Georgian College in Canada was established during the foundation of the College System of Ontario in 1967. The Canadian Association for Co-operative Education (CAFCE) has accredited twelve of the university’s co-operative education programs.

The health programs of the university have been given a recognizable status of a high level. For example, programs in veterinary assistantship and technicians are given a recognizable status by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Also, a certificate of good animal practices (GAP) was presented to the college by the Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC).

Let’s glance at the college; then we will talk about the Georgian college IELTS requirement.

Georgian College Canada Campus

Georgian College has seven campuses in Barrie (Arch and Helen Brown Design and Digital Arts Centre at downtown Barrie), Midland, Muskoka (Bracebridge), Orangeville, Orillia, Owen Sound, and South Georgian Bay (Collingwood).

One of the main campus buildings includes a Georgian Store, houses the Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Center (HBEC), Indigenous Resource Center, a library, student housing, an Advanced Technology Center, a theatre, sports facilities, study lounges, video conferencing classrooms, and a café.

A range of facilities is available at the Midland campus, including classrooms, labs, a cafeteria, an Indigenous Resources Centre, a library, and the Recreational Boating Centre of Excellence. There is a large carpentry shop, learning spaces, a paint and finishing room, a nursing simulation lab, computer labs, and multimedia classrooms on the Muskoka campus. Furthermore, there are academic and administrative buildings on the Orangeville campus.

Besides the college services, Orillia and Owen Sound offer residences for students.

Georgian College Canada Rankings

Georgian College is one of Canada’s most distinguished colleges of applied arts and technology. Students can choose from a wide range of vocational and skills-based programs.

georgian college ielts band

#. In the International Student Barometer (ISB) survey, Georgian College received the highest score among Ontario colleges. The ISB survey is the largest and most comprehensive survey of international students in the world. This survey ranked the college as 1st in Ontario and 2nd in the country.

#. According to Webometrics, the college is ranked 1594 in the continental ranking, 6895 in the world ranking, and 92 in the country ranking.

Georgian College Canada Courses and Programs

Following is the main course list of the college:

#1. Associations and Professional Development

#2. Automotive Business

#3. Business

#4. Community, Human and Social Services

#5. Computers and Information Technology

#6. Creative and Visual Arts

#7. Environmental, Trades and Technology

#8. General Arts and Science

#9. Health and Wellness

#10. Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

#11. Languages and Specialized Communication

#12. Photography

#13. Public Safety and Emergency Services

#14. Teaching and Training Adults

#15. Web Design and Digital Arts

Georgian College Canada Courses and ProgramsSeveral courses are offered as part-time, full-time, and preparation programs at Georgian College. Both English and a bilingual language are used in the teaching of the courses.

#. The Full-time program comprises apprenticeships, degrees and graduate certificates.

#. The part-time program comprises Corporate training, Life and Leisure courses and Professional Development courses.

#. The preparation program comprises Academic and career preparation and English Language Studies.

Some Top Courses at Georgian College Canada

#1. B.Sc Computer Science

#2. B.B.A. Management and Leadership

#3. Bachelors in Interior Design

#4. Bachelor of Science in Nursing

#5. Diploma in Business – Accounting

#6. Diploma Business – Entrepreneurship

#7. Diploma Business – Marketing

#8. Advanced Diploma Business Administration

#9. B.B.A Automotive Management

#10. Diploma in Architectural Technician

#11. Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology

#12. Diploma in Automotive Business

#13. Advanced Diploma Aviation Management

#14. Diploma in Biotechnology – Health

#15. Diploma in Business

Also, the college offers degree-diploma joint programs, which are offered with Lakehead University. There are 26 students on average in a class. College co-op programs provide students with hands-on experience in skill-enhancing courses, and this is one of its best features.

Through collaboration with industry, the college can provide this training to its students and enables them to be absorbed by the industry. Additionally, the university offers online and on-campus study options.

Georgian College Canada Alumni

Georgian College Canada AlumniOver 85,000 alumni members are involved in the university’s promotion worldwide, keeping in touch with one another and working to promote it. Besides contributing to need-based scholarship programs, alumni members work together to help the students as well.

All programs and events, such as reunions, seminars, and live sessions to inspire the students through their success stories and help them in their future endeavours, are put together by the alumni to help them reconnect with the Georgians.

Furthermore, they offer discounts on insurance, credit cards, and need-based scholarships, among other services.

Georgian College IELTS Requirement

Generally speaking, Georgian College is regarded as a moderately selective institution, with an acceptance rate of about 60 percent and three yearly intake points. Most programs require students to hold a high school diploma or equivalent upon enrollment.

Additional prerequisites may be required in the form of an essay or portfolio. Application is considered on an individual basis, and there are many alternative pathways to enrollment.

The English language proficiency of international applicants must be demonstrated. On the college’s English Language Proficiency Requirements page, you can find several accepted criteria. One of the well-known criteria is the IELTS exams.

Georgian College IELTS Band Requirement

#. The minimum band score for a degree and graduate certificate is 6.5.

#. The minimum band score for a diploma/certificate is 6.0.

Other Requirements to Apply for Georgian College Canada

#. Transcripts and previous academic records in English that have been certified or notarized. In their academics, the applicants need a minimum of 65%. The applicant may submit the online application along with the Nonrefundable application fee.

#. The standard method for proving that a person is proficient in the English language is by taking standardized exams such as the IELTS exam and the TOEFL test. You can also take a French proficiency test.

#. Financial documents that show that the fees will be covered. Scotia or ICICI bank must be the account holder of a GIC containing 10,000 CAD as mandated by SDS.

#. Purpose statement

#. Pages of an ID copy of a passport

#. It is important for applicants to carefully read the requirements of the chosen courses before starting their application process.

Note: The application materials must be submitted online, and potential students are advised to educate themselves about any important dates and deadlines before applying.

Why should Students pursue their Studies in Georgian College Canada?

Partnership with Industry Experts

As Georgian’s courses are designed in close collaboration with industry and community partners, the curriculum, work placements, and co-op experiences are relevant and cutting-edge.

Scholarships and Awards for Students

More than 900 awards and scholarships are given to students annually, with a combined value of more than $700,000.

Centre for University Partnerships

Academic upgrading, professional development programs, certification and diplomas are offered, undergraduate and graduate university degrees, college degrees, and academic credentials through a unique University Partnership Center.


Lastly, Georgian College was founded to inspire innovation, transform lives, and connect communities by harnessing the power of education.

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