If you wish to move to Canada you can apply through Express Entry which is a gateway for you to get into Canada much sooner than any other way. The Canadian government recognizes the need for having immigrants in the country for its economic growth and affluence.

Express Entry was an electronic immigration system that was launched in January 2015 by the Canadian Government. The system offers express entry that is a quick entry in Canada for individuals who are skilled and qualified. This entry program manages all the applications that come for the Permanent Residence.

The Canadian government has launched this program to get the immigrants who will be able to fill the jobs where there is a lack of available talent that the employers want. Through this entry, the Canadian government gets skilled experienced people.

What is Canada PR Cut Off 2021?

Many of you must be thinking about what is Canada PR cut off all about? You don’t have to trouble your mind further as here you will get all the information about what is Canada PR, What is the cut-off Canada PR points calculator and  What is CRS Calculator. First, let’s start with making you understand the CRS. To be considered for express entry, the applicant must achieve a high ranking on CRS ( Comprehensive Ranking System).

CRS is the Canadian Government’s point-based scheme. This method would allow the Canadian government to determine the profile of the applicant and rate the candidate on the basis of the score they achieve with regard to the factors such as age, education qualification, language credential, and others.

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How Express Entry Works?

To get into Canada through Express entry make sure that you follow the following steps:-

1 Check if you are eligible:- the express entry has three Candian Program, each has different requirements and criteria, so make sure you read all the requirement and choose the right program

2 Prepare your documents:- get all your documents ready and keep them handy with you on your laptop, you will need them while filling in the application form

3 Submit your profile:- Once you check the requirement you have to submit the profile with all the documents, after submitting our CRS score will be checked based on the factors described in the preceding section

4 Receive an invitation for further process:- Canadian government chooses individuals who rank on the top funnel of the pool of candidates. Those candidates receive the invitation for the further application process.

Canada PR Points Cut Off

An Individual must complete the application form, upload the necessary paperwork, and obtain a good rank on CRS. After calculating all of the scores based on these criteria, the applicants receive an invitation to fill out the application for permanent residence (APR) and send it to the IRCC. you can also check your CRS score beforehand after understanding the factors and the weightage given to each one of the factors.

Once you know these factors, you can prepare your documents and avail the points accordingly. With such a procedure, your chances of getting a higher rank in CRS increase as you miss out on points that can bring you closer to the Express Entry Program. Below are the factors are given and their weightage on the basis of which you are ranked and given the invitation.

Express Entry Canada Requirements

Make a note of the below points-

1 English:- The two official languages are English and French, so you can get more points on CRS if you test the score in the two languages. It is essential that the individual must be well versed in one of the two languages given

2 Work Experience:-

Experience Points
Less than a year 0
1 year 40
2 years 53
3 years 64
4 years 72
5 years 80 points

3 Arranged Employment in Canada:- You can get the points if you have proceeded that you have a job offer in your hand from a Canadian employer for at least one year. The condition here is that the offer should be in hand before applying for the Canadian Program.

4 Education:- If you finished your education in Canada, then you have to submit the certificate of the same during Express entry to fetch points.

5 Age:- Different Age groups have been allotted different points.

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For a better Understanding

For better understanding refer to the table below-

Factors Points with a spouse or common-law partner Points without a spouse or common-law partner
Level of Education 140 150
Age 100 110
Official Languages Proficiency 150 160
Canadian Work experience 70 80

Age Points Allotted

Below you will get the detailed Age list and the points allocated to each age group. With the help of this table, you will get to know how many marks you can get according to your age and also depending upon your spouse and the law partner

Age With a Spouse or a common-law partner Without a Spouse or a common-law partner
17 years or less 0 0
18 years 90 99
19 years 95 105
20 years to 29 years 100 110
30 years 95 105
31 years 90 99
32 years 85 94
33 years 80 88
34 years 75 83
35 years 70 77
36 years 65 72
37 years 60 66
38 years 55 61
39 years 50 55
40 years 45 50
41 years 35 39
42 years 25 28
43 years 15 17
44 years 5 6
45 years and more 0 0

 2021 Canada PR Cut off 

The 179th Express Entry Draw took place on March 18, 2021. This draw was only for members of the Canadian Experience Class. Those who received a cut-off score of 449 received 5,000 ITA in the draw. This is the third draw of the month. Every month, thousands of immigrants are invited to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. The Next draw is expected to be rolled out on 31st March 2021.

The cut-off score will be announced on the date itself and the individual who crosses the cut-off will receive the notification for the further process. From the submission of the Express Entry profile to the issuance of a permanent resident visa, the Express Entry process will take as little as six months. However, not all proceedings can continue at this pace. If you are not invited to apply, your Express Entry profile will stay involved in the list of applicants for 12 months.

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If you are looking forward to moving to Canada then Express entry becomes the earliest gateway for you to get your dream fulfilled. But before you apply for the PR in Canada through express entry, you have to check the eligibility criteria, you have to check whether you have all the required documents or not with the help of which you get the scores for CRS.

In this article, you get all the requisite knowledge about the Canada PR Points cut off 2021, the requirements of the Express Entry, and how you can calculate your points for the Canada express entry. Make sure that you read it thoroughly and understand it clearly.

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