Practicing recently appeared letter questions of IELTS writing exam would enable you to gain an insight of your preparation level and the kind of questions that appear in the exam nowadays. One of the students reported an IELTS letter question recently which is written below along with model answer. Though it may not be the exact question word to word, since the student remembers the meaning only but not the exact words, it would help you to get an idea of the recent exam question.


Your employer has recently allowed some employees to work remotely from home. Write a letter to the HR manager to make request for the same and in your letter,

  • Say why you are writing
  • Why you want to work from home
  • What suitable arrangements you have at home

Write your answer in at least 150 words and you should spend 20 mins on this task. Start your letter with
Dear Sir/Mam,
Now, first try to attempt this letter yourself in 20 minutes. Once done, compare your answer with the following model answer and make note of the vocabulary you have used in your letter.

Model Answer:

Dear Sir/Mam,
I am writing this letter to you regarding my request of permitting me to work from the comfort of home from next week onwards according to the recent policy updates received from you in the last meeting.
I would like to avail the facility of working from home for various reasons. Firstly, I would be able to look after my grandmother who is suffering from serious illness and needs my immediate attention. Secondly, my home town is too far from office location which makes it so inconvenient to travel every day for reaching the office on time. However, with work from home advantage, it would be extremely comfortable to avoid this unnecessary travel that can let me stay more active on the job.
I want to notify that I have made good arrangements at my home which is equipped with latest technology such as, broadband internet, personal laptop, printer, post paid mobile connection and a peaceful workspace. Hence, I am absolutely sure about providing high quality work from home itself.
I shall be grateful to you if you can permit me to work remotely.
Yours faithfully,
Rahul Verma
(189 words)
Let us understand the words or phrases that can be used in this type of letter:
Useful Vocabulary:

  • I am writing this letter to
  • I would like to avail the facility of
  • I want to notify you that
  • I want to inform you that
  • I am absolutely sure
  • I shall be grateful to you
  • I am extremely thankful to you
  • It would be great if
  • I request you to
  • Kindly allow me to
  • Kindly permit me
  • Please allow me
  • Please give me permission
  • Kindly grant me permission
  • Firstly/Secondly/Finally
  • Moreover/Apart from this/Furthermore/What is more/However
  • Inconvenient
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Unnecessary travel


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