Today’s blog is on the IELTS Speaking Card Cue question that had come in the month of August at Delhi – Talk about a person you know that helps others.


Let’s go over the question again – Talk about a person you know that helps others.

We all know someone who has helped people. However, there must be someone you know who is always eager to help others. That trait distinguishes the individual from the rest of the crowd. Make some pointers about this question and then deliver your speech on the basis of that.


Let’s create a mind map of the topic at hand – Talk about a person you know that helps others.

Creating a mind map helps us remain fixated on the topic we are presented with and avoid deviations. Writing the main topic in the center and then jotting down relevant points associated with it will help us build our speech systematically.

Let’s observe the mind map drawn below.


Helping those around us is a trait that very few of us have been able to imbibe. It is often easier to be self-centered than to be concerned with the problems of others. Reaching out means caring for someone even if they may not care about you at times. It takes massive maturity to be one such person.

I would like to talk about someone who is always eager to offer help to those who are in need of it. This person happens to be my father. I have always seen him very affected when it comes to problems that his acquaintances encounter. He feels like it’s his personal duty to reach out to them and ease their woes. Ever since I was a child, I have seen him display this sort of behavior towards others. Back then I would always question why he did it but in my later years, I have come to realize that some people find their tiny slice of happiness by reaching out to those who need assistance.

My father has personally helped me with certain subjects while I was studying them in school and college and also otherwise. He has shaped the persona that I have become and has always guided me towards bettering myself. My father has also taught me certain sports that I have become exceptionally good at. The list can go and on and I would probably lose track of the number of times he has helped me.

I have always appreciated those who are helpful by nature but I also feel that such individuals are very often taken for granted. Assisting someone isn’t a wrong thing to do but knowing when to stop is equally important. Some deserve to be helped as they remain grateful for all the support that they receive while few just view it as something that’s a very normal thing to do.

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