When should you take the GRE?

  •  Penultimate Year for Students

Students should take the GRE in their second last year of study. This implies that in the event that you plan on concentrating abroad straightforwardly in the wake of graduating, at that point you should take the GRE in the second a year ago of school.

  •  Any Time for Working Professionals

As a working proficient, you may not get a ton of time to sit and read for the GRE. You can concentrate during free hours or throughout the ends of the week. One suggestion to you is to take different practice tests. Any time you sense that you’re prepared to step through the examination, you can book the test date.

IELTS Exam Dates 2021

IELTS exam dates are offered multiple times in a month making an aggregate of 48 fixed test dates in a single schedule year. The accessibility of IELTS exam dates in India may vary for the Academic and General Training module. While the Academic form is accessible on every one of the 48 dates, the General Training adaptation is accessible on 24 dates. The IDP and British Council both hold the exams every year.

Test Type Test Date Fee (in Rs)
Academic 09 Jan 2021 14000
Academic 16 Jan 2021 14000
Academic 21 Jan 2021 14000
Academic 23 Jan 2021 14000
Academic 30 Jan 2021 14000
Academic 06 Feb 2021 14000
Academic 20 Feb 2021 14000
General Training 09 Jan 2021 14000
General Training 16 Jan 2021 14000
General Training 23 Jan 2021 14000
General Training 06 Feb 2021 14000

GRE Exam Dates 2021

The GRE General Test is held a few times each month at in excess of 1000 test centres in the world. Aspirants can check seat availability and test dates by visiting ETS’s official GRE site. Moreover, aspirants can take the PC based GRE General test up to five times in a year with a minimum gap of 21 days between two tests. The GRE PC based general test is accessible in all the test places having Prometric. From 31st October 2020, the test will be available nonstop for seven days every week. Applicants can even fix an appointment within 24 hours of enrolment

GRE Test Dates States
4th and 5th January’21, 11th – 13th January’21, 18th – 20th January’21, and 27th January’21

1st – 3rd February’21, 8th – 10th February, 15th – 17th February,

4th and 5th January’21, 11th – 13th January’21, 18th – 21st January’21, 27th – 28th January’21

1st – 4th February’21, 8th – 11th February’21, 15th – 18th February’21, 22nd – 25th February’21

4th, 13th, and 22nd January’21

8th and 22nd February’21

22nd January’21

1st and 8th February’21

4th January 2021 Delhi
4th, 7th, 8th, 13th, and 21st – 23rd January’21

1st February’21

4th – 7th January’21, 11th – 14th January’21, 18th – 21st January’21, 27th –28th January’21

1st, 2nd, 8th-11th, 15th, 17th, 18th, 22nd, 23rd, 25th February’21

4th – 7th January’21, 11th – 14th January’21, 18th – 21st January’21, 27th – 28th January’21

1st – 4th February’21, 8th – 11th February, 15th and 16th February’21, 22nd – 25th February’21

4th and 7th January’21 Mumbai
4th and 7th January’21 Mumbai
4th and 22nd January’21

1st and 8th February’21


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How to do IELTS Preparation?

  • Familiarise yourself with the test format

The initial move towards IELTS readiness is to get comfortable with the test design. When you know about the structure of the test, you realize what’s in store in each part making it simpler for you to endeavour your questions.

The format has 4 parts: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

  • Practice IELTS

Nothing can get you a score if you don’t practice. Utilize the IELTS practice material to improve thought of the sort of questions that you may insight during your test. The more you practice, the better you become.

  • Define your IELTS goal and priorities

Once you start your practice, you will know your qualities and shortcomings. Guarantee to practice more on your shortcomings with the goal that you are decidedly ready when you step through the examination.

  • Get used to the IELTS testing environment

Acclimate yourself through counterfeit tests so you are solid and steady on your real test day.


To pursue MS in the US or Europe, the candidate has to take GRE and IELTS seriously. Without them, the whole process will fail. The IELTS exam is held by the IDP and British Council every year, don’t miss out the dates. You can start GRE and IELTS preparation from August to December and apply. A good band score is required to get through the whole process.

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