Having an efficient essay is a key to scoring good grades for Coherence and Cohesion. Numerous IELTS test-takers will go through as long as 10 minutes arranging out their paper before they begin writing. A couple of focuses to remember: Your essay ought to have 4-5 sections altogether and at least 250 words.

Below  is a popular topic “Some People Think That Government is Wasting Money on Arts” which you can follow and know the format and technique to write many samples with different thought processes and brainstormings

IELTS Essay Topic- Some People Think That Government is Wasting Money on Arts

You can follow the samples below for the same topic and know how to bring variations by doing some brainstorming.

IELTS Writing Task Sample 1

It is assumed that it is not very valuable to invest thousands on the arts and it should be aimed

elsewhere. I wholeheartedly disagree with this and believe that any dime that is invested on them

would be good enough to justify the craft.

The arts are considered a national priority. Arts are vital in certain nations and the government creates and supports institutions that promote arts. Many countries for instance, have galleries and museums all over the world that display antique arts. The galleries can be accessed free of charge by those who have been involved. The responsibility of repairs is paid out by the state. In addition, this raises the level of pride amongst its citizens. Therefore, in the form of libraries, craft shows, and etc, the government is making an insignificant attempt to retain the culture.

A variety of people around the world regard the art forms to be a fantastic source of entertainment.

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Cinema, shows, craft, for example, are taken from the arts. Cinemas are deemed quite profitable, and for every culture, there seems to be a movie industry. Illustrations and galleries show many crafts including sculptures, terracotta houses, print skills, and crystal works.

Government arts help support the well-being of millions of individuals who focus their careers mostly on crafts. This really is good for both persons involved in the arts and those who appreciate the arts.

As art plays a major role in people’s daily lives, ensuring that perhaps the crafts are adequately

supported in a multitude of situations, such as exhibits, workshops, documentaries, crafts displays, and so forth, seems to be very critical to the organization.

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IELTS Essay Sample 2

India has some of the largest collections of music, poetry, dance forms, stage, cultural customs, fine arts, practices and ceremonies, artwork and publications in the world, recognized as humanity and Intangible Cultural Heritage. The Ministry of Culture operates a variety of initiatives and programs focused on providing funding assistance to people, associations and artistic organizations staff in the music, artistic and cultural fields, etc., in order to retain these features.

There is indeed conflict of contention between persons who argue that government must expend

money on artwork and others who assume that more significant problems should be handled by the state.

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Creators, artists, singers and songwriters could never survive without financial support, they play a significant role and other than that the traditional culture should not be ignored. Government should invest in art and artists to save this critical feature. Such inventions and masterpieces are inevitably the center of interest for visitors and therefore must be preserved. The reduction of tourism implies the country’s poor wage. It is imperative to conserve massive traditions and art by support and assistance in countries such as India, in which art and culture switch from borders to borders. Any artwork portrays one nation around the world, so it should be of chief importance’s activity.

Wrap up the IELTS Essay

Going ahead, there are also several areas in India where residents are still struggling for basic

necessities, which are food, clothing and accommodation, which become the top consideration

naturally. Other shames in a nation are hunger, loss of employment, a steady rise in the incidence of violence, man-made or environmental catastrophes disrupt all. Due to all these critical problems, the nation shuns heritage and literature.

To encapsulate, I would just like to conclude that artwork plays a key role, and this should not

be overlooked by the government because that’s the other essential facets of it.

How to Write a Good Essay?

  1. Understand the question topic carefully
  2. Brainstorm a lot of ideas
  3. Be familiarized with the common topics on internet
  4. Ask yourself a lot of questions about the topic
  5. Give out your personal opinion
  6. Manage your time, as a time limit of 40 minutes is there
  7. Make paragraphs look appealing
  8. Complete your answer with a conclusion
  9. Check your grammar and spellings
  10. Use formal language in your essay

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