Once you decide that you want to pursue your studies in Canada, you need to get a Study Visa to get entry there. So the first step in applying for a study visa is to see Canada study visa requirements and the eligibility criteria to complete the application process of the same.

What is the Requirement for a Canada Study Visa?

Read the pointers given below to know about “What is the requirement for a Canada Study Visa?”

1. Valid Passport

It is a mandatory document that is issued by the government and is requisite when you plan to travel abroad. To apply for a study visa in Canada you need to have a passport that is within the validity period of your stay. So that your visa does not expire during your stay in Canada, if it does the application won’t get approved.

2. Proof  of Funds

You can’t travel to Canada without money, right? Hence you need to prove to Canada, that you already have the required fun for your stay.  You need to provide the proof of funds you have to pay the tuition fees and your living expense in Canada. A student requires a minimum of CAD 10,000 each year during your stay. Not only this, you need to prove that you have enough funds to return.

Documents that you can show as your proof are:-

  • Money transferred to a Canadian Bank, if applicable
  • Proof of housing fee and the tuition fees paid
  • A letter verifying the money that you would be getting from a person or school as financial assistance
  • Bank draft that can be converted to Canadian Dollar
  • Scholarship or fund from education program can also be provided
  • Your past 4 months bank statements
  • From a financial institution that is participating in Guaranteed Investment Certificate

3. Proof of Acceptance

You also need proof to verify that you are selected in the Designated Learning Institute(DLI), in which you planned to study. Designated Learning institute can be understood as the institute which is recognized by the immigration department.

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How many Bands are Required for a Canada Study Visa?

To study in Canada along with verifying all the required documents and making sure that you are eligible you also need to fulfil the required IELTS score. IELTS Score is used as the selection criteria by many institutes and it is mandatory for you to achieve above the minimum required score that the institution is asking for. The minimum required score is different for each country, for example, the minimum score required in Canada is 6.5. Any score below it would not be accepted. So the band requirement for a Canada study visa is 6.0 bands. Different programs ask for different language capabilities so you need to cross the IELTS score requirements for each of them.

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What is the Canada Study Visa Percentage Required?

If you have desired to move to Canada immediately after the 12th for your graduation or additional courses then you have to make sure that your 12th percentage is meeting the minimum required percentage for a study visa in  Canada. If you have studied humanities in your 12th standard then you will require a minimum academic record of 65%.

And if you opted for science or Commerce in class 12th then you may be required to achieve between 70-80 percentile. You can opt for Diploma programs and foundations, even when you have achieved 60%. IT is important that you decide such plans beforehand so that no year of yours is wasted to fulfil the eligibility criteria to get the application completed and accepted. Students applying for a degree program should be above 18 years of age, that is a basic requirement.

Student Visa Process

When you apply for a study visa, you should go for an online process as it is more swift and time-saving. The student visa process earlier took 2-3 months, which is a long period. But now as IRCC launched Student Direct Stream (SDS), things have changed and now the time for the whole study visa process is just 4-6 weeks. Now you just need to make sure you have all the required documents and that you are eligible to complete the visa process.


To Study abroad, you need to keep in mind student visa Canada requirements. Verify your documents required and before applying for the study permit, corroborate that you have all the documents:- proof of acceptance, Proof of Funds, and a Valid passport. Along with this check whether you are meeting the eligibility criteria, if you don’t then you need to work on making yourself eligible and taking guidance on how you can do this.

To get into your desired institute of Canada you need to score high on IELTS. Once you have decided to move to a different country to complete your studies, You need to check what minimum score in IELTS, you will need to get accepted in the institutes.

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