Germany is a natural destination for many prospective Master of Business Administration students, as the economic engine of the Eurozone and Europe in general. With a growing number of Masters programmes taught in English, and almost as many collaborations with institutions across Europe to have genuinely international credentials, Germany’s MBA is truly convincing.  Germany offers fantastic opportunities all the way from the automotive and manufacturing industries in the south, to the Ruhr valley sector, to Europe’s growing start-up centre in Berlin.

To be a part of these buzzing MBA colleges in Germany lifeline here is all that you need to know,

MBA Colleges In Germany

The land of innovation is often described as Germany. Germany is one of the most coveted destinations for international students looking to advance their Master of Business Administration and is the main destination for technology, science, and creativity. Germany, an enticing destination for seekers of information, takes the education system very seriously. The country has state-of-the-art infrastructure, global facilities and no education costs, creating MBA colleges in Germany among the most lauded Masters locations in the world.

Throughout the world. All students seeking to obtain a Masters of Business Administration are told that no tuition fees are charged by most publicly funded universities in Germany. However, students are expected at the beginning of each academic year to pay an administration fee.

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List Of MBA Colleges in Germany

For students looking to study in Germany, there are a number of colleges that they can consider.

  • University of Mannheim- It offers a master in Management the duration is 2 Years
  • Leipzig University- It offers Master of Science in Business Administration the duration is 2 Years
  • Witten/ Herdecke University- it offers Management (M.A.) for 1-2 Years
  • EU Business School (Germany)-  it offers Master of Business Administration for 1 Year
  • Munich Business School- MBA in International Management for a duration of 15 Months.
  • The Technical University of Munich-  offers an Executive Master of Business Administration in Innovation and Creation duration of 2 Years.
  • Offenburg University of Applied Sciences- offering Master of Business Administration International Consulting for a time span of 15 Months
  • Reutlingen University- offers an Master of Business Administration in International Management for a time span of 1 Year

Most of these require IELTS as eligibility criteria.


The Executive Master of Business Administration model can also be selected by students who want to keep working during their Master of Business Administration degree programme. In this framework, the learners sign an agreement with and are also funded by their employer. This Master of Business Administration programme is planned and very tightly organised for Executive Managers. This helps manage the overall MBA in Germany cost- The last technique is to follow your Master of Business Administration by distance learning, where learners are expected to pursue their course from home and study.

MBA in Germany Cost

The cost of studying abroad includes costs such as the cost of different standardised exams, travel & stay, tuition fees, research materials, etc. The fees to study in Germany may vary on the basis of the university that you choose to enrol in, however on an approximate, it may be around 17,770 USD to 44,000 USD per annum. An average salary of 125,000 USD per year (~91 LPA) can be earned by Master of Business Administration graduates from German universities.

Additional tuition fees are not paid by any of the top B-schools. This aspect depends upon the individual’s age but the costs of healthcare and insurance in Euros is EUR 80-160/month.

IELTS Requirements

Since the programme is in English for most business schools offering an MBA in Germany, the foreign students are expected to send IELTS or TOEFL test scores to demonstrate competence in this language. For an Indian undergraduate to study in Germany the minimum requirement for applications at famous universities is:

  • IELTS: 6.5 through 7.0
  • TOEFL (iBT): between 80 and 922

Germany presents a wide variety of MBA opportunities and sustainable job prospects as a business education destination. Because of its high-quality schooling, inexpensive courses, and the existence of a vibrant economy, professionals who are looking to play the role of aspiring executives are looking to follow MBA from Germany.

The advantage when you study in Germany is being able to select from a wide pool of programmes and schools is for students seeking to pursue higher education in Germany. It’s possible for students to pick from hundreds of colleges and courses. To know more check out IELTS ninja.

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