A good GRE score is determined by the courses you are interested in. In comparison, the mean score for all examinees is a verbal score of 150 and a mathematics score of 152.

Because the General Test is utilised for such a broad variety of graduate school programmes, the weightage it is given will differ from course to course and university to university.

Let’s get into more detail about what is a good GRE score?

What is GRE Test?

The GRE General Test is a standardised test devised and given by the Educational Testing Service, sometimes known as ETS, to assess general academic preparation for graduate school. GRE exam is for what purpose? Some graduate schools require candidates to submit not just the standard, but also a GRE Subject Test, which evaluates technical expertise in a given subject such as physics, psychology, or maths.

GRE Subject Tests

The subject tests are content-based examinations that measure a student’s knowledge of a certain field of studies, such as physiology or biology. Each is intended for candidates who have specialized in or thoroughly studied the test topic in question. A graduate school applicant may take a math subject test to show quantitative skills to graduate schools in disciplines where numerical ability is essential, such as software engineering or statistics.

According to the ETS site’s “GRE Subject Tests” subsection, subject tests can let grad school students “stand out from other candidates” by proving their “skills and knowledge level” within a certain academic area. The following are the six areas where a topic test is available:

# Biology

# Chemistry

# Literature in English

# Mathematics

# Physics

# Psychology

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GRE Test Scores

After successful completion of the general test, a candidate can anticipate getting three results: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. The verbal and numerical scores can range from 130 to 170 and are always whole numbers. Writing scores can range from zero to six, and they are awarded in half-point levels.

GRE subject exam scores vary from 200 to 990. On the biology and psychology subject exams, applicants earn not only a total score but also many subscores ranging from 18 to 99, which represent their mastery of specific areas within the academic field.

 GRE Score Ranges

The entire score range is 260 to 340. The perfect results are 170 in each section and out of 340. The following table displays the Verbal, Quantitative, and Combined scores:

Exam Type  Score Range Perfect Scores Competitive Scores Average Scores Below Average Scores
Verbal 130 to 170 170 157+ 151 145
Quantitative 130 to 170 170 161+ 154 147
Combined Multiple Choice Scores 260 to 340 340 NA NA NA
AWA 0.0 to 6.0 6.0 4.5+ 4.0 3.5

What is a Good GRE Score?

Primarily, you must know that a good GRE score for you should be the one that is sufficient enough to get you into the courses or programs which you want to opt, assuming you satisfy the other requirements.

The admissions committee frequently uses results to exclude the worst applicants. So, although a low score may hurt your prospects, a number that is within or even over programme standards will not assist you much if you lack some crucial component required by the admissions committee. A high score may compensate for a very small deficiency, such as a GPA slightly below the programme average, but it will not compensate for any genuinely apparent deficiencies in your application.

How to Improve Your GRE Score?

Determine Your Starting Point

Your benchmark score is the mark you would get if you took the test right now. Take a full-length practise test in the very same testing setting as the real deal before making a study plan. The results will help you prepare by showing which topic areas need the most attention.

Compute Your Desired GRE Score

You’ve undoubtedly begun compiling a list of graduate programmes that pique your interest. Check your practise exam results to the average result of the most recent enrolling cohort for each programme. Your target score should be equal to or higher than the average of the schools on your listing.

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Create a Plan to Bridge The Gap

Whether you go with a prep course, an online programme, or a test prep book, you need a sensible prep strategy that will keep you accountable and provide you with the results you require. You can select the best setting for you with a little investigation.

Technique Practise

Pay close attention to how you tackle each question while taking practise exams and drills. If you only focus on the outcomes, you will only reinforce the manner you are currently taking the exam. The strategies you employ and the manner in which you solve problems are what help you improve on the test.

Simulate Actual GRE Circumstances

Paper-and-pencil examinations can help you practise topics and test-taking methods, but unlike the real GRE, they do not adjust to your progress. Make time in your work schedule for online practice to assist prepare you for the computer-based test process.

Examine Your Results

Test preparation is considerably more than just memorising information; it’s also about your pace and test-taking abilities. To be totally prepared, meet with a tutor to analyse your performance on practise examinations and devise a strategy to achieve your GRE score target.

Improve Your GRE Vocabulary

Vocabulary remains an essential component of the Verbal portions. Many of the terms that will appear on the test can be absorbed by reading reputable sources such as scholarly journals or even some of the more affluent magazines and newspapers. Add additional terms to your collection when you stumble across them in the practice exams or practise tasks. They have previously been used with the GRE and may be used again.

Experiment with or without Calculators

The test includes a calculator as a component of the on-screen presentation, which may be a tremendous help if utilised appropriately! However, the calculator may be a burden. Determining when using a calculator improves your accuracy and when knowing the rules of a crucial math subject is preferable.


The GRE is the only general admissions exam that is globally recognized by hundreds of graduate institutions, and it is an important test to have on your record. It’s ideal to think of the GRE as a chance for admissions and scholarships, and a good score can even compensate for a poor GPA.

Your study skills will be refined if you follow the tactics described above. You may expect to see gains in both your scores and total reasoning ability if you put in enough time and effort.

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