Ever heard your gym instructor or your dietician use words that have acted like a tangent and gone over your head?

It would be so much easier if you knew the words that are often used when it comes to fitness related activities. You can confidently hold conversations with your gym buddies, your trainer or other fitness enthusiasts.

We have compiled a list of 10 commonly used fitness terms so that you can meet your body-related fitness goals faster than ever. The next time you have to sit for an IELTS exam or carry out an IELTS exam preparation, be armed with these context-specific words that will enrich your lexical resources.

It’s time to stop being a rookie!

WARM UPS : Stretches done prior to you begin working out. These need to be done for at least 15-20 minutes so as to prepare the muscles for training and avert the risk of injuries.

Eg- I forgot to warm up before my session today and so, I have a cramp in my leg.

WATER INTAKE: The amount of water or fluid that you should be drinking. It depends on your body size, age and other conditions.

Eg – The doctor advised me to increase my water intake to prevent constipation.

COOL DOWN : Once you’re done with your workout, you need to calm your body down. This allows you to relax and ease tension from the muscles that have been put to use.

Eg- The trainer asked the boy to cool down for 5 minutes before going home.

ADRENALINE : A hormone that regulates stress by providing the body with energy to deal with it.

Eg- Harsha feels her adrenaline kick in right before the football match.

CORE: The muscle group that comprises the abdominals, lower back, obliques and the hips.

Eg- Core strength is necessary to maintain overall fitness.

ENDORPHINS: Hormones manufactured by our bodies that contribute to natural feelings of well being and positivity. Exercise helps release endorphins in the body.

Eg- A good workout always gives me the endorphins that I need to feel focussed.

REPETITION: The number of times a particular exercise needs to be repeated within a particular set that’s allotted by the trainer.

Eg- Yugal needs to do three repetitions of his bicep exercise.

RECOVERY : Time taken to recover after a period of workout. This is important before attempting the next exercise so that the body does not suffer an injury.

Eg- Farid does not take his recovery seriously and is prone to suffering from muscle injuries.

WELLNESS : As the very term suggests, wellness refers to a lifestyle that you dedicate towards overall wellbeing. It takes into account diet, mental health, exercise and rest.

Eg- The wellness industry is booming with every quarter.

AEROBICS : Exercise that is performed to strengthen the heart and the lung muscles.

Eg- Aerobics is vital to maintaining a healthy heart in one’s later years.

Keep yourself in shape with these words and try hitting a fitness studio as  regularly as you can!

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