Mohamed shares how he braved his fear of not performing well in the IELTS speaking test while he trained with Aruna Kandi.
Student’s Name: Mohamed Mossaad.
 Exam Type: IELTS Academic
IELTS Ninja Trainer : Aruna Kandi
IELTS Package Taken: IELTS-Speaking
Over All Band Achieved : 6.0
His scores are as follows:
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There are times when a person doubts oneself and feels inefficient no matter how much they try to work towards their goals which ultimately lead to self doubt and dissatisfaction.  Mohamed has been one such person who felt distraught after giving IELTS exams and not scoring the band he hoped for, so he turned towards online training as his last resort to scoring more in his IELTS exams.

Let us hear what he has to say about the training he received in his exact words,

Copy of Mohamed’s score card

“I would like to express  my gratitude  to Aruna Madam.  She was an instrument in improving  my speaking skills by
encouraging  me to speak confidently. My lack  in the speaking skills caused a hindrance in my overall band. In my previous attempt , I scored only 4.5 but with madam ‘s help, I managed to score a 6 band. This will help me to go abroad and fulfill my dreams.  I am  thoroughly  satisfied  with mam’s teaching. I enjoyed  taking classes from her.  Thank you Aruna madam.”

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