Singapore provides world-class education facilities right from the primary level. Even if you are a working professional and trying to get into this country, Singapore has special schemes and plans that can align with your goals. Singapore PR is a golden ticket for working professionals, investors and family members of Singapore citizens to be citizens of this country. It has a very well-categorized PR plan.

Let us have a look at the plans and schemes of getting a Singapore PR.

Singapore PR Process

  1. Foreign Artistic Talent Scheme (for Arts)- This scheme is for Artistic professionals around the world who want to contribute to the art and culture of this country. Singapore has this special scheme for such talented foreigners. This scheme is administered by Singapore Immigration, Checkpoint Authority(ICA), and the National Arts Council(NAC).
  2. Global Investor Program Scheme (GIP Scheme)- Singapore heartily welcomes diligent entrepreneurs from all over the world, who can put their valuable investments in the Singaporean economy. This for people who have sufficient funds to invest in Singapore businesses. Getting PR for such foreign investors is to become easier than other people. So, if you are planning to invest in the country, this scheme is for you.
  3. Professionals/ Technical Personnel and Skilled Worker Scheme- This is the most common scheme amongst foreign expats. You can get a Singapore PR through this scheme if you are working under Employment/Entrepreneur pass or S-pass. A mandatory document that needs to be submitted for this process is your salary slip noting six months’ salary. This will act as a piece of documentary evidence that you have worked and lived in Singapore for six months.

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Singapore PR Requirements

The process of Singapore PR is somewhat tedious, but with well-laid planning and documentation, one can gain much-awaited Singapore permanent residence. Some essential documents that one should have for the PR are as follows:

  1. The employment proof can include evaluation reports, contract letters, employment contract data, etc.
  2. Educational evidence like mark sheets, certifications, and diplomas.
  3. Up to date CVs.
  4. Property ownership paper; if you have owned any real estate in Singapore.
  5. Proper documentation of spouse/children.

Singapore PR Requirements Eligibility

  1. Student of Singapore- Singapore has progressive and excellent educational facilities. Students across the world desire to study here. Being a student makes it easy to get PR. One needs to apply to the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority. Students need to reside in Singapore for a minimum of two years at the time of the application or should have passed at least one national exam.
  2. Spouse of Singapore Citizen or Someone Who has Singapore PR- If you have married someone, who has a PR or is a citizen of Singapore, then you are eligible to get your Singapore PR. However, even after getting married, you need a family ties scheme to obtain a Permanent Residence.
  3. Unmarried Child below 21 Years of Age or a Singapore PR – Singapore offers permanent residence to the individuals who are below 21 years and is/are unmarried. You can be a biological or a legally adopted child of a permanent citizen of Singapore or someone who has PR.
  4. Old Parent of a Singapore Citizen/ PR Holder of Singapore- This country welcomes your parents to come and live in this country. If your parents wish to stay with you longer in this country, then they can apply for a long-term visit pass.
  5. E Pass or S Pass Holder- The most convenient way to get the Singapore PR is by having an Employment pass or S pass. If you have this employment pass, then it acts as proof that you have worked in Singapore. One needs to at least work for six months to apply for PR through this scheme.

PR Table for Singapore

The augmenting economy and the world-class facilities make this country desirable to various foreigners. However, getting a PR in any country isn’t a piece of cake. Singapore has made strict criteria that one needs to fall in before applying for a PR. There are various passes that one needs to recognize, according to his/her requirements. 

  • Personalized Employment Pass (PEP)

This pass is for certain groups that hold EP pass and foreign professionals. PEP pass is granted to an individual only based on merit.

  • Employment Pass (EP)

As the name suggests, this is a work permit for all professional expats. The Ministry of Manpower issues these passes. This pass is normally provided for one or two years, and you can renew it afterwards. Anyone having this pass has the right to travel in and even out of the city without any restrictions. The holder can even regulate various business activities easily.

  • Entrepreneur Pass

This pass is especially administered for foreign entrepreneurs who are willing to set up a business with profitable ideas. The Singapore government gives a chance to the people around the world to enhance the economic profits of the country. Even if you have low grades, you can still own this pass by proving your intellect and strategies.

  • Dependent’s Pass

This pass is for the family members of the Employment pass and Entrepreneurial pass holders. This pass acts as a visa for them. You can apply for this pass only if your monthly salary is at least $4000.

  •  S pass Singapore

If you are a mid-level skilled professional, then this pass is for you. You should earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $2,200 with a decent job in Singapor

What is the Processing Time for a PR?

The application process for permanent residence is about four to six months. If your documents are insufficient or have some errors, then it can delay your application process.

Benefits of Holding a PR in Singapore

  1. This will allow you to work, travel, and live a life without any restrictions. People around you will treat you as a Singapore citizen, and you can enjoy all the national rights like them.
  2. You can enjoy CPF(Central provident fund) from your employer. These funds would let you pay for your own basic needs. You can even save for the future through these funds.
  3. PR’s allows you to purchase a resold public HDB housing in Singapore.
  4. If you want to obtain Singapore citizenship in the future, then PR’s open door for that too.
  5. You can apply for an extended stay visa for your parents. PR allows you to apply for this pass and you can live with your parents for a longer time.


This country is a one-fit for all types of foreign individuals. From an entrepreneur to a full-time office employee, Singapore can serve all. This article was a brief into the PR process of Singapore. Getting PR for any country is an extensive and tiring process, but with well-oriented research and proper planning, one can easily gain permanent residence. Our website IELTS Ninja provides you with the best in class tutors that can train you at a personal level. Stay tuned with us to know more about such topics.

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