Studying abroad has become a dream of many students across the globe. Leaving your home country and entering a foreign country isn’t very easy, it’s a big step in life. One should always do thorough research before going to a particular country. Australia is a current favourite country whose education system is booming, and many students are planning to pursue their education from there.

Why do Students Want to Study in Australia?

Australia has become an inviting country to various international students due to its world-class education system, high standard of living, and pool of opportunities. If you are also willing to study in Australia, then the below-mentioned points would add a gist of Australia to your mind.

1.First-class Universities

Australia has top-notch universities that offer you a variety of courses according to your goals. There are 43 universities in Australia. All these universities deliver a high quality of education and focus on practical learning, rather than theoretical. The universities offer a multitude of courses and majors.


Australia is renowned for its high quality of living, but the living cost is relatively low. Yes, you heard it right! Australia is a cost-friendly option to study than the UK or USA. One can even bear the living expenses by working part-time. For international students, Australia offers various scholarships that can further cut or lower the cost of education.

3.Multi-diverse Culture

Australia has a blend of various cultures. It’s a multicultural country. With such a variety of cultures, it is easier for people to interact and share their experiences. Multi-diversity makes it comfortable for people to live in Australia, and one feels a sense of belonging.


One of the most fascinating aspects of Australia is its emphasis on Scientific research and practical applications. Australia is a spearhead in technology and innovations. This attracts various intellects from all over the world to sharpen their technical skills.

5.Easy Interaction

Since Australia is an English speaking country, there is no language barrier for foreigners. English is a global language, and most of the students understand and speak this language. You might face some problems with the polished Australian accent at first, but you” ll get used to it with time.

6.Mesmerizing Outdoors

Australia is famous for its countryside view and magnificent beaches. If you are a beach lover, then Australia is a perfect fit for you. Whenever you feel a need for a gateway from your hectic schedule, you can dive or snorkel into these beautiful beaches. This charm of the country attracts several students to come and live here.

How to Apply to Study Abroad in Australia?

Let us have a look at some points which need to be taken into account before applying.

Choose a University

The primary aspect of studying in Australia is choosing a university for yourself. Search for your preferable study program and see if it caters to your academic goals or not.

Fulfill the Entry Requirements of a University

Every university has different requirements for international students. This might vary from the course you want to study.  Thus, it becomes mandatory for you to check the university’s official website and see if you meet their entry requirements. Make sure you have all the below-mentioned documents, before joining a university:

  • English proficiency proof
  • Health insurance
  • A written or a printed copy of your academic grades or certifications
  • Evidence of your financial means

Meet the Application Deadlines

Every university has different application deadlines for different courses. Some universities in Australia even admit the student throughout the year. Once you are planning to join a university, lay an eagle eye over its deadlines. You wouldn’t want to miss one and regret it later. Most universities in Australia have their application deadlines of two types; winter deadline and summer deadline.

Winter application deadline-January to February

Summer application deadline-July to September

Note: Always reach out to the university staff to ask when is the right time to apply. Some documentation might take time, so request it as early as possible, to avoid any last time hassles.

How to Apply?

After the application compilation, the next thing that is lined up for you is to apply for a university in Australia, provided that you meet the eligibility criteria and entry requirements. There are two ways to apply to an Australian university.

  • Direct at the university if you are living in Australia- This can be done, by downloading and filling an application on the university’s website.
  • Through a licensed education agent in Australia- Don’t worry if you do not reside in Australia, you can still apply to Australian universities through education agents. They would help you to apply online for your preferred course.

Get your Confirmation Letter

After completing all the steps and submitting all the essential documents, you need to wait. University would review your application and if it meets their requirements; then they would send you an email and a confirmation of enrollment(COE). This COE is proof that you have successfully bagged an admission into the university. It might take a few weeks, so be patient with your waiting.

Apply for a Student Visa

The most mandatory permit to study/work or live in a foreign country is a visa. To get a student visa in Australia, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Offer letter from a recognized Australian Universities
  • English fluency proof
  • Verified criminal record
  • Financial means evidence
  • Evidence of medical reports

The Visa application process is quite tedious, so avoid any discrepancies in the documents. Australia even gives you the privilege to apply for a visa online.

Should I Study Abroad in Australia and New Zealand?

Both Australia and New Zealand are excellent options as these countries have progressive education systems and world-class academic facilities. Both the neighbouring countries have a lot of similarities from climate to academic program durations. New Zealand and Australia follow a two-semester schedule. There is no significant difference in both of these countries’ education systems, but you should still pick one that suits your needs.

What Can I Study in Australia?

Australia offers courses in every niche. You can pick the course which you want to study or which offers great job opportunities. The streams offered by Australian universities are:

  1. Medical science
  2. Business management
  3. Engineering
  4. Architecture
  5. Information technology
  6. Applied health sciences
  7. Internet of things(IoT)
  8. Construction
  9. Geology
  10. Business analytics

How Much does it Cost to Study Abroad in Australia?

H3 The tuition fee varies from universities to the courses. The average academic fee might range from $20,000 to 45,000(Australian dollars) for an undergraduate course. The range of master’s courses costs $22,000 to 50,000. This is only the academic fees you need to pay, accommodation costs and other costs might vary according to your needs.


IELTS is an international English language test. This test is conducted to assess the English language fluency of an individual. BC and IDP administer this test. There is no such difference between IELTS IDP or IELTS DP, except the accents. IDP is predominantly Australian, and BC is British, but both use various accents. You can choose IDP OR BC according to your preference.

The IELTS exam has four sections; reading, writing, speaking, listening, So, when going for an IELTS test make sure your IELTS preparation is up to the mark so that you get a decent band score.

IELTS Score to Procure a Student Visa in Australia

Since Australia is an English speaking country, one needs to pass this test with a good band score to get a student visa in Australia. The band score varies from your course, but for a bachelor’s degree, you need at least a 6.0 band score and for a master’s minimum of 6.5 is essential. Make sure you are getting at least a 6.0 band score overall to get the student visa.


This article circles the process of studying in Australia as an international student. We hope this article could solve all your study in Australia-related queries. Our website IELTS ninja provides the aspirants access to IELTS-specific content under the guidance of expert mentors.  One can get a customized study plan tailored according to one’s strengths and weaknesses. Visit our website to know more.

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