IELTS is an exam that is used by institutions and colleges abroad as the selection criteria to choose the candidate. Candidates’ English proficiency is evaluated through this exam. As the common language used worldwide is English, hence it becomes important that the candidate who is willing to study or work in a country other than its home country should achieve a score equal to or above a minimum band required for that particular country.

In this article, we will cover how you can look for the IELTS Listening practice test online.


IELTS examination is of 2 hours and 45 mins. At this time you need to complete all the sections with greater accuracy. So How can you achieve this? This can be achieved through thorough research and practice. You need to research the smart techniques that can be used in each section for the IELTS exam, and then you need to practice those techniques so that in the final examination you don’t forget them.

IELTS Listening Section

The International English Language Testing System Listening test duration is about 30 mins, and you will get an additional 10 mins so that you can transfer your answers to the answer paper.

Listening Test Process

In the test, listen to each section’s instructions carefully. Attempt all the answers to the given questions. In total there will be 40 questions. Every question holds 1 mark.

For every section of the exam, there will be enough time for you to go through the given questions and enough time to recheck your answers. When you have finished all 4 sections of the International English Language Testing System Listening test you will be given an extra 10 mins to rewrite your answers onto a different answer paper. For disabled candidates, the examiner makes special arrangements.

Note- If you need an updated version of the exam, for instance, in Braille, reach out to your closest test centre 3 months before the exam, to talk about your requirements.

Instructions for the Candidates

In the International English Language Testing System exam you will be provided with the given below instructions:

Do not open this question paper until you are told to do so
Write your name and candidate number in the spaces at the top of this page
Listen to the instructions for each part of the paper carefully
Answer all the questions
While you are listening, write your answers on the question paper
You will have 10 minutes at the end of the test to copy your answers onto the separate answer sheet; use a pencil

IELTS Listening Practice Test Online or Offline?

When you are looking for a source to practice the sections, a troubling question that will come to your mind is whether I should go for the exam series offline or online? Many candidates have the perspective that the offline test series is much better because you get the real feel of giving the final examination, so it blows away your anxiety at the time of the final examination.

And many candidates think that the IELTS listening practice exam may not be available on any online platform. But giving the IELTS practice test online is far better than you think. Online sources are better than offline sources because of various reasons.

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Benefits of the Online Practice Test

There are several benefits of giving tests online and you don’t have to worry about the availability of listening section practice tests online, because there are a plethora of exams available for you on various sites. Here is the list of benefits that you can yield from an online practice test.


Online exams are very cost-effective, you don’t have to pay for the whole course to attempt the test series, there are many sources in which you pay only for the test series you are opting for. Many sources also provide you with free exam series, which is more convenient to take as it has no cost attached.

Ocean of Options

Offline test series may be difficult to find, a candidate will have to go or call each IELTS coaching centre to ask for the separate test series, but for online you just have to search “IELTS Listening practice test online” and there is the result in front of you which was just a click away.

This way saves a lot of your time and time is of value in the world. The time you are spending in researching the offline test series, that time can be utilized in completing one or two practice tests.

Can Take more than One Test

In offline exam series, the problem that you may face is that after paying for one test series you may not like it, but then you don’t have an option to switch because the payment is already done, in this case, you are limited with one test series, but in an online practice test, as many of them are free, after completing one test you can attempt any other series provided on a different source.

The more you practice the more you move close to accuracy. Different sites will have different types of questions, so if you want to prepare holistically it is suggested that you should go for more than two or three sources for the test series.

Instant Result

For offline test series, your mental takes time to evaluate your test and then you get the result after one or two days, or in more days, this is a waste of time for you because this way you will repeat the same mistake until and unless you are given your result and then you analyze what you have done wrong and what you have done right. But in online test series, you get instant results that help you analyze your mistakes there in then.

This way you will not repeat the mistake in the next test that you are taking. Analyzing your score is vital to improving with each practice session. If you are not up to the mark you don’t have to worry. What is important is that you improve with each practice session. If you don’t improve then you will need a mentor to guide you through.

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Online Platform for IELTS Listening Test

There are many options available to you for taking the IELTS listening test online. There are many organizations and websites that are dedicated to IELTS preparation and they provide practice tests for each section separately. Organizations that conduct the exam IDP and British Council also provide free online tests for practice. You can practice straight from there without getting troubled.

The IDP, British council and IELTS Ninja have separate sections for the test series, so you can easily find it on their site. There are other online websites and sources to get the practice test for the listening section.

Along with the test series for the practice you can also search for the question papers of the previous year, which you can practice, you can get the solved question paper with which you can tally your answers and you can identify the area to focus on.

Sections of IELTS Listening Test

Given below are the sections of the listening test, go through it properly for effective preparation.

Section 1

In this section, a recording will be played, in which there will be a conversation between two people on a day to day, social content. This implies that you will hear two speakers speaking to each other about organizing a trip, arranging an event, etc. The emphasis is on listening for particular factual data.

Section 2

In this section, a recording will be played, in which there will be one speaker who will be speaking about a general topic. This implies that you will be hearing from one speaker providing data about a service provided, a public event, etc. The emphasis is on listening to certain detailed information.

Section 3

In this section, a recording will be played, in which there will be a conversation or discussion between 2 to 4 people on a topic associated with ‘academic needs’. This implies that you will be listening to up to 4 speakers talking to each other about a task for a course, a literary subject in a seminar, etc. The emphasis is on listening to precise factual messages, speakers’ perspectives and attitudes.

Section 4

In this section, a recording will be played, in which there will be a speech or lecture given by one person about a study-related topic or an academic-related subject. This implies that you need to hear a speaker giving a speech, a lecture, etc. The priority is on listening to the speakers’ perspective, main ideas, attitude and specific factual data.

You will be given about 30 seconds to read the questions before the exam starts. You can utilize this moment to go through the question paper and check what kinds of answers are required (for example, money, dates, names, times, etc.), and focus on the first question particularly because candidates tend to miss out on the first question.

Tips For IELTS Listening Test

Given below are the tips for the International English Language Testing System Listening test.

Develop Your General Listening Abilities

The objective of the International English Language Testing System Listening test is to check your listening skills. At first, do not use practise exams to enhance your score: it is not sufficient! They will only help you understand what the test will be like, but won’t help you much with improving your listening skills.

You can learn effectively through different listening exercises, listen to common listening materials (documentary programs, radio reports, TV shows, etc) and only after that do the International English Language Testing System Listening practice.

Polish Your Vocabulary

Section 3 is mostly related to education. For instance, a tutor and students talking about an assignment. Gather all the knowledge about the vocabulary as much as possible so you can understand this section better.

Vocabulary is important because that way you will be able to decide which words fit in different gaps. Like is it an adjective, noun, adverb or verb? Write ‘V’ for verbs, ‘N’ for nouns and so on. Whichever way is comfortable for you. This way while listening to the recording you will be able to focus on particular words.

“Plugin” The Circumstance

Try to understand the situation. Before every part you will be provided with a brief introduction: ‘you will hear a lecture on…’ or ‘Now, you will hear a dialogue between…’ This data is not put down on the question paper, so be focused.

Note-Find out who the speakers are, why they are speaking and where they are. This will help you understand the remainder of the recording in a much better way.

Don’t Lose Focus

Keep in mind, you will only be able to listen to the audio once. So if you did not hear a few words and move on to the next question. You can skip a few questions, don’t worry! Or you can leave them blank and concentrate on the real part.

Recheck those questions at the last, otherwise, you might miss out on more questions and mess up in the recording. You will need to be a multitasker because you have to listen, read the questions and write the answers at the same time.

Focus on the Words-Indicators

Be alert when the speakers use any word indicators. Like finally, but, however, then and so on. Word indicators will help you to predict what the speaker will say next in the recording.

Don’t Rush While Writing Answers

Many candidates start writing the answer as soon as they hear the information, that’s where they fall into the trap. They don’t listen to the complete information and assume their answer to be right. So be focused and write once you hear the complete information one sentence at a time.

Recheck You Answers

To avoid making any silly mistake, recheck your answer. You will get 30 seconds after each section to check your answer, utilise that time properly. Keep in mind only the right answer will gain you points.

Transfer Your Answers Correctly

You will be given 10 mins to transfer your answers to the answer sheet at the end of the test. Most of the time candidates get confused while numbering the answers. So check if the answer fits the questions. Don’t abruptly fill up the answers. For example, make sure the answer number 7 fits question number 7.

Don’t Leave Any Question

There is no negative marking so you should fill the gaps with an answer that you feel is suitable. Since it’s a basic English test you might get a few of the answers correct which you missed out on.

Something is better than nothing. So it’s time you use your basic knowledge in it.

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For any exam, be it the examinations in your school, university, or for placement, you need to practice before you give the final examination. There are various sample practice tests available for every examination.

Similarly, for IELTS preparation you can make out the most from the exam series available on the online platform, if you are perplexed about whether to go for an offline practice exam or online practice test, then you need not worry because this article has covered the benefits of offline and online both, you can choose the model according to your convenience. All the best!

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