Are you wondering how many questions are on the GRE exam? You are not alone, thousands of candidates are confused about the GRE exam pattern. There are two types of GRE paper, General test and Subject-based test.

In this article, they will discuss the GRE exam pattern and try to answer every question about the GRE Question. Moreover, we will decode the GRE question paper in the simplest terms possible.

Sounds interesting? Then stay with us till the end.

GRE- Introduction

GRE stands for Graduate Record Exam. It is a standardized exam for admission in global universities, schools and educational institutions.

Every year millions of students from 160 countries give their exams. Each University has its own cutoff of GRE for admission. With a good score, you can get admission to the top university in the World.

Types of GRE

GRE is conducted online as well as offline.

# Paper based

# Computer based

GRE- Exam Pattern

The GRE question paper can be divided into the following sections: Analytical reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Analysis.

You can see the full syllabus of the GRE general test from here: Syllabus of GRE.

Modes of GRE

General Test: Online paper/ Offline paper

GRE Subject-based: Offline paper.

Paper-based Test

The paper-based exam has three sections. These sections get divided into two subsections for each.

You will have one hour to complete two sections of analytical writing and 70 minutes for verbal reasoning and 80 minutes for quantitative analysis.

# Analytical Reasoning

2 sections- each has 2 tasks (4 tasks)

Time allotted: 1 hour

# Verbal Reasoning

2 sections- 25 each (50 questions)

Time allotted: 70 minutes

# Quantitative Reasoning

2 sections- 25 each (50 questions)

Time allotted: 80 minutes

Computer-based Test

In the computer-shortest, you will be given three sections and two subsections for each.

Analytical writing will contain two tasks in 60 minutes while verbal reasoning and quantities reasoning will only contain 40 questions in 60-70 minutes respectively.

# Analytical Reasoning

2 sections- each has 2 tasks (4 tasks)

Time allotted: 1 hour

# Verbal Reasoning

2 sections- 25 each (50 questions)

Time allotted: 70 minutes

# Quantitative Reasoning

2 sections- 25 each (50 questions)

Time allotted: 80 minutes

There will be a special section in the computer-based exam. This is a researched or inspired section. You cannot identify them. They come after the analytical writing section.

Though these marks are not added to your final scoresheet.

GRE At-home Option

During COVID 19 there is one more facility for students to give their GRE. This is an at-home option.

This exam will be conducted in every country except for China and Iran. An online proctor will monitor the exam. It will be similar to the centre test.

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Difference between Computer and Paper-based Test

Time Allotted

Computer-based: Total time allotted for the computer-based exam is 3 hours 45 minutes.

Paper-based: Total time allotted for the computer-based exam is 3 hours 30 minutes.

How many Questions are on the GRE Exam?

Computer-based: The total no. of questions is 82.

Paper-based: The total no. of questions is 102.

Extra Section

There is an extra section in the computer-based GRE general test. This is a research and logic-based question.

Analytical Writing

In a computer-based paper, Analytical Writing only has one section with two tasks. On the other hand, a paper-based exam has two sections with two tasks.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal Reasoning has 2 sections with 20 questions each in the computer-based paper. While in the paper-based exam it has 2 sections with 25 questions each.

Moreover, the time allotted for the paper-based exam is 70 minutes and for computer-based, it has 60 minutes.

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis has 2 sections with 20 questions each in the computer-based paper. While in the paper-based exam it has 2 sections with 25 questions each.

Moreover, the time allotted for the paper-based exam is 80 minutes and for computer-based, it is 70 minutes.

Time of Conduction

Paper-based exams are conducted throughout the day. While the computer-based exam is conducted only thrice a year.

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GRE Sections

There are three sections of the GRE general test: Analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative analysis.

Analytical Writing

The analytical writing section contains two types of tasks. First, analyze an issue task, and analyze an argument task.

#1 Analyze an Issue Task

In this type of question, the examiner will give you a topic. You have to think critically about the topic and then express your opinion. Then you will have to answer specific types of questions given by the examiners.

#2 Analyze an Argument Task

In this section, you will be given a passage where the author tries to interpret events. Candidates will have to discuss the rationality of authors based on given instructions.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal reasoning questions appear in different formats. This contains three sections: Reading comprehension, Sentence Equivalence and Text computation.

#1. Reading Comprehension

In this section there are has three types of questions:

# Traditional multiple choice

# Multiple choice where you have to choose all the correct answers

# Selecting passage questions where you have to select a sentence, which means the specific description of the passage.

#2. Sentence Equivalence

Sentence equivalence consists of a single sentence, one blank, and six answer choices.

#3. Text Computation

In this type of portion, there will be one to five sentences with one to three blanks, three answers per choice question.

Quantitative Reasoning

GRE quantitative reasoning will contain four types of questions:

# Quantitative comparison question

# Multiple choice question here you have to select one answer multiple-choice questions

# Mcqs here you have to select more than one answer choice.

# Numeric Entry questions.

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GRE Subject-based Question

The GRE Subject Test is delivered in paper-based format. The total time allotted for this paper is two hours and 15 minutes.

These exams do not have separate times.

Different Subjects

There are six subjects for which GRE subject is biology, literature, English, physics, chemistry, mathematics, and psychology,

#1. Biology

There are approximately 180 questions. Three major fields included in this test are organismal biology, cellular and molecular biology, ecology and evolution

#2. Chemistry

In chemistry, there are 130 multiple-choice questions. There are four fields that are covered in this test: Analytical Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry. Physical Chemistry.

#3. Literature in English

There are 230 questions in English literature of English which covers drama, biography, short story, Critics literature theory, and history of languages etc.

These tests may be divided into two groups, analytical and factual.

The analytical question will test the ability of candidates to read literally text perceptively and factual questions require the text candidate to require features to identify features of literary moments.

#4. Mathematics

There are approximately 62 multiple-choice questions. Different fields included in this subject is calculus, and its application which covers 50% of the questions, linear algebra 25%,  abstract algebra, elementary algebra, and number theory, and many more.

#5. Physics

There are 105 multiple-choice questions. This test tries to assess The ability of students to solve problems based on fundamental principles.

#6. Psychology Tests

There are approximately 205 multiple-choice questions.

Does the GRE Repeats Questions?

Yes, GRE repeats many questions. You should try to solve as many GRE previous year question papers as you can to analyse the pattern. This will help to recognize questions that are repeated.

You can also solve the GRE sample paper to get used to the pattern.


# Paper based Paper

Total questions: 102

Time allotted: 3 hours 45 minutes.

How many quant questions are in the GRE general test?

50 questions

# Computer based Paper

Total questions: 82

Time allotted: 3 hours 30 minutes.


GRE is conducted throughout the year and hence you can take the exam any time. You can give either online, offline, and at-home exams.

You should decide when to take exams based on your University requirement. But generally, it’s best to get enrolled as soon as possible.

Moreover, ETS gives you the option of either rejecting or accepting a GRE score. If you accept the score, it will be sent to your selected University.

Therefore decide whether you want to accept it or not.

Moreover, to get admission to a foreign university you need to take English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, or other similar tests.

No worries, you can prepare for them using our website IELTS Ninja. It is the best website for the preparation of English proficiency tests.

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