than ever and decades of experience fighting fires fanned by the ‘Santa Ana Winds’. The wildfires themselves, experts say, are generally hotter, faster, and spread more erratically than in the past.

The Megafires of California Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 2

Megafires, also called ‘siege fires’, are the increasingly frequent blazes that burn 500,000 acres or more – 10 times the size of the average forest fire of 20 years ago. Some recent wildfires are among the biggest ever in California in terms of acreage burned, according to state figures and news reports.

One explanation for the trend to more superhot fires is that the region, which usually has dry summers, has had significantly below normal precipitation in many recent years. Another reason, experts say, is related to the century-long policy of the US Forest Service to stop wildfires as quickly as possible.

The unintentional consequence has been to halt the natural eradication of the underbrush, now the primary fuel for megafires.

The Megafires of California Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 3

Three other factors contribute to the trend, they add. First is climate change, marked by a 1-degree Fahrenheit rise in average yearly temperature across the western states. Second is fire seasons that on average are 78 days longer than they were 20 years ago. The third is increased construction of homes in wooded areas.

‘We are increasingly building our homes in fire-prone ecosystems,’ says Dominik Kulakowski, adjunct professor of biology at Clark University Graduate School of Geography in Worcester, Massachusetts. ‘Doing that in many of the forests of the western US is like building homes on the side of an active volcano.’

The Megafires of California Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 4

In California, where population growth has averaged more than 600,000 a year for at least a decade, more residential housing is being built. ‘What once was open space is now residential homes providing fuel to make fires burn with greater intensity,’ says Terry McHale of the California Department of Forestry firefighters’ union. ‘With so much dryness, so many communities to catch fire, so many fronts to fight, it becomes an almost incredible job.’

That said, many experts give California high marks for making progress on preparedness in recent years, after some of the largest fires in state history scorched thousands of acres, burned thousands of homes, and killed numerous people. Stung in the past by criticism of bungling that allowed fires to spread when they might have been contained, personnel are meeting the peculiar challenges of the neighborhood – and canyon- hopping fires better than previously, observers say.

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The Megafires of California Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 5

State promises to provide more up-to-date engines, planes, and helicopters to fight fires have been fulfilled. Firefighters’ unions that in the past complained of dilapidated equipment, old fire engines, and insufficient blueprints for fire safety are now praising the state’s commitment, noting that funding for firefighting has increased, despite huge cuts in many other programs. “We are pleased that the current state administration has been very proactive in its support of us, and [has] come through with budgetary support of the infrastructure needs we have long sought,” says Mr. McHale of the firefighters’ union.

The Megafires of California Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 6

Besides providing money to upgrade the fire engines that must traverse the mammoth state and wind along serpentine canyon roads, the state has invested in better command-and-control facilities as well as in the strategies to run them. ‘In the fire sieges of earlier years, we found that other jurisdictions and states were willing to offer mutual-aid help, but we were not able to communicate adequately with them,’ says Kim Zagaris, chief of the state’s Office of Emergency Services Fire and Rescue Branch.

After a commission examined and revamped communications procedures, the statewide response ‘has become far more professional and responsive,’ he says. There is a sense among both government officials and residents that the speed, dedication, and coordination of firefighters from several states and jurisdictions are resulting in greater efficiency than in past ‘siege fire’ situations.

The Megafires of California Reading Answers: IELTS Reading Answers Part 7

In recent years, the Southern California region has improved building codes, evacuation procedures, and procurement of new technology. ‘I am extraordinarily impressed by the improvements we have witnessed,’ says Randy Jacobs, a Southern California- based lawyer who has had to evacuate both his home and business to escape wildfires. ‘Notwithstanding all the damage that will continue to be caused by wildfires, we will no longer suffer the loss of life endured in the past because of the fire prevention and firefighting measures that have been put in place,’ he says.

Questions Related to IELTS Reading Passage – The Megafires of California

Question Number 1

Following are a few statements given from the passage above. You have to check the answers from the passage and write them correctly.

#1. Population growth of California is ____________ a year.

Answer: 600,000.

#2. A reason for megafires in the century-long policy of the ____________ to stop wildfires as quickly as possible.

Answer: US Forest Service.

#3. ” I am extraordinarily impressed by the improvement we have witnessed”, said _____________

Answer: Randy Jacobs.

#4. Wildfires are becoming an increasing menace in ____________

Answer: Western United States.

#5. Increased construction of ____________ in the wooden areas have increased the megafires.

Answer: homes.

#6. Megafires are also called ____________

Answer: Siege Fires.

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Question Number 2

Look at the statements below and after reading them, write TRUE or FALSE in front of them.

TRUE – If the statement agrees with the information that is given above in the passage.

FALSE – If the statement disagrees with the information that is given above in the passage.

#1. Dominik Kulakowski is a student of biology at Clark University Graduate School of Geography in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Answer: FALSE.

#2. Southern California is the hardest-hit area of the wildfires.

Answer: TRUE.

#3. Firefighters’ unions complained of dilapidated equipment and old fire engines in the past.

Answer: TRUE.

#4. The three factors for megafires are climate change, fire seasons, and ozone layer depletion.

Answer: FALSE.

#5. In recent years, the southern California region has improved building codes, evacuation procedures, and procurement of new technology.

Answer: TRUE.

#6. Megafires are the increasingly frequent blazes that burn 500,000 acres.

Answer: TRUE.


The examination is a great opportunity for people who have dreams in their mind and hope in their eyes to study in the best university in the world. The English-speaking countries offer the benefits to the students that they can pursue their choice of course by taking the admission.

The procedure for admission is primarily decided by the scores in the IELTS exam. It is an exam that is valid for all English-speaking countries.

This exam tests your skills in the English language for making you perfect for the university as well as the organizations where you will get the opportunities to work. You will be privileged to get the best placements if you have the capabilities and proficiency in English.

Check Out the Tips for the IELTS Exam

There are many tips and strategies to obtain higher scores in the exam for ultimately clearing your way to the university of your choice and desire. The most prominent one is dedication. If you have the passion and desire to get admission to renowned universities and turn your future into a modern lifestyle, you will put your best in the preparation which will make you perfect and different from others. Look below to acknowledge the tips and techniques for the exam, and don’t avoid hard words, perseverance, and determination.

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#1. Listening Tips!

#1. The candidates must check the headphones. If they are not working, tell the examiners. You must use the time which is given for the preparation.

#2. Focus on the answers by listening attentively to the recording. Don’t waste time in understanding everything as the recording is played just once.

#3. Make the notes by listening properly to the recording and answer the questions within time.

#4. Before submitting the answers, check them twice to remove the grammar or spelling mistakes.

#5. The candidates must use capital letters for the answers.

#2. Reading Techniques!

#1. Read the given text thoroughly before starting to answer. Examination of graphs or diagrams is extremely important.

#2. Do not waste the time-solving questions that you don’t know. Keep moving to the next ones.

#3. Read the passage nicely with concentration, read the questions properly and then find the answers. Don’t hurry.

#4. Answer the questions precisely from the given passage, check the grammar and spelling errors. Revision or proofreading is a must before the submission.

#5. Use capital letters in the answers.

#3. Writing Strategies!

#1. Analyze the given topic and then start writing the answer with proper mental preparation.

#2. The aspirants must divide their time according to the questions. You must give 20 minutes for task 1, and 40 minutes for task 2 as it is lengthier and carries more marks.

#3. You must write 150 words for the first task and task 2 must have 250 words.

#4. Add conclusions, and avoid using the phrases or sentences two times. Don’t repeat.

#5. Write the answers precisely in the active voice. Don’t write long sentences or paragraphs.

#6. Proofread before the submission.

#4. Speaking Learnings!

#1. Have clarity in voice and words. Be fluent.

#2. Do not modify the answers. Listen to the question and try to answer in direct form.

#3. Wear confidence. You can ask the examiners to repeat the question, if not understood. Do not give false answers.

#4. Avoid long pauses. Focus on the sentence and phrase structure along with vocabulary and grammar.

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The above passage and the questions must have helped you in learning the answer writing ways for the IELTS reading answers.

You must know how to read and answer simultaneously for the exam. Many passages are present on the IELTS Ninja website along with the questions and answers for you to get aware of the type of passages and questions.

The experts will be there on the website to help you if you need any guidance or answer to the question popping up in your head. If you want to make your future bright and beautiful, the website is the best place to give you all the useful techniques for it. The universities will give admission to you based on the scores. You can get high marks by visiting the website.

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