The IELTS exam prepares the students to be more confident, wise, intellectual, developed, and perfect. If you want to become the best candidate for this exam to touch the skies of your desires, you need to go through this article. You will get the cue card answers for the topic: describe a radio program.

Well, we all have listened to a radio program at least once in our lives. Many of us have listened to many programs broadcast on the radio. This topic requires a brief discussion over any particular radio program that you have heard and felt nice about it.

Let’s get an idea to describe a radio program IELTS. This becomes quite challenging to decide the best answer to give before the examiners. If you want to be precise and perfect, go through both samples to describe a radio program cue card.

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IELTS Preparation

Preparation is meant to practice. The more you practice, the more prepared you get. If you never quit and prepare continuously for the exam, you will surely succeed in achieving your target. It is about never quitting and being confident about your goals. Preparation is required in all four sections of the test: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This article talks about the IELTS speaking section.

The examiners ask you various familiar questions. You must be perfect to answer the cue card topics fluently and confidently. So, you must write down the ideas coming to your head while reading the topics or make a list of things that you want to include in your answer after reading this article. This article is to describe a radio program cue card. Let’s get set!

Significant Points to Speak while Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

Speaking is the most important and magnificent part of everyone’s life. Well, it has to be because you get valued, judged, and approached according to your words and sentences. You must be perfectly great in communication to make your mark in the mind of others. The points given below are essential to answer to describe a radio program IELTS.

Let’s get all of these questions to include in our answers and impress the examiners. It will give you the sense to represent your answer precisely and excellently. Have a look at the below-written questions.

#. What was it about?

#. When and where did you listen to it?

#. How was it presented?

Describe a Radio Program: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample One


In this era, most people are attracted to web activities along with television. Radio is a situationally used in the country. Radio is often used while travelling and stepping out of the house to work or to do shopping etc.

However, I like to listen to radio programs. I like to explore people, culture, and thoughts along with gathering information. The radio programs give me interesting facts about different people and societies.

A radio program that I would like to discuss today was listened to by me recently while I was going to my office. I will talk about it today.

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What was it About?

The radio program that I heard recently was about health. Everyone knows about the tough COVID scenario. I was working during the era and, therefore, while visiting my office to work, I heard the radio program named “Health is Wealth”.

It was hosted by a knowledgeable and experienced doctor. He was talking about the challenges thrown by the virus and precautions to be taken to be healthy, safe, and well. The program was extremely interactive and informative. I listened to it till I visited my office and grabbed all the important details.

When and Where Did You Listen to it?

I listened to the show in the car while going to the office. All the COVID guidelines were given in the program along with major difficulties arriving in the people due to the deadly virus. The program went to a great length in explaining, among many other things, how we have become so much health-conscious and yet we never care to do the most simple things that can help us live a very healthy and happy life for a rather long period.

How Was it Presented?

It was presented tremendously well. Many people joined the show and augmented with the doctor. The doctor was so experienced and polite that he satisfied everyone with his answers. I liked the show and fetched maximum information to be safe and healthy during this tough situation.

In my opinion, the concept of the program and the presentation of this program were very handy and interesting. We must listen to such programs to be updated and informed.

Describe a Radio Program: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample Two


Everyone agrees that the world has become a faster, busy, and movable era. Everyone has their circumstances to deal with. Radio programs are watched quite rare in today’s scenario. However, I have a memory related to a radio program that I will discuss today.

The radio programs have a nice mood-changing quality. It gives us information and entertainment at the same time. Moreover, we can listen to the whole show with interest and charisma. I will talk about the radio program that I listened to a few days ago. It will let me recall about it too.

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What was it About?

I believe that nobody has time to relax or to think about their own. This is an era of business and stress. I also have not got time to relax for a longer time. However, a couple of months ago, I heard about a radio program that I found interesting to listen to. I heard about the program from my friend which is telecast-ed on the radio station.

I liked the way my friend explained it to me. He said to me that this program is about routine facts like they discuss a general topic related to the common human being’s life and also play songs in between the program. I am a huge lover of music and such activities, so I decided to listen to it. The program is named ‘Shaam Suhani’ and is telecast on ‘Dhol radio’ from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m., daily.

When and Where Did You Listen to it?

My friend suggested this program to me but when I started to listen to it, I quite liked it and the show became my favourite one. I listened to the program on the radio about a couple of months ago. I hear it daily as they talk about the daily issues and people call them to ask their questions to the experts.

Fortunately, I also got connected to the expert once. I liked the conversation a lot. I am addicted to the program now and listen to it daily. The program was liked by my family members too.

How was it Presented?

I was presented extremely interactively and nicely. The experts have a great audience reach and communication techniques. Therefore, I would like to conclude that after starting to listen to this program, I realized that it is not hard to find time for yourself until you don’t have the right and satisfying thing to do.

Furthermore, the program makes me feel refreshed after a hectic work schedule and makes me enthusiastic to do some other work. I should add, it also increases my knowledge and I enjoy it a lot. I am and will always be thankful to my friend who told me about this.

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Let’s Learn about the Follow-up IELTS Cue Card Questions and Answers!

#1. Do You Like a Radio Programme?

Answer: Yes, I like a radio program. I am interested in the study of media. So, I like every form of media. Although I don’t find time to listen to the radio program regularly, whenever I have spare time, I like to listen to it. Moreover, whenever I step out of the house by car to work or do shopping, I love to listen to the musical programs broadcast on the radio.

I believe radio programs are good to hear and an excellent mode of entertainment and information. People should listen to the radio more often.

#2. Young People Like to Listen to the Radio?

Answer: Well, I think that young people are more attracted to the web and electronic media. Most of the young people are attached to their mobile phones and television. However, many young people like to listen to the radio while travelling.

In my opinion, nowadays, folks prefer to watch TV, watch videos and listen to music on their mobile phones. I believe that people do not like to listen to the radio because they also watch videos of things they listen to. It is a fact that radio programs are listened to by people while travelling or sometimes on the mobile phone.

#3. Have You Ever Given Radio as a Gift to Someone?

Answer: No, I have never given a radio as a gift to someone. This is because, in the modern scenario, most people like to receive expensive gifts as well as, people like photo frames, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets.

Moreover, in this era, everyone has a radio in their mobile phones and automobiles. So, I never felt an urge to give it to someone.

#4. What are Your Thoughts about Radio?

Answer: I believe that radio is a great source of education, information, and entertainment. The youngsters are more connected to the radio songs while travelling or at night. Radio has changed the lives of people by being an audio source to relax people’s minds and souls.

The best part about the radio is its frequency. I tend to gather all the updates and information about my region while travelling within a few minutes. This is why I think that people, including me, have good thoughts about radio.

#5. In Your Country, Do People Like to Listen to the Radio or Watch TV?

Answer: Yes, people in my country like to listen to radio programs along with television. It is a great source of education, information, updates, and entertainment. In India, every generation has different likes, dislikes, and perceptions.

In my opinion, older people like to listen to the radio while the younger generation is more attracted to television. While sitting in a car or while travelling, I believe that everyone likes to listen to the radio.

Moreover, while sitting and relaxing at home, people prefer television to watch and inform or entertain themselves. Both of these forms of electronic media are used in my country.

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