Are you looking to get information on Saskatchewan immigration? Then this article is best suited for you. This article talks about Saskatchewan immigration occupation and will also answer frequently asked questions like how to apply for the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program? How to calculate points for Saskatchewan immigration? So let’s start.

Saskatchewan PNP

The Saskatchewan PNP is also called the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program it is also called the SINP. The SINP nominates candidates to the federal government for Permanent Residency under the following categories:

  • International Skilled Worker
  • Saskatchewan Experience
  • Business Immigration

Each category is further divided into various subheads and the Saskatchewan immigration points required for each head varies.

Language Requirements

As you know Canada accepts IELTS as an exam for testing the language ability of a person in the spheres of reading, writing, speaking and listening. So let’s look at the basic bands required from the IELTS exam to get Canadian Immigration for the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.

In the listening a minimum band of 4.5, in the reading sphere a minimum band of 3.5, in the writing sphere a minimum band of 4 and in the speaking sphere a minimum band of 4 is required in order to get immigration.

Your IELTS score will further be converted into the CLB grade and then you will be given points on that basis.  To do most jobs a minimum requirement of a CLB grade is 4.

How Many Points are Required for Saskatchewan Immigration?

You need a minimum of 60 points out of the total of 110 points for the SINP International Skilled Worker category.

Your points based on your CLB grade increases.

  • If you have a CLB grade 4 you get 12 points
  • If you have a CLB grade 5 you get 14 points
  • If you have a CLB grade 6 you get 16 points
  • If you have a CLB grade 7 you get 18 points
  • If you have a CLB grade 8 and above you get 20 points.

You also need to have a second language or else you can mark 0. The second language can be French or English.

You also get marks for your age. There are many factors that can help you to get more marks. You can check the self-assessment for marks from the official website. Thus you can also answer the question of how to calculate points for Saskatchewan immigration?

How to Apply for the Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program?

If you are wondering how to apply for the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program? Then this part of the article will provide you answers for that.

There are different categories of SINP you can apply to, they are:

  • International Skilled Worker, for skilled workers who wish to live and work in the region
  • International Skilled Worker: for foreign nationals that already live and work in the region.
  • Entrepreneur and Farm: for those who are planning to start a business or buy and operate a farm in the region.

The application process is a little different for all the three categories but most of the basic process is similar for the International Skilled Worker program and the International Skilled Worker program.

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International Skilled Worker

To get Saskatchewan PR which is a province of Canada, you will first need to submit an online profile in Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada Express Entry System. Upon acceptance into the Express Pool, you will be given a profile number and Job Seeker Validation Code.

After that, you will be required to obtain all the official documents according to the visa application. Make sure you fill all the federal forms.

Review your forms and make sure there are no mistakes committed and keep the supporting documents with you.

Apply at SINP Apply Online. If you have a job offer you will need to create an account or else you can use the same account. Fill in the form and scan and submit all the required documents in PDF form. Save the upload and finish the application form and pay the fees.


Have you ever thought about getting Saskatchewan PR which is a province of Canada? Then this article will help you to understand Canada Immigration and how to apply.  Know the Saskatchewan immigration points, know how many points you require and how much score is required in your IELTS exam.

Learn how to apply for the Saskatchewan immigration nominee program and more.

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