There are two types of reading tests in the IELTS exam, the Academic Reading test and the General Training (GT) Reading test. Both the exams are similar, so far as the marking scheme is concerned.

However, these tests highly differ in the difficulty level of the language and the passages. There are three large texts in the Academic Test and a combination of large and small texts in the GT Reading Test. This makes the Academic Test a bit more difficult than the GT Reading Test.

The General Training Reading Test is one of the most important sections in IELTS exams. The design of this exam is for testing the reading skills of the IELTS aspirant.

So, let’s look into the passage from a previous year GT reading test paper of the IELTS exam, “Is Your Child at School Today?”

Sample Passage of IELTS Exam for GT Reading Test- Is Your Child at School Today?

Acquiring an outstanding full-time education will possibly offer your kid the best start in their lives. Children will undoubtedly make most of the possibilities obtainable for them if they attend their school every day and on time. According to the law concerning attendance, parents should check if their ward attends their registered school regularly.

How Can You Help Your Kid in Attending School Regularly?

# Ensure that your kid is punctual when it comes to attending their school. This will enhance your child’s time management skills and avoid any sort of disturbance in the classroom. Your child will be marked under ‘Unauthorised’ absence if someday your child arrives late at their school or if the register closes before their arrival. Without a valid reason, your ward will not receive attendance for that particular class.

# If you have an idea of your child’s absence from the school, inform the school before taking a leave. In inevitable circumstances, you can inform the school attendance committee. Adhere to the rules and regulations provided by their registered schools regarding attendance while informing the absence of your ward.

# If you recognise or believe that your kid is having problems attending their respective school, you must communicate the same to the school. If you do so, issues can be handled quickly as well as efficiently.

Absence: Authorized and Unauthorized

# If your child is absent and the school does not get an explanation from you or deems your answer inadequate, the absence will be recorded as “unauthorised,” or truancy.

# The reasons such as “sickness, unavoidable medical appointments, interviews, unexpected family circumstances, and religious observance” are deemed acceptable by school authorities.

# However, reasons such as “shopping, trips, unplanned holidays, birthdays, and babysitting” are unreasonable for the authorities. Thus, your kid’s holiday won’t be acceptable.

IELTS Reading Passage Questions 1 – 4

Concerning the given paragraph, state whether the following statements are “true” or “false” or if “not given” in the passage:

#1 Kids must attend their registered schools regularly.

#2 If someday your child arrives late at their school, it will be considered an ‘Unauthorised’ absence.

#3 You need to send a letter to the school if your ward is absent for some reason.

#4 School faculty who believe that a child is facing problems at the school should reach out to the guardians/parents.

#5 Schools will contact other authorities about children who take frequent unauthorised absences.


#1 True.

#2 True.

#3 Not Given.

#4 Not Given.

#5 Not Given.

(This Sample Passage, along with the questions, is from IELTS Mentor.)

Keep practising such samples to enhance your GT Reading Score. The format of the GT Reading answers consists of three sections, and the level of difficulty increases with each section.


The difficulty level of the General Training test is moderate to high. The questions can be complex and tricky in this Reading Test. However, consistent practice can not hold your marks back. Your score will be converted into bands. Hence, keep all the focal points in mind while solving this paper.

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