There are a host of colleges and foreign universities that provide quality education, and choosing the right one becomes an arduous task for students. As this is one of the most important decisions for students that impacts their lives, intense research about the colleges is necessary.

If Sheridan College, Canada, is on your list of colleges to apply to, then you are at the right place. This article will help you understand Sheridan college courses and the programs they offer. You will get all the information, including the fee structure and the IELTS band requirement for your admission process.

Sheridan College Canada

Sheridan College Canada, also known as Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning or Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology, was founded in 1967. It’s considered as one of the leading institutions in Canada and is located in Ontario province.

Sheridan University has three campuses in three different towns, all in Ontario. They are in Oakville, Brampton, and Mississauga towns. The Hazel McCallion Campus is located in Mississauga, Davis Campus in Brampton, and Trafalgar campus in Oakville.


International English Language Testing System, popularly known as the IELTS, is an English language competency test conducted to evaluate one’s command over the English language. Taking this exam is essential if you are from a non-native English-speaking country, looking to move abroad for education.

This test is quite popular and is accepted widely by several universities across the world. Every college has a minimum band or score requirement set to take international students in at the time of admission.

Knowing the IELTS band score requirements will help students understand how hard they must work to get into their dream college. Let us look into the Sheridan college Canada IELTS band for some major programs.

Sheridan College Canada IELTS Requirements

Course Minimum IELTS Band Requirement 
Diploma 6.0 (no single band score below 5.5)
Degree Programs 6.5 (no single band score below 6)
Graduate Certification Programs 6.5 (no single band score below 6)

Sheridan College Courses and Programs

Sheridan College offers a wide range of courses and programs in their degree, diploma, post-graduate diploma, and certification courses. It offers over 130 programs of which 25 are degree programs. The college offers both part-time and full-time courses for the students.

Some of the major programs in which students enrol are:

#1. Bachelors

#2. Engineering

#3. Computers

#4. Humanities

#5. Business

#6. BBA

#7. BE/BTech

While we cannot address all the 130 programs in detail here, we will try to look into various popular Sheridan college programs mostly chosen by students, their details, fee structure in INR, and their IELTS requirement.

#1. Bachelor of Business Administration


This Bachelor’s program, widely chosen at Sheridan, runs for four years. The course mainly concentrates on Financial Growth and Management, Risk Management,  Securities Analysis, Portfolio Management, and Performance Evaluation, among others related to finance. The program is perfectly designed to teach students the business fundamentals and the complex interrelations of the business world with personal growth.

Duration: 4 years

Fee: 10,60,000 or 10.6 Lakhs

IELTS Minimum Band: 6.5

#2. Bachelor of Interior Design

This bachelor program will provide students with hands-on practical experience, training, and creative learning. This course will teach students about 2D and 3D computer software, AUTOCAD, various other design software programs, project management, sustainability, and responsible practices keeping up with real-world Architectural standards.

Duration: 4 years

Fee: 13,40,000 or 13.4 Lakhs

IELTS Minimum Band: 6.5

#3. Marketing Management

This is a one-year master’s certification program. From basics on graphic designing and marketing to the core skills, this course will teach you everything. Primarily designed for non-business students, the courses start with teaching basics of Marketing in the first semester to the latest digital marketing concepts in the final semester, which makes one ready for the real world.

Duration: 1 year

Fee: 11,90,000 or 11.9 Lakhs

IELTS Minimum Band: 6.5

#4. Advertising-Account Management

This one-year course will teach you everything about Advertising at the professional level. The course is designed to teach you in-depth planning, strategic development, and execution of advertising and integrated marketing. Industry professionals use theories and real-world examples to teach the students all about advertising.

Duration: 1 year

Fee: 12,20,000 or 12.2 Lakhs

IELTS Minimum Band: 6.5

#5. Chemical Engineering

This three years’ bachelor’s diploma program is an advanced diploma worthy for both lab and industry areas. With state-of-art chemical engineering lab equipment, students will have hands-on experience in the advanced skills for the industry. Instrumental analysis, analytical chemistry, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry, environmental science, and process control are covered in this course at Sheridan.

Duration: 3 years

Fee: 10,40,000 or 10.4 Lakhs

IELTS Minimum Band: 6.0

#6. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

This diploma in Mechanical Engineering provides students with a deep understanding of mechanical engineering, research, and development. Mathematics, Engineering Graphics, Applied Mechanics, Computer-assisted Design of 3D Models, Mechanical Manufacturing Process, Engineering Materials, and Testing are all covered in this program, making students industry-ready.

Duration: 2 years

Fee: 10,90,000 or 10.9 Lakhs

IELTS Minimum Band: 6.0

#7. Diploma in Electronics Engineering

With subjects like Materials testing and their quality standards, programmable logic controllers (PLC), Robotics, Plant layout, Process control, and systems integration, this advanced diploma course will make you a graduate in Electronics in just two years, completely ready to enter the workforce straight after graduation.

Duration: 2 years

Fee: 10,70,000 or 10.7 Lakhs

IELTS Minimum Band: 6.0

#8. Diploma in Architecture

This course will help students understand and solve complex, technical issues by building projects using maths and science applications. Architectural Drafting, Building Materials, Detailing, Calculus, Building Systems, Materials Strength are all taught in this program to make you ready to tackle every obstacle that might come your way while working professionally on building something.

Duration: 2 years

Fee: 10,40,000 or 10.4 Lakhs

IELTS Minimum Band: 6.0

Final Words

We hope that you got a clear view of some of the major courses provided by Sheridan College Canada. Apart from these, Sheridan offered several other courses to choose from at degree, diploma, and advanced diploma level in both part-time and full-time mode. The additional information provided about the fee structure and IELTS score will make the decision easier for you.

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