So you are dreaming of having a job or pursuing higher studies in one of the English-speaking countries? Whatever your dream is, having proven proficiency in English is the key to realise it, and for that, you must clear IELTS with a decent band score. But you are probably a bit confused about the preparation for the IELTS exam and whether you’d be able to make it or not. Well, the answer is with proper guidance and regular practice, you can easily achieve your goals! No kidding! The real question is where to look for these two things? What If I ended up choosing the wrong preparatory course? Well, don’t worry, we have your back!

IELTS mock tests are the perfect solution for you. Not only can you practice but also evaluate your preparation with mock tests. The most convenient solution is to take IELTS mock tests online, and in this article, we will tell you how to take IELTS mock test online.

What is a Mock Test in IELTS?

Like every other mock test, IELTS Mock test is a demo test to give you the hang of the actual IELTS exam. The quality of the questions, the pattern, the timing, the exam environment, everything is kept similar to the actual ones. The four modules of the IELTS exam, i.e., writing, reading, speaking and reading, are designed exactly like the actual questions.

IELTS exams are of two types: General and academic test. Both tests are different in the reading and writing section. The reason being, both the tests select different sets of candidates with different objectives. The academic test is for those aspiring for higher education in native English speaking countries. The general test selects those aspirants who are looking to get a job and migrate to those countries. Overall, this exam checks the proficiency of the candidate in the English language.

Types of IELTS Mock Test

You can take IELTS mock tests online or offline, depending upon your convenience. But we would highly suggest you opt for online ones because you will save a lot of time, effort and money. Offline mock tests are way too expensive, not to mention time-consuming if the travel time is also taken into consideration! In online mock tests, you can get an instant result. You can check your mistakes so that you can work on your weak points. You can be your boss in selecting the time and number of tests you want to take. You can even take the IELTS mock test for free on the internet!

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Advantages of Taking IELTS Mock Test Online

It will help you in a dozen ways! If you are not including taking the IELTS mock test in your preparation routine, you will miss out on so many things. Read the benefits below carefully to get your answers.

Number One

#1 You will unlock the tips and strategy to take the exam quickly. You can get all the tips in one place by getting a course, but if you don’t apply it in an actual situation, you won’t get the taste of its practical pros and cons! Often, candidates lag behind others due to this reason.

Number Two

#2 The second advantage is related to the first one. If you practice more and more papers and unlock the tips, you’ll be able to manage your time more seamlessly than those who skip the mock tests. Time management is crucial as the time given to answer the questions is limited. You will have a clear idea of where to devote more time and where not by trial and error.

Number Three

#3 You will sharpen your skills to the next level. Sometimes, the skills required to answer the question are hidden until and unless you try to unlock it with a key, and that one key is your practice!

Number Four

#4 You’ll improve a lot, by a lot means a lot!! Taking a mock test is the fastest way to learn something new. The more new things you feed in your brain, the more is your chances of clearing the IELTS exam with a decent band score.

Number Five

#5 Your confidence will be at its peak. You won’t feel nervous at the time of the actual exam. Nervousness always messes with the brain and deteriorates your performance.

Number Six

#6 It is not easy or possible to revise the entire syllabus in one go. Practising mock tests is an excellent way to revise the topics effortlessly. You keep brushing up your knowledge every time you take a mock test.

Should I take the Test as a Beginner?

Definitely yes! If you are a beginner, taking the IELTS mock test online is a must. You will figure out where you stand at present and what you should do to achieve your next target band score.

English is a subject that is familiar to almost everyone. So, if you are worried about how you can take the test without preparation, then don’t be. Anyone who has studied English in their school can take the test.

What if I Scored very Low for the First Time?

Please let your morale sink if this happens. It’s completely normal. Instead of worrying about the low score, focus solely on your target band score and prepare accordingly. You’ll definitely achieve it.

You could take the test if your preparation was over or if you are still preparing in the last few weeks before the exams. Although at the last stage, we would suggest you focus only on taking mock tests as much as possible if you haven’t taken them before.

How Often should I Take the Mock Tests?

You should take the IELTS mock test online at least two to three times a month if you have started preparing. If you are juggling time constraints, start with taking it once a month.

The frequency of taking mock tests should increase with the numbers of days before the exam decreasing. This was a rough idea for anyone preparing for IELTS. Only you can decide what is best for you.

In What Time will I be Able to Complete My Preparation with the Help of the Online IELTS Mock Test?

One cannot predict it exactly. It solely depends on the candidates and their strategy. Yes, the IELTS mock test will increase the pace of your preparation, but English is a vast subject, and the syllabus for IELTS is not limited. You can’t predict where the questions will come from. You can only prepare it by solving similar types of questions asked in the exam. This exam only tests your command in English, not your knowledge in general.

How to Take IELTS Mock Test Online with the Help of IELTS Ninja?

Our website has a free IELTS mock test section called ‘question papers’. The steps are easy to take the test. Log in yourself or register with IELTS Ninja in case you haven’t registered before. Then scroll down the website, and you’ll see the question papers section. Click on it and take your mock test for free! Easy right? You can find multiple websites having free online IELTS mock tests. Practice all the tests from the comfort of your home in your most productive time!

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The Guidance IELTS Ninja will Provide

At IELTS Ninja, we offer top-notch courses and expert mentors’ guidance. The course will have everything you need for the preparation, along with the mock tests. The mentors will assist you personally and guide you on the right and the shortest path to clear the exam. Your ups and downs will be tracked regularly so that you can work on the weak areas. So what are you thinking of? Have a look at the free demo classes and start the journey to your dream band score now!

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