Aspiring candidates who understand the format of the test are definitely at an advantage. To answer your questions, How do I get British Council IELTS General Training preparation material? and What material does the British Council send you for preparation?

British council offers resource materials through the course – Road to IELTS for test-takers in various formats through an online medium. The resource deliveries are through videos, preparation books, seminars, workshops, and face-to-face courses.

What Material does British Council Send You for Preparation?

The Aspirants often have doubts like “Does IDP or British Council provide study material?” British council offers a preparation course, which helps in preparing for the test. The course material includes –

  • Online resource material that covers General Training and IELTS Academic data.
  • Sample videos of the past test takers for a better understanding of the topic.
  • Faculties videos teaching on do’s and don’ts for the exam.
  • E-Books and Practice papers that help in Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

Through this study material, you will get an –

  • Instant access to the feedback for tracking your progress.
  • Tricks, Tips, and pieces of advice to improve your future test performances.
  • Practice sets to exercise and improve your mistakes along with the correct answers.
  • Taking into consideration the current IELTS Scenario, they give tasks to build confidence in test-takers.

Does the IDP or British Council Provide Study Material?

Yes, they do provide study material to the test takers. They offer free practice tests and answers with timed practice sessions. Timed practice helps in developing your test technique.

By taking a timed test, they let you ascertain the test’s basic format, how you will perform under stress, and finally check your answers. Many books and materials are created by some of the world leaders in the English language helping in preparation. These books and materials are available at the IELTS British Council test centres and selected book stores. The study material includes CD-ROM and recorded transcripts for practical preparation.

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What does It Take to Clear IELTS?

One good thing here is if you are serious about the exam and searching for good quality study material then the study material you use for the preparation does affect final tests. You must go for many practice tests before going for the real one. British Council material is the best material, but there are alternatives too.

If you need to practice even more than what the British council provides, check out the Cambridge IELTS exam paper. It provides you with 28 extra general tests, 35 more passages, and 20+ more speaking practices. Even though we don’t recommend learning from every source you get online, practising more will get you through.

The Self-Study Programme for IELTS

The self-study programme by the British Council for the IDP IELTS comprises five sections.

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Academic Writing (Task 1)
  • Academic Writing (Task 2)
  • Speaking

These sections need a practice of two to three hours per day, for at least five days. The test-taker should focus on one skill per day. Then it all depends on the candidate to choose which way he wants to start with and which hours suit best for preparation.

The self-study material is available for both Academic and General Training in IELTS.

Advice for the Candidate to Prepare Well

  • Set a sensible goal for each day which you can achieve and not exaggerate it.
  • Keep small targets rather than setting unrealistic ones.
  • Focus on the weak points that you need more development.
  • Keep listening and enjoying outside the program too, like watching talk shows, English movies, speaking or reading, etc.

The Computer Delivered Programme for IELTS

In a computer-delivered test for IELTS, you get access to the same set of tests, Reading, Listening and Writing (Both academic and general). The benefit of this type of test is the results are instant. All you need to do is to enter the website link and attend the test as per your convenience.

It is to get you familiarised with the test format and what to expect from the Listening, Writing, and Reading sections. They give six different types of examples and all you need to do is to click on the links and follow the respective instructions. You can find the answers at the bottom of the page.

The questions are:

  • Many choices
  • Single answer
  • More than one answer
  • Matching the answers
  • Labelling the map
  • Fill in the gaps with long and short answers.

British Council does produce preparation material for taking IELTS successfully. They offer study material for both online and offline, through recorded videos on CD-ROM.

Preparing for an exam like IELTS requires you to have a great command of your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. We at IELTS Ninja, provide one-on-one sessions with live mentors to help you utilize your true potential. Fluency can be developed through an interactive environment and that is what is required to crack IELTS and IELTS Ninja can help you to achieve the same. Stay tuned for more related information.

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