Knowing how to characterise individuals is helpful even outside of ordinary discussions. Descriptions are often used in books, articles, and other forms of English communication. Reading or hearing somebody’s description might help you get a better picture of how they seem or act.

Descriptions are especially valuable in the corporate sector, where they are frequently essential in talks and presentations.

In this article, you will learn the perfect words to describe a person in any cue card topic.

Words to Describe a Person

The sections below consist of all the good, best and positive words to describe a person in a cue card topic.

Let’s get started!

Good Words to Describe a Person with Meanings

# Adaptable

Adaptable to a certain circumstance or use

# Adventurous

Willing to take up new and risky ventures

# Affectionate

Having or exhibiting warmth or liking

# Ambitious

Having a great drive for success or accomplishment

# Amiable

Creating an atmosphere of kindness and warmth

# Compassionate

Expressing or having sympathy for another’s plight

# Considerate

Concerning oneself with the rights and sentiments of others

# Courageous

Capable of confronting and dealing with danger or terror without flinching

# Courteous

Distinguished by courtesy and cordial good manners

# Diligent

Tasks must be completed with attention and dedication

# Empathetic

Demonstrating quick knowledge of others’ states

# Exuberant

Unrestrained, especially when it comes to emotions

# Frank

Characterised by directness in speech or demeanour

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Positive Words to Describe a Person with Meanings

# Generous

Willing to offer and offer unreservedly

# Gregarious

Seeking and enjoying the company of people is a temperamental trait

# Impartial

Without unwarranted prejudice or prior notions

# Intuitive

Obtainable by instinctual knowledge

# Inventive

Characterized by freedom and inventiveness in thinking or action

# Passionate

Having or expressing intense feelings

# Persistent

Obstinately unyielding

# Philosophical

Keeping a cool head in the face of adversity

# Practical

Rather than theory, we are guided by experience and observation

# Rational

Originating in or being led by the intellect

# Reliable

Worthy of faith

# Resourceful

Clever or inventive

# Sensible

Capable of feeling or perceiving

# Sincere

Not deceptive; open and real

# Sympathetic

Compassionate or warm thoughts for a compatriot

# Unassuming

Not conceited

# Witty

Displaying remarkable wit and humour

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Best Words to Describe a Person

Let’s have a look at some positive words to describe individuals and their personalities:

# Adaptable

# Adventurous

# Amorous

# Diligent

# Humble

# Courageous

# Efficient

# Enchanting

# Generous

# Magnetic

# Likeable

# Sincere

# Trustworthy

# Resourceful

# Wise

# Zealous

# Resilient

# Reliable

# Determined

# Strong

# Stupendous

# Exceptional

# Generous

# Kind

# Persuasive

# Vivacious

# Witty

# Divine

# Breathtaking

# Flawless

# Magnificent

# Lively

# Versatile

# Amazing

# Outgoing

# Amicable

# Friendly

# Perseverant

# Enthusiastic

# Affectionate

# Thoughtful

# Modest

# Hygienic

# Considerate

# Courteous

Why Describe Someone?

We constantly describe people. For example, you may inform your pals about your boss. You should tell your sister about that attractive gentleman you saw.

How to Describe a Person’s Personality?

Assume you’d want to describe a friend, a family member, or your supervisor. You will very certainly employ a variety of data.

The exterior look of a person is referred to as their “appearance.”

“Mannerisms” are the manner in which people act or behave.

“Character characteristics” are the little details that define a person. In other words, they shape a person’s personality.

“Emotions” are the feelings that a person has at a given time.

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4 Useful Ways on How to Describe a Person’s Personality?

Describing Somebody’s Appearance

Adjectives are frequently used to describe someone’s look. An adjective is a term used to characterise a noun (a person, place or thing).

Here are some terms and phrases to describe someone’s looks.

Some are synonyms or words that signify almost or precisely the same thing. Learning more than one way to phrase something comes in handy when describing people.

Describing Somebody’s Mannerisms

The way someone acts or speaks is defined by their mannerisms. Do you move your hands a lot while you speak? Do you play with your curls or bite your lower lip? All of these are habits.

Because mannerisms are primary acts, they are frequently defined using sentences that include verbs (action words).

Describing Somebody’s Character

A person’s personality, or who they are on the inside, is defined by their character. When you write about someone, you could state something about how they are as a person.

Describing Somebody’s Feelings

People’s emotions are always shifting. You might be pleased one minute and then get some horrible news that makes you unhappy the next.

You always know how you feel, but it’s not always simple to discern how others feel. You can tell how someone is feeling by watching how they speak or even how they sit. When you don’t know how someone is feeling, you might suggest they could be feeling something. You might also state that someone appears to be feeling a specific way. These expressions indicate that you may be mistaken.

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Examples: Words to Use to Describe a Person in IELTS Cue Card Speaking

Here are two samples for you to understand the type of words to describe a person

Example 1: Describe Someone You Know Who does Something Well

Who is the Person?

I consider myself fortunate to have some wonderful people in my network of friends and colleagues who are accomplished in both their private and professional relationships. Some of them even take great pride in their profession because they do it so well, and I’d want to tell you about one such guy, whom I’ve known for a long time.

This person is the principal of one of my high school pals, whom I have known for almost ten years. The individual I’m referring to is a “Tailor” or “Dressmaker” by trade.  He runs his tailor business in a prominent position in our hometown, and as far as I recall, there is never a quiet time at his store since people from all over the area come to him to have their gowns created just the way they want them.

What is He Good at?

Initially, I assumed that most people came to his business to have their gowns made because he would charge them less money, but I was later proven incorrect when I discovered that they also came because he is really skilled at what he does.  Of course, another one of the person’s outstanding features is that he personally oversees every element of his workers’ and subordinates’ work, leaving no space for error. Besides, unless he is very ill, I have seldom seen him skip work. In fact, I’ve noticed him working even on public holidays on occasion.

What do You Think about His Skills?

Anyway, I believe this individual is quite skilled at what he does, mostly because I’ve never heard any concerns from any of his clients concerning the amount of hard work.  Furthermore, the fact that most people from inside and outside of our city contact him on a regular basis to get various sorts of dresses made, whether for men, women, children or professionals, demonstrates that he is quite skilled at his tailoring work.

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Example 2: Talk about a Person Who Influenced You

Who is the Person?

So far, I’ve always considered myself fortunate to have met so many outstanding lecturers during the course of my academic career. Mr Son, my English instructor, is one of them. Indeed, meeting him was a watershed moment in my quest to master English. When I was a freshman in college, I got the opportunity to work with him.

How do You Know Him?

At first glance, I was blown away by his demeanour, eloquence, and demeanour. His one-of-a-kind teaching style sparked my interest in the language. Mr Son, to be more explicit, changed my outlook on studying English. Before I met him, I thought English was only about reading, grammar, and writing, and I paid little attention to the other aspects. He did, however, demonstrate the importance of sounds and intonation. Since then, under his tutelage, I’ve focused more on how native speakers make their sounds and worked hard to replicate them.

How did He Influence You?

My speaking and listening skills improved dramatically over the course of a few months, and I got addicted to English. My teacher ignited my academic career and pushed me to constantly practise for a better me.


The one minute you have before starting to speak is essential. You must learn how to make the most of this time. Highlight key phrases in each cue on the IELTS cue card 2020. Speak daily for 3 to 4 minutes uninterruptedly.

Hopefully, you have learned about the types of words to describe a person in your cue card segment. To get a good score in this section, it is very critical to speak the words which are extremely suitable. Therefore, keep the words in your mind while describing someone.

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