The International English Language Testing System is a language competency exam taken by students who desire to study in an English-speaking nation and get global experience. In the main English-speaking nations, the majority of colleges, universities, and academic institutions solely teach in English. As a result, applicants must have a basic understanding of the language in order to continue their studies. As per the exam pattern, students are assessed on four factors: listening, reading, writing, and speaking.

In today’s article, we have discussed what documents are required for the IELTS exam? Read on to grasp all you need to know before the registration.

What is Needed for IELTS Registration? Document Requirements, Terms and Conditions, and More

In the sections below, you will get to know all the necessary details regarding the requirements for the IELTS registration process.

Different Formats of the IELTS Exam

It is divided into two formats: Academic and General Training. Those seeking further education in a different nation take the Academic, whilst those seeking secondary education or work experience in major English-speaking nations take the General Training. It is also used for international migration to large economies such as Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Moreover, as exam criteria, the majority of prominent educational schools across the world demand an overall score of 7.0 band with component scores of 6.5 band.

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What Documents are Required for IELTS Exam?

Here is a list of documents required for the IELTS exam IDP:

Passport or National ID

The most crucial thing to carry on the test day is an ID, which may be either your passport or a national ID, based on which one you were using to register for the exam. The same ID will be required for your Speaking as well.

No Need of Photos

This will be checked by the examiner before you walk into the room, and it will be checked again by your Speaking examiner. You do not need to bring any passport pictures with you on the main day since the centre will click your picture when you enter.

Pens, Pencils and Erasers

You can carry pens, pencils, and erasers for the paper-based, however paper and pencils are given for the PC delivered. It is okay to carry a cell phone, but you must turn it off and store it alongside your other personal items in a specific location designated by the supervisor.

No Electronic Items

It is not recommended to bring any valuable items with you on the test day. Electronic items are not allowed in the room either.

Minimum IELTS Score Needed for Admission in Top Universities

Each university has its unique system of admissions criteria and standards. Furthermore, each university has its unique set of exam qualifying requirements that candidates must fulfil in order to get admission. Candidates must also fulfil any extra qualifying requirements imposed by the university or educational institution where they wish to enrol.

Minimum Age Requirement

The IELTS needs a minimum of 16 years of age. Anyone above the age of 16, regardless of country or background, can take the exam. An exception might be made if the school demands results for admission. The ETS, which administers the test, has established no age restriction or qualifying requirements, however, it is recommended that the applicant be at least 16 years old.

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IELTS Test Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions I

At registration, you must show evidence of your identification (passport or National Identity Card). Contact the testing centre to find out which types of identification are acceptable. Examinees who are taking it outside of their home country should use a passport; you must notify the centre of any alterations to your identity document before the big exam. If you do not do this, you will not be able to take it and will be ineligible for a refund or transference. You must present the same identity document as the one listed in your registration on the day. If you’re not doing this, you will be unable to take it and will be ineligible for a refund or transfer; You must be at the test centre prior to the stated start time.

Terms and Conditions II

You will not be able to take the exam if you come late, and you will not be entitled to a refund or transfer. All personal items must be left in the appropriate belongings area. Only your authorised identity document, regular pen(s), pencil(s), and eraser(s), and a water bottle are permitted in the testing room (label-free). All electronic gadgets and watches must be turned off and placed in the belongings area. At any moment during the exam day, you may be electronically checked for devices. If an examinee breaches these rules, he or she will not get an IELTS result and will not be eligible for a refund or transfer. While the centre will take all reasonable precautions to keep your possessions safe in the belongings section, they cannot be held liable for any loss.

IELTS Exam Result

For paper-based, results are generally released 13 days after the exam, while for computer-delivered, results are typically issued 3 to 5 days following the test. Only one replica of your Test Report Form will be sent to you. In the event of loss or damage, fresh copies are not provided. The Test Report Form will be supplied in your name, as it shows on your registration identification card. If you discover that your personal information on the Exam Report Form is inaccurate, please contact the testing centre where you took the test. To ensure that the information is correct, documentation must be given. If you update your name after obtaining your Test Report Form, the name on the Test Report Form will not be altered. If the IELTS Test Partners determine that a review of any aspect of your test or the management of your section is required, your score may not be given within the statutory timeframe.


Requesting a Transfer or Cancelling Your IELTS Exam

To determine your cancellation and exchange rights, kindly refer to the IELTS Cancellation Policy. You will be prompted to indicate that you have read the IELTS Cancellation Policy and that you have agreed to it. Furthermore, if your test is scheduled during the Cancellation Period, you will verify that you are requesting services from the relevant IELTS Test Partner during the Cancellation Period, and you will recognise that your correct to cancel and receive a refund will be forfeited 24 hours prior to your test date.

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How IELTS Uses Your Information?

The IELTS Test Partners acknowledge and promote the right to privacy of applicants. When you enter your identification information on the Exam Report Form, the IELTS Test Partners link it to your test and result. This allows you to send your Report Form to Recognizing Organizations for verification of your results. Only those Recognizing Organizations chosen by the examinee in their registration or at the applicant’s request will receive Test Report Forms when the results are released. When an examinee submits a Test Report Form to a Recognizing Organization, they agree to that organization’s verification of the result.

Can I Give IELTS Exam without a Passport?

For speaking, listening, reading, and writing, all applicants must bring their original, valid passport, a photocopy of which was supplied with their application. If the applicant does not bring their passport copy on the day of the exam, they will be denied entrance.

Can I Wear a Watch in the IELTS Exam?

No, you are not allowed to do that. You are not permitted to wear a watch during any of the IELTS examinations, including the speaking section. A clock will be mounted on the wall for your convenience. You should notify your centre about this before the exam.

Do I Need to Take a Pencil for IELTS?

For the Listening, Reading, and Writing examinations, a pencil is required. This is due to the fact that tests are scanned and function best with a pencil. It also implies that words may be readily erased and rewritten. If you fail to bring a pencil, the centre will supply you with one.

Is There Any Dress Code for IELTS Exam?

No, there isn’t a dress code for IELTS applicants. You should dress comfortably so that you may feel good for the entire time you are taking the exam.


We hope that you have understood how important it is to know all the eligibility and requirements details before registering for your IELTS exam. Note down these points in your notebook or notepad and use them at the time of registration. By doing this, you don’t have to look for information on the internet.

If you are looking for some preparation tips to make your preparation easier, look into the blog section of IELTS Ninja.

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