Every year thousands of candidates register for the IELTS Exam to visit the UK, Canada, and various other foreign countries. In fact, the rate has almost doubled or tripled in the last few years. The reason for this has been the lifestyle choices, university admissions, favourable weather conditions, and work permits.

A minimum IELTS score is necessary to get access to these foreign countries based on their respective criteria. It is used to check the English proficiency of candidates. The steps to register for IELTS British Council are quite simple to follow.

Before discussing how to apply for the IELTS exam through the British council? Let us see the IELTS Exam and its pattern and some tips to crack the IELTS Exam.

What is the IELTS Exam?

The IELTS exam is a language exam for Indian students to take admission in foreign Universities and for Visa purposes. There are no specific eligibility criteria for appearing for the exam.

Anyone of or above the age of 16 who wishes to go to some foreign country has to appear for the exam. It is conducted many times during the year. The candidate can appear as many times as he/she wishes to until he/she achieves the dream score.

IELTS Exam Pattern

The IELTS Exam has 4 parts, namely Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading. These sections are further divided into more sub-categories.

Listening Section

This section consists of 40 questions and has to be completed in 30 minutes. It is further sub-divided into 4 sections, each consisting of a recording.

Writing Section

The IELTS writing exam consists of two tasks. The first is a report writing section of 150 words. For the second task, the candidate is expected to write an essay on a topic for 250 words. The candidate gets 60 minutes to complete their tasks.

Speaking Section

The speaking exam consists of three sections. The first part consists of Introduction, where the examiner introduces himself and asks the candidate to introduce themselves.

It is followed by a cue card where the candidate has to speak on a topic for 2 minutes. It is a one-way session.

This is followed by the third part, which consists of follow-up questions. It is a two-way session carried over for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Reading Section

The reading section consists of 40 questions, divided into 3 sections. Candidates get 60 minutes to attempt all questions.

Steps to Apply for IELTS British Council.

There are basically two methods to register for the IELTS Exam British Council, Online and In-Person methods. The online method is easier, quicker, and feasible. Discussed below are the steps involved in the online procedure.

  1. To apply for IELTS British Council, first of all, visit the website https://ieltsregistration.britishcouncil.org/
  2. Here you will find the Register for Test Option. Click on it.
  3.  Select your preferred Test type and city of the test. You also need to select the slot in which you wish to attempt the exam based on availability.
  4. The candidate then needs to enter his/her personal details. It includes DOB, address, ID documents for verification, mobile number, and much more.
  5. This is followed by a dialogue box that will ask for registration details.
  6. Next, you need to upload your passport copy. You will be asked to select the colleges to which you wish to send your scorecard.
  7. You will be directed to review your details, followed by a payment dialogue box.
  8. After paying the fees, the candidate could take a print of his/her receipt.

The In-Person method involves the candidate being present at the office of the British Council. He/She needs to fill the application form and pay the fees through the medium available. Thereafter, he/she will receive the confirmation of reservation instantaneously.

Tips to Improve IELTS Online Preparation

To prepare for IELTS Online and score well, there are a few tips that could help. By following these tips accurately, you can see an improvement in your results soon.

Learn to Focus for Longer Periods

It is well-known that IELTS is an exam to check your language proficiency. It also takes a good amount of focus and multitasking skills to score well. The candidate is expected to listen to 4 different recordings. At this time, he/she should be focused, to catch the answers to questions in front of him as the recording plays.

During the reading phase, the focus determines how quickly and accurately you will find the answer. A lot of candidates struggle here and run out of time. It is due to a lack of sufficient focus. Of course, language skills matter as well.

Include English in Your Daily Routine

This point is essential for the preparation of IELTS. In order to get used to native speaking and listening, it is necessary to converse, listen, and read the English language actively every day.

For this purpose, the candidate may use English movies, Books, Practice videos or essays, and a lot more. Reading online blogs and NEWS in English could also be practised. It will also enhance your knowledge of a diverse range of topics.

Use the Correct Grammar

An important part of any language is its grammar. Alongside the lexicon, it is important to use the correct set of grammatical structures. The tasks assigned to the candidates are checked for correctly used conjunctions, adverbs, and a lot more.

Further, coherence and pronunciation are some important parts that need lots of practice. An accurate grammar could be a great asset to boost your IELTS score.

Practice Practice Practice!

The best way to get better at anything is to repeat the task until you master it. Remember, Mistakes are lessons required to move forward in any task. When you practice, you start getting better at understanding the mechanics of the language.

It also helps you to get comfortable. For IELTS Practice, there are lots of common topics such as Travel, Education, Sports, and many more that the candidate could practice.


Appearing for the IELTS exam is necessary to get admitted to a foreign university or for work purposes. Every university has different criteria for admission. For good online preparation of IELTS, get yourself well-versed in the English language.

Practice the same by reading articles, writing on topics, and listening to native English speakers. For the speaking section, you could practice with someone familiar with English. These tips could help you to score well. Improving your focus is also necessary to score well in the tasks.

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