The candidate will be required to speak on a cue card topic given to him in the IELTS speaking test. The overall duration of speaking should not be less than 1 minute and not more than 2 minutes, exceeding which the examiner will instruct to stop. This blog will guide you on what to speak when you get a cue card, ‘Describe A Performance You Recently Watched’.

While describing a performance, there are a variety of options to speak about. These include musical concerts, comedy shows, circuses, a play/dramas, magic shows, or any other event. You can also talk about a performance which you saw on television. However, a live attended show will enable a more vivid description. The IELTS exam preparation is extremely crucial for IELTS candidates. You must go through the best IELTS speaking online course from this article.

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IELTS Exam Answer- Describe a Performance You Recently Watched

To describe a performance, the following points can be included in the description:

  • What was it?
  • When did you watch it?
  • Who did you watch it with?
  • Why did you watch it?
  • How did you feel about it?

Introduction – A Performance You Recently Watched

I have always been fascinated by live performances and events as they are an absolute treat to watch and provide a great experience. I also get inspired by such events to a great extent. I am going to talk about a singing performance by one of my favorite artists Diljit Dosanjh.

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What was It?

It was a live singing performance which was held as a part of the college fest in my university.

When did you Watch It?

Almost a year ago, a youth fest was organized in my college in which a stage event was conducted. Many famous celebrities had to perform on stage from the music industry. Some of the most renowned artists were present there and I was really excited to see them perform live for the first time.

Who did you Watch it With?

I attended the performance with my friends from college. We had secured a good spot in the ground and had a good view of the stage. I usually attend such performances with my college friends only.

Why did you Watch It?

There were many artists who performed, but the only reason I attended was that Diljit Dosanjh was performing. When I initially got to know that he will perform, I was on cloud nine. He has been my favourite artist, and I love his stage presence and crowd interaction.

How did You Feel about It?

The moment he got on stage and cheered the crowd up, I was screaming on the top of my voice. I had never been so excited in my life, and it was one of the best moments that I have lived. I could have literally cried because it was such a mesmerizing moment for me. The audience, the ambience, and the night altogether made it a great night. I had goosebumps while he was performing and all of my friends were enjoying as much as I was. It was a really great experience.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Follow up Questions

For IELTS exam speaking part 3, a set of questions are asked, which are somewhat related to the cue card topics at times. Since the cue card topic is related to performances and shows, the questions can be put in a similar relation. Following are some of the follow-up questions with answers to give you a gist:

What is the Difference between Watching a Performance Live and on a Television?

While attending a live performance, one gets to live the experience of it. It is an electrifying sensation and the whole vibe is magical. You get to cheer and applaud with the crowd, feel their positive energies, and just live the moment right there. Though, it takes time for buying tickets and attending a physical event can get tiring and time-consuming, it still can be worth it. One can watch a TV performance as per his own comfort and suitability, but it is definitely not as lively as when attended in person.

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Is Learning Drama or Dance Good for Children?

It is totally fine for children to learn such artistic talents as it has numerous perks. Firstly, it makes children more confident and expressive. They can openly perform and show their abilities, by overcoming stage fright. Secondly, if they are good at it, they can become professionals in that field ahead in their lives. It gives them a kickstart at a young age so that they can explore all dimensions of drama or dance.

Should Government Provide Financial Support to Traditional Performances?

I do feel that the government should provide financial support to the people who give traditional performances because they represent the culture and tradition of a country. They carry a legacy and their art should be preserved and promoted. With commercialization, these arts will get forgotten over time, and so, the government should financially aid such people so that they can keep their traditions alive.

Additional Tips for IELTS Exam Cue Card Topics

The one minute of preparation given to the candidate is crucial for framing a solid answer. You should try to practice making notes and pointers within that one minute to make the speaking part go with ease. The topic should be divided into major segments like what, who, where, what, how, and when. This will help to give clear descriptions about the topic, and it will not just be beating around the bush.

It is also important to practice speaking at home. The speaking time in the exam is 1-2 minutes, and the content which you have to speak should fit in that time frame. It is to be kept in mind that the speech should be clear and not hurried, just to fit the time. Practicing speaking exercises will help you master the coordination of pace and time.


While answering the questions, vocabulary and pronunciation should be specifically taken care of. Though it is not as formal as the writing part, still it is a critical evaluation of the speaking abilities and will impact the overall IELTS score. Making pointers and notes in the given 1 preparatory minute will help you focus more on the way of presentation. For more such IELTS exam cue card topics, visit the IELTS Ninja platform. This platform will equip you with the best IELTS exam preparation material and information. You should join the best IELTS speaking online course available on this platform to get the required scores in the exam.

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