The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a test of English proficiency conducted by IDP Education, British Council, and Cambridge Assessment English. Many aspirants ask, “Does IDP or British Council provide study material?” and “What material does the British Council send you for preparation?”

To answer your queries, Yes. The IDP and the British Council provide the study material of IELTS. Most of the foreign universities accept the IELTS score. You can refer to the British Council material to prepare for IELTS.


IELTS is an exam to check the students’ English proficiency who wants to study or work abroad. Most foreign universities consider the score of the IELTS. IDP, British Council, and Cambridge Assessment English are the three governing bodies of IELTS. Moreover, the IELTS score helps you get the best UG/PG course and visa for foreign countries.

The governing bodies conduct two types of IELTS:

  • IELTS Academic Test – It helps the aspirant get admission in a reputed foreign university.
  •  IELTS General Test. It is for foreign employment.

The IELTS score is valid for up to two years from the exam date.

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Study Material Offered by the British Council

The IELTS British Council provides study material as well as counselling to achieve a good IELTS score.

Online Preparation

  • IELTS Mock Tests – Through an online website, aspirants can take a mock test to know their weaknesses and strengths. They can set a few filters like time and types of questions to get insight into their IELTS preparation. You can find previous year’s papers and the most common problems in the mock test.
  • Mobile Application – The mobile apps help aspirants to prepare for IELTS from anywhere and anytime. It provides an overview of both the speaking and listening sections.
  • Online Course – The British council offers a six-week free online course for the preparation of IELTS. The aspirants go through each stage of the test and get advice from the experts.
  • Videos – You can watch videos on preparation tricks to prepare well. You can also find previous aspirants’ videos to know about their experience and techniques to clear IELTS.

Offline Material

Books and Study guides – The British council also offers books and study guides to prepare for the exam. Experts in the respective field specially curate all the study material. You can visit the nearby British Council to get the material.

IELTS Study Material By IDP

IDP offers both offline and online study material to prepare for IELTS.

Offline Material

Practice Test Books – IDP IELTS provides two volumes for the study material. Both the volumes cover all the four modules of the IELTS. Volume 1 and Volume 2, both have a CD to help you with the preparation. On volume 1, you can take the test for listening skills, and on volume 2, you can work on speaking skills.

IDP registered students can get their practice books from nearby IDP centres.

Online Material

  • Sample Test – The sample test has all the familiar test questions and test paper patterns. You can set time and practice problems to find out your speed of solving questions. It will help you to finish the IELTS exam within time.
  • Sample Test For Computer Based Exam – IDP offers tutorial videos and sample material to practice for computer-based IELTS exam. Aspirants get a chance to work on their speaking skills on facetime with experts.
  • IDP Online Course – Aspirants can take the 30 days free online class. You get a chance to take 25 hours of courses on the respective module like – reading, speaking, or listening. Also, you get feedback on your performance and get expert advice.
  • Master Class – The masterclass helps you to get the highest score in IELTS. It is a 90-minute workshop that allows you to crack the exam and score better.

Top Online Websites for IELTS Preparation

IELTS aspirants can also refer to the IELTS Ninja website for the preparation of IELTS. IELTS Ninja – IELTS Ninja provides one-on-one sessions with experts in the field who can help you in cracking IELTS and build a good command over your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. They customise their study plans to cater to the needs of each student. Mock tests are also conducted to help the aspirants brush up before their final attempt. They also provide thorough feedback which can help the students understand areas where they need to improve.

Other Websites that the students can check out are IELTS Liz, Global Exam, IELTS Buddy, IELTS Mentor, etc.

Top 5 Books for IELTS Preparation

If you don’t want more online material, you can refer to the best books during the preparation. All five books cover the syllabus and format of the IELTS exam. Moreover, some books have tricks to crack the exam and get a high score.

  • Barron’s IELTS Superpack
  • Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS
  • Simone Bravermane’s Target Band 7
  • IELTS Practice Test and CD Pack
  • 13 Academic Books of Cambridge IELTS


Studying abroad or working in foreign countries is a dream for many. By clearing IELTS, many aspirants get their dream university. The IELTS score also helps in getting your visa.

After reading this article, we hope that all your doubts about the study material offered by both IDP and the British Council are cleared. Stay tuned to our blogs to know more about exams and information related to them.

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